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Top 10 Best Torrent9 Proxy, Mirror or Alternatives in 2021

Torrent9 is one of the most reputable BitTorrent websites in recent years and has achieved enormous popularity. Torrent9 outperforms several popular torrent sites in many ways because of its accessibility and a humorous collection of torrent files.

Torrent9 Sites for Proxy And Mirror

Because of legal difficulties, Torrent9 is banned in several countries and areas. Ok, if you can’t reach Torrent9, you can unblock Torrent9 torrents using these Torrent9 proxies and mirror pages.

Whose new address is Torrent9?

Torrent9 is the most advanced working address for torrent9. If the torrent site does not use, you might want to explore the proxy and mirrors below. Alternatively, you can even unblock Torrent9 utilizing a VPN.

List of Proxy sites Torrent9

These are the five best proxy sites for Torrent9 that will allow you to unblock Torrent9 torrents quickly. Besides, in most countries, these proxy sites are not banned.

  • https://torrent9.bzz.bzz9.bzz.

To navigate these Torrent9 proxy pages, you can easily copy and paste these URLs into the search bar.

Why Use Proxy And Mirror Pages for Torrent9?

The opportunity to access the original Torrent9 website is the biggest gain of using Torrent9 Proxy and Mirror Pages. Your favourite TV shows, movies, and documentaries can be easily downloaded from Torrent9 using its proxy and mirror pages.

Torrent9 Sites for Proxy And Mirror

In comparison, mirror pages for Torrent9 remove the need to use a VPN to access this website. Lastly, if Torrent9 is blocked in your region, Torrent9 proxy sites also come in handy. Torrent9 is blocked in several countries, such as Saudi Arabia, India, Portugal, Denmark, the United Kingdom, and Morroco, as described above.

To Unblock Torrent9 VPN

Luckily, to connect Torrent9 in these countries, you can use VPN settings. You can also verify our Best Torrent VPNs list.

Well, you can use these trustworthy Torrent9 alternatives if a VPN provider doesn’t fix your issue.

Top 10 Best Torrent9 Proxy, Mirror or Alternatives in 2021

1. Katcr.Co


Kickass Torrents is the next stable torrent platform to stream free films (Katcr). Here most advanced website is being built by a group of recent staff posts from Kickass. Kickass Torrents should provide a user interface that is quick and simple to work.

Stuff on Kickass Torrents is classified into numerous categories, such as movies, TV shows, songs, sports, applications and many more, similar to Torrent9.

Finally, filter systems such as categories, sub-categories and cycles make it pretty straightforward to browse content on katcr. Co.

  • Best Features Quick and clean UI; Dedicated section for various torrent categories
  • Content types: anime, movies, songs, TV shows, games, apps
  • Availability Targeted by different ISPs.
  • URL of mirror Connection 1

2. 1337X


1337X is the first and one of the most stable alternatives to Torrent9proxy on the list. There’s a vast collection of torrent data and magnet links on this well-developed torrent program. 1337x provides users to post a free download of the best torrent files.

The 1337X content is very well categorized into various sections, such as music, software, movies, and much more.

  • Best Features Simple, clean UI; Dedicated parts for various content types
  • Content types: anime, movies, songs, TV shows, games, apps
  • Prohibited availability in Australia, Austria, Ireland and the United Kingdom.
  • URL of mirror Connection 1

3. Zooqle

torrent9 alternatives

 Zooqle is a great Torrent9proxy choice. Zooqle’s well-developed UI makes the website reach out from the crowd. For example, Zooqle only sells movies and TV shows on other sites on the menu. For any films or TV show on the web, Zooqle also shows complete details such as cast, directors, and release dates. Zooqle offers a quick one-click download option and the capacity to select video feature is also essential.

Lastly, Zooqle also showcases on its homepage the recently posted films and TV shows.

  • Best Features No popups and ads; more than 1,300 TV shows and 30,000 movies are available.
  • Styles of video material, TV shows
  • Availability in the world as a whole.
  • URL of mirror Connection 1

4. The Pirate Bay

torrent9 alternatives

The Pirate Bay is a pervasive torrent platform rich in features. This alternative to Torrent9proxy provides checked torrents from numerous categories, including movies, TV shows, sports, apps, and much more. The Pirate Bay has a minimum UI, and on its homepage, you can only find a quick search bar.

The most popular torrents are seen in the Top 100 segment, and this list is updated regularly. It is worth noting that, in some nations and territories, the Pirate Bay is blocked. And you can try out the alternatives to The Perfect Pirate Bay.

