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Best Android Spyware Detection App

If you are using Android Phone and you want to secure your phone and another operating system because you know many users are using Android, the virus and spyware attacks were high on the platform.

In the same way, employers want to control access on company devices. Whatever be the scenario, spyware applications that work discreetly are crucial to fulfill these objectives. These applications can get you the data when you want it while working under the cover.

In this article, here are 10 best spyware detection applications these are among the most popular application today. Ultimately, our purpose is to enable you to find the best spyware detection applications which can serve the purpose. We evaluated these applications on several criteria such as the feature set, customer support, and requirement for rooting. Let us go straight to the applications and see which ones shine for you.


This is the best spyware detection application for your Android.  EvaSpy permits you remote monitoring of any type of user activity on Android devices and give you more than 50 great features. The great features is that its  monitoring of social networks and chats, GPS tracking, call logs, recording of media files, spying on the list of contacts, and running applications. EvaSpy records the information and sends it to the online dashboard that you can get it from any web-browser.

The EvaSpy detection application records live surrounds through the microphone and camera, letting you inform what’s happening near the device. With this spyware detection application, you’ll never worry if your kid has reached the destination or if he/she has gone to an unwanted place since EvaSpy shows you the location of your kid with a path and timestamps as well as inform you once the device reaches unwanted locations.


  • affordable  pricing
  • great GPS monitoring with paths, timestamps and alerts
  • chat tracking and call log capturing
  • hidden mode (the application runs silently on your device)
  • very Easy to install 


  • The online panel has many features so you’ll have to wait some time to get used to it.


MSpy is particularly designed to monitor kids remotely. It shows you the list of all inbound and outbound calls with time, duration and caller information, so you can very easily monitor the people who talk to your kid and prevent a child from communicating with unwanted contacts. You can also record Facebook, Instagram, and Tinder activities to make sure that your kid doesn’t share some personal information with strangers on any social media platform. For this purpose, you can also monitor media stored on the kid’s device. With spyware detection application you’ll know what your kid is up to by recording all visited URLs.

Other great features include spying on Snapchat, Whatsapp, Skype, Viber, and Line, monitoring contacts, calendar, emails, and installed applications, checking GPS locations with paths and routes. This application gives the great solution to prevent your kids from online bullies, predators, and other strangers.

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  • Great monitoring features
  • free trial
  • very fast setup and remote monitoring
  • Doesn’t need any user’s credentials.


  • If you need to use all spying features, then you require rooting the device.


Spyera Also gives you one of the best free spyware detection applications for Android. This application provides you a vivid picture of what your kids are doing online even if you’re not present there. The application spies on popular social applications such as Viber, WhatsApp, Skype, Line, and Facebook. With Spyera spyware detection application you can easily listen to all phone calls of your kids make or accept in real time. One of the greatest features is audio and video surveillance that permits spying on live surroundings by the device microphone and cameras.  Additionally you can easily read all text messages, MMS, and emails to search out what your kid is up to.

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The application lets you track locations and visited websites of yours kid device. It’s very easy to install and use, you don’t require to be a tech-savvy to start monitoring Android devices with Spyera. The application is totally invisible on smartphones and tablets. You can also send all the recorded data to your online account.


  • Remote the real-time monitoring
  • Live location tracking
  • Very Easy in use.


  • No free trial present
  • Some people think that the PRO version is very expensive.


This application is a free spyware detection application for android undetectable to the devices’ user. The application is also compatible with smartphones and tablets and provides some good monitoring features. This software lets you learn who your kid communicates with by giving contact monitoring. Parents can also see their kids’ current location, which is very helpful when your child starts going out without adults. Besides, FreeAndroidSpy lets you get the user’s media files such as photos and videos.

The application is totally invisible so your kids won’t know that they’re being monitored. Since it’s a free hidden android spyware detection application, it gives you a limited number of features. If you need to track all activities, you’ll have to buy a paid application provided by the company.


  • Give a spy detection application for android free of charge
  • Also tracks very easily GPS location, contacts, and media files
  • Very Easy to use.


  • The free version has limited features.


This FlexiSpy is very perfect both for parental control and employee monitoring as it runs in hidden modes. As usual, it assists you to track the target’s GPS locations and activities in WhatsApp, Viber, Facebook, Skype, Line, and so more. Furthermore, phone call recording, it can also listen to calls in Skype, Facebook, Viber, and Line. This is a very good feature as now kids usually use social applications to make calls. FlexiSpy lets you see SMS, emails, and photos saved in the Android device. The application records web-history to know what content your kid’s get on the net.

