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6 Best Car Gadgets in 2020

There are multiple car gadgets/accessories available in the market to make your rides more comfortable and convenient. If you are looking for some handy car gadgets to optimize the value of your car, you can explore multiple options. The useful road trip gadgets are available that can assist you during your  travel and every day travelling.

Several gadgets are available to cover multiple needs in terms safety, comfort, entertainment, and much more. This will make your rides even more enjoyable. Below is the list of amazing car gadgets in 2020 that will assist you in making life easy.

1: FRIEQ – Car Air Purifier

This remarkable gadget by FRIEQ would help you in freshening up the air inside your car. Therefore, if you want fresh air in your car, you can install this gadget. It has two types of build in features. First one is the air freshener and the second one is an ionic air purifier.

With this gadget you can avoid bad odour in your car. The dust, pollution, and smoke can also be removed easily. It can even remove pollen particles from the car. In this way, you can improve the quality of air by eliminating harmful particles.

It has multiple attractive features like cool design with blue LED light. It is very convenient and easy to use. You can simply plug in an air purifier through the cigarette outlet. It can also keep a count and control the number of air particles in your car, such as negative oxygen ions.

2: FIXD OBD2 – Bluetooth Code Reader and Scan Tool

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Another amazing car gadget available in the car market is FIXD OBDS scanner and code reader. It has multiple benefits as a car gadget. FIXD has the ability to adjust and regulate any problem faced by your car by providing the best solution. It can also connect to your smartphone to provide you with more ease.

With the help of the FIXD OBD2 scanner, the customers can read the useful data on their smartphones. This tool is also handy and you fix any related issue with more efficiency. It can also save your time and money. The estimated cost of repair can also be measured by using this gadget.

3: HUDWAY – Heads-Up Display

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HUDWAY can turn the smartphone into a heads-up display for the vehicles. It helps to project the GPS in front of you with the help of a transparent screen to guide you throughout your travel journey. This gadget is supportive on both iOS and Android.

In addition to this, you can also use this gadget for connecting with people. This indicates that the technology revolutions in the terms of gadgets have become highly advanced.

How fascinating it would be if you find a used car available for sale having these gadgets. However, before purchasing it you must check its VIN check report and other history clearance records to make your choice perfect.

4: Nonda ZUS – Tire Safety monitor

Nonda ZUS is also one of the most advanced gadgets in 2020. It is a smart tire safety technology which helps in tracking the real time pressure of the tire by controlling it through mobile phone. This technology assists in detecting the safety monitor leaks.

Another additional feature of this device is that it has the anti theft locking system. You also do not need to worry about charging your devices. Nonda ZUS also has a built-in USB port for that purpose.

5: YI Mirror Dash Cam

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A dashcam is highly important because it helps in safety purposes. It can capture fun videos of you and your fellows on the road trips and other types of travelling. Even if your car gets involved in an accident, this device can help provide useful visual evidence.

It provides both front and rear footage through an easily installed package. The camera is of high quality at the front with 1080p quality and 138 degrees of angle lens width. The rear view camera comes with the quality of 720p.

6: Cooluli – Water Cooler and Warmer

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When it comes to daily or long time travel, the importance of water cooler and warmers cannot be undermined. It has the thermoelectric system which provides feasibility in terms of switching towards cool and hot water. It has the capacity of around six 12 oz cans. It is compact and can easily fit in your car. You can also store snacks and beverages in its mini fridge.

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