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4 FAQs About Touchless Biometric Attendance System Answered

Touchless biometric attendance systems are making their presence everywhere at the workplace of all shapes and sizes. Whether it is the entrance to the workplace, banks, shops, or factories, they are becoming a part of our daily lives. 

Someone has rightly said that time is money, and it is valid for all. The TOUCHLESS biometric attendance system is user-friendly and easy to install. These biometric attendance systems have made organizations to quit their currently in-use fingerprint scanners. Nowadays, after globalization, all companies, from small enterprises to big firms have a global presence, and facial recognition technology speeds up their working abilities. 

For your better understanding, here are the answers to the most common FAQs about touchless biometric attendance systems:

1: What is a Touchless Biometric Attendance System?

Touchless biometric attendance systems record the precise clock in and out of employees working in a company, with the aid of face recognition technology. 

It is time-consuming and not reliable all the time to use the old manual methods for attendance. However, accountability between workers and the organization is ensured through a biometric attendance system. It helps the company’s growth and the employees are paid as per their presence in the workplace, thus prevents the company from financial losses.

2: How does the Touchless Biometric Attendance System Work?

Usually, a touchless attendance device captures and recognizes the face of the employee with an AI-based Computer Vision to mark the attendance. 

Let’s see how a touchless biometric attendance system works:

  • First, the company HR creates profiles of all the employees on the cloud server of the device. 
  • When the employee stands in front of the biometric device, it captures the face.
  • Once done, the device then compares it with the faces of all the employees that are stored in the cloud app which recognizes their faces. 
  • All the employee details are visible on the device screen, including check-in and check-out time. 
  • Employee details for the attendance are sent to the could app in real-time.
  • These details are later used to generate an attendance report, sync with the company HRMS system, and so forth.

3: How long does Biometric Attendance System take to scan a face?

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It is done instantly and takes less than a second to scan a face in an ideal scenario. In contrary to the fingerprint biometrics attendance system, you need multiple attempts to scan, and more often it malfunctions if you register with dirty fingers or wet fingers. However, it is not the case when using a touchless biometric attendance system.

4: How does it help to enhance the security of your workplace? 

During the Coronavirus pandemic, HR teams are facing difficult organizational challenges to manage workforce attendance systems with manual attendance. It is not easy to maintain accurate employee work time documentation for the company with social distancing regulations compliances. 

Touchless biometric attendance systems from reliable brands like KENT offer CamAttendance that helps to secure the workplace with higher standards. Along with the fact that it is an entirely contactless device, it also offers features such as mark detection. With the help of this feature, you can keep a check if your employees are following the safety protocol of wearing a mask or not. When enabled, this feature does not mark the attendance of employees who are not wearing a mask.

Not only this, but KENT CamAttendance also offers a user-friendly mobile app that uses a geofencing feature that helps to mark a boundary for their office. And this allows the employers to mark their attendance from inside the virtual boundary with their mobile device.  They can open their CamAttendance app, scan their face, and record their attendance from their smartphone. It ensures that there is no crowding in front of the biometric attendance system.

Switch to Next-Generation Attendance System Today

Earlier, facial recognition technology was only used in high-security facilities. But they have made their way to our everyday lives with the growing demand for automation, privacy, and security. Identity theft attacks have also led to their success in conventional ways. So, wait no longer. If you are still confused, you can contact the salesperson of KENT CamAttendance and request a free demo to understand the specifications of the touchless biometric system in detail! 

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