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FlexiSpy also records all keystrokes pressed by the smartphone user. It also tells us what’s happening near the target device, you can also see the microphone and camera live telecast. If you’re an employer searching for a monitoring solution to track your team’s activities, you’ll search an application monitoring feature helpful. It s monitors all used applications and shows the average time a person has been using this application throughout the day. The application permits you to remote monitoring by an online dashboard.


Live Monitoring

  • Invisible and visible modes
  • Tracking of social applications.


  • No free trial present 
  • The prices are very expensive.

MobileTracker free

With this application you’ll forget about stressing. MobileTracker lets you spy on SMS and MMS, GPS locations, and images saved in your Android, and instant messengers. It also has some great remote control features such as audio recording and taking a picture from afar. The application permits you to block all the applications if you need to restrict your kid’s usage of the device.

Besides, you can also track all visited websites and block unwanted URLs to prevent your kids from inappropriate content. The application also takes care of your child’s as you can also track all contacts you kids calls. The logs are saved in your online account so you can easily spy on the device from any place or any web-browser. If you need a strong free android spy detection application, download it right now without ant wastage of time and enjoy its spying features.

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  • A free application
  • Great monitoring features;
  • Good Remote control.


  • The setup is very complicated.


XNSpy is the best android spyware detection application without rooting available on the market today. The developers leave it for you to decide if you need to jailbreak the device, but you know that with rooting the application will become even stronger. This also has the monitoring features with timestamps and caller info, SMS recording, IM chats tracking with shared media and texts. Moreover, the application permits spying on GPS locations and visited websites.

The application lets you get their hands onto photos and videos saved on the monitored device. It also informs you who your kid communicates with more often and lets you keep your child away from a bad company. If you’re worry that the monitored person leaves particular perimeter, you can also set up alerts and the application will notify you if your kid leaves school or home without letting you know.


  • Monitors your Android devices without rooting
  • Tracks popular social applications
  • Gives a GEO-fencing feature.


  • Without rooting the target device you’ll get very less features
  • No free trial is present.


You should choose  Spyic when it comes to searching for the best undetectable android spyware detection  application. Spyic has many monitoring features and has already helped many parents prevent their kids from strangers. The application is very easy to install, it doesn’t need root to start spying on Android devices. The application is installed within 5 minutes, runs silently, and can be removed from the device remotely with one click.

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Spyic monitors your text messages, calls, social apps, locations, keystrokes, web activities, calendar, running applications, and so more. With this application, you’ll keep an eye on a child’s activity on Facebook, Instagram, Telegram, Wechat, etc. Web-browser history is also recorded with URLs, title, visit frequency, and added bookmarks. If you’d like to track more devices, you can do it very easily from one online account.


  • Shows you the online demo;
  • No root
  • Undetectable application.


  • doesn’t monitor your live surrounds
  • Limited number of available languages.

Spapp Monitoring

This company gives great solutions for Android users: a monitoring application and an Android spy camera. A spy cam application is good for monitoring photos taken on the target device. It also permits you to send commands to Android and it will take pictures using both cameras. The Spapp Monitoring application has more great features than the spy cam application does. It also tracks GPS locations, calls, text messages, browser logs, etc.

The calls are not recorded here, but you can easily view timestamps, contact info, and duration of the call. If you need to add call recording, you have to pay extra for it. Rooting the device lets you track all text messages.


  • Android spy camera;
  • remote settings;
  • Rooting the device isn’t obligatory.


  • Has all monitoring features, you want to root the device.


MobileSpy gives you the best android spyware detection application for free trial — you can enjoy its features for a whole week. The application is also compatible with most Android smartphones and tablets. With it, you can very easily spy on phone calls, visited websites, media files, etc. Besides, you can also get alerts on unapproved user activities (GEO-fencing, keywords, and contacts). You can also get all logs from a live panel.
The application is very helpful when the device has been stolen as you can lock it from your account remotely. Distant monitoring permits you the viewing the device screen from afar. The application tracks social messengers and Gmail. You can also get the phone book from an online account and make sure that your kids don’t communicate with strangers.

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  • Live panel
  • 7-day trial
  • Compatibility with almost all android phones and tablets.


  • The screenshot capturing is compatible with rooted only Android devices.


So, these are the best 10 Android spyware detection applications that you can use today. Now it’s very easy to track your Android devices. You can also find some free solutions with the most useful recording features that will make your parental control and employee monitoring very simple and more convenient. 

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