  • Best Features Supported magnet connections; peer-to-peer file sharing
  • Movie material styles, music, TV shows, sports, apps
  • Disponibility Forbidden in many countries and territories
  • URL of mirror Connection 1

5. YTS

torrent9 alternatives

Another Torrent9proxy option, which is immensely popular with film enthusiasts, is YTS. You can conveniently download a large selection of many famous and expensive films available in 720p, 1080p, and 3D analysis using YTS.

YTS has a very well advanced UI, similar to Torrent9, making it reasonably comfortable to search and explore movies. Detailed data such as last names, previews, and YTS also supports synopses for various films.

Unlike other alternatives to Torrent9, you won’t find anything on YTS but movie torrents.

  • Best Features Movie availability in 720p, 1080p, and even 3D high-def.
  • Styles of Movie Material
  • Prohibited availability in Ireland
  • URL of mirror Connection 1

6. Torlock

torrent9 alternatives

One of the torrent pages that only list checked torrents is Torlock. Consequently, on Torlock, you won’t find any bogus torrent material. On its homepage, this famous Torrent9proxy alternative shows any of the most famous torrents.

Torlock material is very well organized in numerous sections, such as movies, TV shows, sports, ebooks, and many more, close to other Torrent9proxy alternatives. As for downsides, some users may be disturbed by advertising on Torlock.

  • Best Torlock Features Only lists checked torrents
  • Film material styles, TV series, anime, apps
  • Blocked availability in Australia, India, the United Kingdom
  • URL of mirror Connection 1


torrent9 alternatives

On the list, the next great Torrent9proxy alternative is RARBG. RARBG also has a humungous collection of torrent data and attraction connections, identical to Torrent9. RARBG material is very well divided into various categories, such as movies, sports, ebooks, and many more.

RARBG has a fundamental and easy-to-navigate UI, and only verified torrents are specified on the website. Lastly, RARBG now has a dedicated site for news dependent on torrents.

  • Best Features Movie availability in 720p, 1080p, and even 3D high-def.
  • Styles of Movie Material
  • Prohibited availability in Ireland
  • URL of mirror Connection 1

8. SeedPeer

torrent9 alternatives

The next best alternative to Torrent9proxy on the list is SeedPeer. Torrent9, SeedPeer also has a very well advanced UI that performs pretty easy to scan good torrents. For any torrent list, SeedPeer shows the age, height, seeds, peers, and strength.

The most advanced torrents from the past 48 hours are soon highlighted on the homepage of SeedPeer. In many types, the material on SeedPeer is also divided. It should be identified that the renamed edition of the famous decade-old torrent website Meganova is currently SeedPeer.

  • Best Features Sophisticated options for filtering; a decade-old torrent website
  • Content types: film, TV shows, sports, smartphones, songs, novels, animation, adult content.
  • Availability Targeted by different ISPs.
  • URL of mirror Connection 1

9. LimeTorrents

torrent9 alternatives

The last Torrent9proxy alternative on the web is relatively recent, but it has acquired some traction thanks to its nifty features. LimeTorrents provides checked downloads of one-click torrents.

Content on LimeTorrents is classified into numerous categories, such as movies, games, songs, animation, TV shows, and apps, close to other Torrent9 alternatives.

Best Features One-click downloads of torrents; the size and upload time of each flood is shown through LimeTorrents.

  • Movie content forms, games, apps, ebooks
  • Availability Banned in Australia, United Kingdom, France.
  • URL of mirror Connection 1

10. EZTV

torrent9 alternatives

The next best alternative on the chart for Torrent9proxy is EZTV. The EZTV UI appears to be old, but EZTV is still a feature-rich torrent program.

There is an excellent selection of private videos, songs, and TV shows on EZTV. In addition to that, the website also reports on its homepage the latest torrent data. Overall, for video lovers, EZTV is the latest torrent program.

  • Best Features No popups and commercials
  • Styles of video material, TV shows
  • Blocked availability in Australia, Ireland and the United Kingdom.
  • URL of mirror Connection 1

Is Legal Torrenting?

Is Torrenting Legal? One of the most popular issues associated with downloading Torrent content is, in theory. However, it’s unlawful to practise if you’re copying and redistributing protected material.

The owners of the copyright can also take good work against you.

This falls under the pirated content section. That said, if you like copyrighted content now, then torrenting is entirely legitimate.

Whose new address is Torrent9?

The most recent website for Torrent9 is

Is Torrent9proxy Secure?

Torrent9 is a fully secure website, and when using it, you won’t face any security problems. In other words, users are recommended not to use any unidentified Torrent9proxy mirror or Torrent9 proxy because they can request credit card information or even serve malware or adware.


So there are some of the more reliable alternatives to Torrent9 that are worth working out. In the comments section below, please show some other personal opinions.

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