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4 Charming Happy Diamonds Watches You Can Get Today

When you think about luxury, elegance, and class, you will always think of diamonds, jewelry, and other brilliant and stunning pieces. With that, Happy Diamonds got an idea of providing the best watches for women. Up until today, the company still offers exquisite timepieces that any lady would love.

Happy Diamonds was established by Ronald Kurowski, a famous Chopard illustrator, back in the 1970s. According to Kurowski, his idea of having an elegant watch was inspired by one of his travels, which was a hike in the Black Forest. Since then, his unforgettable trip got stuck in his mind, therefore giving birth to Happy Diamonds.

White Gold Joaillerie Chopard Happy Diamonds

This timepiece from the Chopard Happy Diamonds collection was first made and introduced during the company’s 40th anniversary. This watch became one of the best and most memorable models in the group. One would indeed fall in love at first sight with this timepiece because it has a stunning set of diamonds around its bezel.

The diamond bezel also goes well with its 18-carat white gold case that comes in 36mm in size. If you find the diamonds fancy enough, you will fall in love with the timepiece more because the dial is made of pearls. With the beautiful set of diamonds plus the smooth pearl dial, you will truly feel you are shining.

Lastly, the watch will not be complete without its stainless steel case. The strap comes in a sturdy and elegant black fabric that is gently brushed to perfection. The black band makes the diamond frame stand out and look stunning on your wrist.

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Happy Diamonds Icons Chopard Collection

You will be stunned once you see the Icons Chopard model watch because it is sparkly and shiny. The embellishment of this watch is made of diamonds, and whenever you wear it, everyone will genuinely gaze upon you. This watch is made of 18-carat rose gold material, and it highlights the brilliant diamond bezel of the timepiece.

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With about 75 diamonds built in this watch, you will fall in love the moment you set your eyes and hands on it. The timepieces offer not only elegance and class, but it also shows a delicate and glossy sense because of its beautiful strap. If you are looking for your next fashion statement, this watch is the answer.


Icons Mother of Pearl Chopard Happy Diamonds

Considered to be one of the smallest yet most classic timepieces crafted by Happy Diamonds, this Icons with Mother of Pearl is truly an eye-catcher. You will never find any other watch that shows a delicate touch. This timepiece will suit whatever fashion statement you are into.

The watch mainly shows off five breathtaking diamonds that go around the timepiece’s dial. Aside from the brilliant diamonds, two giant sapphire crystals are also crafted in the frame. It showcases simplicity and class. The time hand indicators are even shaped like leaves, while it complements the watch brand’s logo.

In other specs, the dial is made of sapphire material, which is also scratch-resistant. The sapphire crystal material keeps the watch. Elegant and brilliant even when time goes by. The bracelet is made of 18-carat rose gold, and it does not fall off easily because it comes with a folding clasp.

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Icons 32mm Happy Diamonds Chopard Collection

Unlike the other Icons mentioned earlier in this article, this one is different because the watch has a size of 32mm. Diamonds or other gems do not surround this timepiece from the Chopard collection, but it has seven diamonds inside the dial that shows the utmost simplicity.

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What’s more impressive about this timepiece is that the dial’s diamonds can move around the watch. It can swirl and spin, which adds up to the stylish design of the clock. When you look at this timepiece, you will see how delicate and soft the watch will look like when worn.

The dial’s inner part is made of pearls, and it comes with an elegant guilloche structure. The minute and hour hand indicators are shaped into leaves, and it offers a delicate touch. The watch has an 18-carat white gold case complemented by two diamonds on the clock’s north and south areas.


Now that you know four of the most charming and elegant timepieces from the Chopard Happy Diamonds Collection, be sure to choose and buy the best one that you think will complement your taste and personality.

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