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Top Best Free VPNs in 2020 Fast And Trustworthy

Its easy to find a best free VPN,to access Netflix YouTube and Torrents and keeping you Secure with no hidden costs. This is more challenging .We well-tried and ranked over many VPN services that claimed to be free download,to bring you the lists of free VPNs.

Almost Every Free VPN comes with a new concept.In most cases seller will bound your Data, Bandwidth, Connection speed, server locations, and even block you from browsing services. However, Some free VPNs could trouble your privacy. And this is why i have researched so many Bset Free VPNs. The list you’re about to see has only secure Free VPNs, with no hidden costs or risks or headaches.Free VPNs always come with a little cost. Even the best ones limit your Data, Speed, Server Locations, and many more. so that the unsafe free VPNs may use invasive adware to collect your personal information.

So here is List Of 9 Fast And Trustworthy Best Free VPNs in 2020

1: Opera VPN

It is built into its browser. As soon as you enable it in the extensions , It’s pre-installed and ready to go. It offers unlimited data for free, but it’s slower than most of the other free VPN. There are three server locations to choose from: Europe, North America, and Asia.

opera vpn

In order to take advantage of the VPN, you need to install and use Opera’s browser. Because it’s a browser extension, it won’t defend any data comes from outside of Opera. Some of Opera’s most famous features and settings can be focused in Easy Setup. It is a good way for new users to become long-familiar with the Opera , or for fully fledged users to make more quick accommodation.

2: Windscribe

Windscribe is our top selection for paid VPN services, so it’s natural that free level would reflect as well. If you provide your email address when signing up, and extra 5GB if you tweet about it,Windscribe offers a whopping 10GB per month of free VPN use. The free services also includes approach to a choice of eight server locations,  no-logs storage for security, a built-in ad blocker or firewall,and the option to use a username and password to sign-up.

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It provides you : Excellent privacy And up to 10GB per month of free data. Number of servers: 400+ | Server locations: 60+ | IP addresses: N/A | Maximum devices supported: Unlimited

3: Hotspot Shield

Hotspot Shield Free VPN cause including the ability to use up to five devices on the service at once with data serving of 500MB, aka 15GB per month and that’s why it is considering one of best free VPNs.Not only is Hotspot Shield Free one of the better known free VPN options in our rankings, we also reckon it’s the best.

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hotspot shield

Above all, you’re secured by top-notch encryption so you surely know that no matter what connection you’re on, your online shopping is going to be in safe hands

4: Avira Phantom

One of the more popular antivirus companies around universe introduced Avira’s Phantom VPN. But making a high-quality best VPN is a very diffcult. You will get information to transfer data every single month (unregistered users get 500MB/month), If you register for an account using your email. With the USA included, there are around 15 to 20 server locations from all around the world.

Avira Phantom

This is very good news since this VPN works with Netflix and Hulu. But don’t expect to stream more than a few minutes of high-definition video due to the 1GB cap.

5: Speedify

This Smart VPN software Speedify lets you use one or more connections to enhance speed, for instance both WI-Fi and 4G data connections when on a mobile device gives you top performance speeds.


12 months $3.99/mth
1 month $8.99/mth

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Number of servers: 200+ | Server locations: 50+ | IP addresses: N/A | Maximum devices supported: 1
Performance boosters
Superb privacy
Needs multiple connections to use

Security: Like other VPNs, Speedify can encrypt your traffic so that other people on the same hotspot or even your ISP and mobile carrier can not see your data.  On newer devices, Speedify uses AES, since these have hardware AES like engines. The Speedify will use the ChaCha encryption algorithm to deliver fast data , If your processor does not support AES alteration, secure performance, which works on older phones.

6: Betternet

Because of its Optimal Location feature, which automatically connects you to the closest server as well. Betternet suppose to be a “super fast VPN”. But Unluckily, when we tried to use this feature we were not connected. Each time, the app show a loading screen before disconnecting. It offers robust encryption, good speeds but no kill switch.


Your traffic will not be safe. If your connection to the VPN server fails. This free VPN is a good choice for protecting yourself from spying eyes when you need to link up to an unsecured public WiFi network.

7: TunnelBear

The company Security software giant McAfee is behind TunnelBear that means you get a whole lot of development behind this service without paying anything. That also means a clean and easy-to-use app that works on mobile or PC and gives you up to 1.5GB per month of free data.

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The settings options could be greater and the use of things like download limit are limited unless you pay for the full version of the service, server location selection.TunnelBear uses 256-bit encryption as well as It also execute annual independent security accounting system to identify error.

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8: ProtonVPN

ProtonVPN is another provider that offers a free VPN alongside a paid option. ProtonVPN’s packages offers you bandwidth on servers in the US, Japan, and the Netherlands areas and unlimited data. It uses 256-bit encryption to guard your private data from hackers and it offers OpenVPN and IKEv2/IPSec protocols. Perfect privacy guarantee you that your encoding keys are never compromised.

It permits Limitless free data. 256-bit encryption, DNS leak protection, and perfect forward secretiveness,Secure Core technology.


Works with: Netflix, Kodi, YouTube, Amazon Prime Video and so many. ProtonVPN doesn’t log your streaming act, and its home basic is in private. This means no government snooper can use your private data.

9: NordVPN

NordVPN is a personal practical private network (VPN) service . It has desktop applications for Windows, macOS, and Linux, mobile apps for Android and iOS, also have an application for Android TV.

norvpn 2

NordVPN can Approach content anywhere, Hide your IP and locate your location to approach content from anywhere in the universe. its provide Super-speed server network. Choose your virtual location from many countries. Works with: Netflix, HBO, Hulu, BBC iPlayer, Amazon Prime Video. Compatible with: Windows 7 through Windows 10, Android, iOS, mac OS, Linux, Firefox routers.


In This article we provide you with lots of Best And Free Trustworthy VPNs.But as we have already said, there is no reason to panic if it seems a bit too much. All the Free VPNs in our top 9 list are good services, so you can’t really go wrong.

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