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Best CamScanner Alternatives for your Android and iOS

CamScanner was a great application for scanning your documents. However, it introduced a malicious malware which could display intrusive ads on your Android smartphones. From this reason, Google has removed CamScanner from the Play Store and you should also uninstall the application for a precautionary measure. Following that, if you want a alternative for CamScanner, we have listed the best CamScanner alternatives in this article. Our mentioned applicatons are well-received by user without any history of shady behavior. Now let’s start the article and explore applications which have same features as CamSanner.

Best Camscanner Alternatives for your Android and iOS

Here is a selected list of 10 best CamScanner alternatives that have the same features, and others are even better. Rest assured that these applications are from popular publishers and developers, which mean you, can easily pick up one and relax without looking for another one.

Microsoft Office Lens (Free)

This CamScanner Alternative Microsoft Office Lens gives you an ultimate experience, specifically for those peoples who utilize Microsoft products. In descriptive words, you can use this Microsoft office Lens to scan whiteboards tables, diagrams, and even handwritten notes and transfer them directly into MS Word or many other Office items.

Other great features of this best CamScanner alternative consist of OCR, scanning ID cards, auto edge cropping and so more. Microsoft products’ total combination allow you to access previously scanned documents by OneNote and transfer the brand-new documents either to the cloud directly or minimize a regional drive as PDF or image.

Adobe Scan

Adobe, the developer of PDF file, is the popular brand name for anything with files. This application has many great features such as scanning documents, ID cards, notes and receipts with our smart device. Adobe Scan also finds your type of data and removes the unimportant part, giving you the needed image only with great quality.

Among the many reasons why Adobe scan is the best alternative to CamScanner is that it can easily scan texts from files and also convert them in an editable format. Additionally, it can also scan documents as JPEG or PDF. This Camscanner alternative does not gives you watermark, which makes it a tidy scan.

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Google Drive

Google Drive, which is best cloud storage solutions out there, also provides document scanning ability on the application. However, despite the fact that being available on both Android and iOS, it is only the Android application that gets the scan functionality. So if you are a user of Android device, then you can use the built-in utility to scan your documents and save them to your Drive for access from anywhere across any device. The scan feature of Google Drive is not much feature-rich, and is rather meant as a quick capturing and drop functionality.

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Fast Scanner 

Another best CamScanner alternative is Fast Scanner, capable of scanning many pages at once. Furthermore, with that, this is the fastest CamScanner alternative in this list without the loss of your quality.

The car edge detection does not work very effectively; however, it can be managed by hand. Fast Scanner supports cloud services such as Google Drive and Evernote and local disk storage as a JPG or PDF file. Beside from other important functions, the speed of scanning is an excellent.


TurboScan has a great honing mode which does great to checked reports. You can get fresh filtered pictures that can be import in PDF, PNG, or JPG. Furthermore, you have auto edge identification, combination with Dropbox, and email incorporation inside this application. This small and great detailing in the Application makes it one of the best CamScanner alternatives to try.


The next application in the list of best CamScanner alternatives is TapScanner that has a unique feature of taking three synchronized pictures with only one click and make a single image with the best information. Users can also use filters and modify copies after scanning them if they want the auto-detection of borders and car trimming of edges.

TapScanner also supports OCR, cloud backup, and conserves scanned files such as JPG, png, and pdf. Another great function of TapScanner is that it enables you to digitally sign a PDF file such as DocuSign, which is another great 3rd party application.

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ScanPro Application

The ScanPro Application is a CamScanner alternative that is underrated although it had a distinct feature of finding the scanned files by a text written in the file. In this way, you could easily type in a sentence you kept in mind reading in the document, and this ScanPro Application would find them for you in the scanned document.

Other great functions consist of scan all types of documents such as invoices, ID cards, QR codes, Whiteboards, and many other documents types. Automobile crop and Edge detection are same to that of the Camscanner. However, the document modifying feature is better as you can include annotations too.

The typical scanning application functions present in other applications are also present in ScanPro Application such as OCR text scanning, and multipage scan in batch mode. These scanned files can be saved in PDF or JPG file formats, and the scanned output can be easily uploaded to cloud services.

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If you are searching a best best CamScanner alternative, then Notebloc is the ideal application for you. All the features same like CamScanner such as smart edge detection, auto trimming of borders, and support for all types of files with the great scanned images.

Additionally, it permits you to browse with OCR functions, upload and share directly by the cloud and even edit the documents. The only unlike feature, which is also favorable one, is that it does not leave any watermark like CamScanner.


This application is little bit different from all the other applications in the list listed here but does has specific capabilities that Camscanner have and was often used for. Google has inculcated a robust algorithm that transform a printer photo into a digital photo without missing any minor details. This algorithm acts on the concept of post-processing and does not leave any glares. The auto edge detection, which leads to an auto-crop of photos, is very great and there is no requirement of manual intervention.

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Evernote Scannable 

For get a good user experience on Apple gadgets such as iPhone or iPad, Evernote Scannable is the best suggested CamScanner alternative that you can try. This application is gives on Android as a built-in feature with the Evernote application that id usually preinstalled. On iOS, so, you can also click the link given below and install it for free. Evernote Scannable allows you to scan any type of files from simple notes to business cards, from receipts to ID cards and any other type.

Smart edge and vehicle cutting functions exist to helping for saving files as PDF or JPG. Users can easily email the scanned documents from within the application or save them on cloud service after integrating it with Evernote. However there is no OCR support, which undoubtedly functions as a disadvantage if you want to modify the documents you scanned.

Last words:

So this was our list of 10 best CamScanner alternatives which are very powerful and has a same set of features. There are some applications which are complete scanner applications in itself and there are some which are particularly best for scanning and seamless sharing. Depending on your needs, you can choose a desired application from the list. We are sure you won’t be disappointed. 

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