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10 Best Tumblr Alternatives in 2020 [Micro Blogging]

If we look around, we are able to locate that there are tons of social networking offerings, immediate messaging apps, and video sharing websites to be had at the internet. these kinds of structures allow users to spread statistics with others.However, when it comes to communicating ideas and thoughts with the world, nothing can beat blogging.

There are lots of blogging systems available accessible, out of all the ones the most beneath-rated one is Tumblr. Tumblr is a micro-blogging platform wherein you can publish photographs, videos, and texts. customers also can follow other blogs as per their choice.

Tumblr also provides users a private dashboard to track all blogs. So, Tumblr is indeed a great concept which it’s built around a ‘short-form’ blogging approach. However, Tumblr is not one of its kind. In fact, there are plenty of Tumblr alternatives available out there that are worth trying.

10 Best Tumblr Alternatives in 2020 [Micro Blogging]

So, in this article, we have curated a list of best Tumblr alternatives which you can visit right now. So, let’s explore the list of best Tumblr alternatives in 2020 to share content and follow other blogs of your interests.

1. WordPress

it’s miles one of the nice and pinnacle-rated running a blog and CMS platforms available accessible. The great thing about WordPress is that its available in two variant – CMS that can be installed on a web server, and a free blogging platform much like Tumblr.

Once installed on the web server, users can enjoy unlimited themes and plugins.

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2. Mastodon

This one is the excellent Tumblr opportunity at the list. The platform had received great reputation after Tumblr banning adult content material.

Mastodon is an open-supply microblogging platform that has man or woman servers and filtered timelines. The micro-running a blog platform has an interface that appears plenty just like Twitter. If we talk about the community platform, Mastodon has a Tumblr-like community base which is still growing.

3. Pillowfort

Pillowfort gained in masses of customers after Tumblr banned person manipulate from its website online. It’s one of these first-rate Tumblr alternatives which absolutely lets in NSFW content material.

Much like each different microblogging platform, Pillowfort additionally permits customers to share textual content, pictures, Gifs, movies, and many others .So, Pillowfort is another best microblogging site like Tumblr that you can consider.

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4. Blogger

Well, if you are searching for the easiest blogging platform to share your thoughts to the world, then you need to give Blogger. Guess what?

Blogger is backed by the search giant Google, and if you are already using Google Services, then Blogger could be the best Tumblr alternative for you. On Blogger, you can easily track your users and views. Apart from that, Blogger also allows users to monetize their blogs as well through Google’s Adsense program.

5. Soup

The great thing about Soup Soup is that it replicates the appearance of Tumblr. No longer simply the interface, but Soup additionally copies some of the Tumblr features too.

On Soup, you may create your very own blog and percentage snap shots, movies, and texts. other than that, Soup additionally got the potential to import posts from social networking sites like Twitter, Reddit, and many others.

6. Medium

Well, within the last four years, Medium has risen to become one of the most dominating blogging platforms. Compared to all other listed in the article,

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Medium is a little bit different. Here you need to create an account to post your content. If we talk about the features, Medium has a minimalistic text editor, keyboard shortcut support, shareable links, tags, etc.

7. Posthaven

If you have ever used a blogger as a microblogging platform, then you might know that the blogs get deleted after a series of inactivity.

This won’t happen with Posthaven. It’s microblog services that aim to last forever. On this blog, you can create a blog to share every type of content. Not only that, but it also lets you create password-protected blogs also.

8. Ghost

Ghost is any other pleasant running a blog platform at the list which may be used as opposed to Tumblr.

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The running a blog platform is extremely fast and responsive. What’s extra useful is that it were given an choice to combine thirdparty apps, analytics, developer tools, and so on. So, Ghost is another best Tumblr alternatives in 2020 that you can consider

9. Site123

If you are searching for a Tumblr alternative that lets you create good looking websites, then Site123 might be the best pick for you.

The great thing is that Site123 offers a wide range of templates that can help you create an attractive blog. Apart from that, it also offers all the essential tools that were needed to manage your online blog.

10. DeviantArt

It’s another best blogging platform on the list which is aimed at the artwork.

On DeviantArt, you can discover lots of artworks like cool pictures, Windows skins, etc. It also lets you create a blog where you can upload text files, but it lacks pro tools for blogging.

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So, these are the five best Tumblr alternatives in 2020 that you can use right now. If you know any other such blogging platforms like Tumblr, let us know in the comment box below.

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