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Top 10 Best Adobe Creative Cloud Alternatives in 2021

Everything that we see around us is graphics from any creative person. From a digital banner that you see in social media sites to a cool text-tees, it is all graphics designed by someone. Now, from years, Adobe is one of the leading companies that provide software packages to create those graphics. One of their pinnacle software bundles as of 2020 is Adobe Creative Could (CC).

However, the problem using Adobe CC is that it is not cheap. The software bundle costs a ton of money for its licensing. Therefore, people who want to start their career as a graphics designer seek for alternative software packages of Adobe CC. So, in this article, we will pinpoint some of the best free Adobe Creative Cloud Alternatives.

Adobe Creative Cloud Alternatives

Here in this section, you will find Top 10 Adobe Creative Cloud Alternatives for Free. .All these software programs will provide all of the useful features which you get in Adobe CC.

1. Adobe Photoshop Alternatives:


GIMP is one of the best alternatives to Adobe Photoshop for years now. The app is free to download and easy to install. It is available in all major OS – Windows, Mac, and Linux.

What makes GIMP be on this list due to the fact it could be as productive as Photoshop is, and springs with a wide variety of equipment and plugins guide.

Of course, the best element is that its miles lose to apply. you could take advantage of a comparable style of layers, filters, consequences that makes Photoshop so adorable Some people say that the keyboard shortcuts are not the same, but hey, we can compromise that for getting the app for free.

2. Adobe Lightroom Alternative:


Lightzone is 2nd on our list, that’s a right away creative cloud alternative to Adobe Lightroom. Available on Windows, Mac, and Linux, this splendid app has all the features that make you fall in love with Lightroom inside the first place.

One of the interesting information about Lightzone is that it became a paid app before. However, it’s miles lose to use now. Now, if we examine it with Lightroom, you can easily organize, cull, and edit your photos with ease.

According to some users, they believe the export quality is even better than Lightroom. you may additionally enjoy the  16 segments it offers, which could make your edits a new dynamic look.

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3. Adobe Premiere Pro Alternative:


Shotcut is a trending app, which you can work as a direct alternative to Adobe Premiere Pro. It is available in all the latest OS like Windows, Mac, or Linux. The app is free to use, which is also a non-linear editor (NLE), which you can use as a direct analog to Premiere.

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The NLE support that Shotcut delivers is one of the best in the world, and experts believe you will not have to compromise the audio quality.

Apart from that, the app also supports suitable hardware for monitoring purposes, as well. Overall, it is a great little app, perfectly working, and a pure editor for those who wish to use Premiere Pro.

4. Premiere Pro alternative:

Davinci Resolve

Davinci Resolve is yet another world-class app that you can use a Premiere Pro alternative. You can get it for any OS that you use – Windows, Mac, or Linux. The is renowned for its powerful editing features, which has a high resembles with Adobe Premiere Pro.


you can take a look at the color correction and color grading features, which are basically the primary USP of this app. The simplest downside is that the app isn’t always 100% free to apply.

That said, the fundamental features are more than capable of pulling off most video editing projects. You can also take advantage of the audio features it delivers, which is available in the free version.

5. After Effects Alternatives:

HitFilm 4 Express

HitFilm 4 Express is yet another alternative to both Adobe Premiere Pro and After Effects. What makes the app so lovable is that of its versatility. It is available in all known OS like Windows, Mac, and Linux. With HitFilm 4 Express, you can edit motion graphics with ease as there are tons of features that you can use.

Even though the app is not totally free to use, you can use the free version to a vast extent. You can also edit YouTube videos using effects and additional graphics in it. The fact that the free version covers up the most useful segments of both Premiere Pro and After Effects makes the app so much accessible.

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6. Adobe Illustrator Alternatives:


Many do not forget Adobe Illustrator one of the quality vector portraits designing software programs ever made. Now, as we are discussing options right here, Inkscape is one app that comes very close to Illustrator.

you can get it for Windows, Mac, and even in Linux. The satisfactory is, it is open-supply, or we are able to say, free to apply.

From growing a new vector artwork to its editing, you may do nearly the whole thing with Inkscape that you could able to do in Illustrator. The app comes with comparablelooking gear, and it also helps most image formats. Overall, it is a nice alternative for the hardcore graphics designers.

7. Adobe InDesign Alternative:


Desktop Publishing (DTP) has always been an on-demand service throughout the world, and Adobe InDesign is the pinnacle of software that most DTP users prefer.

Now, for those who think InDesign is going to cost a lot of money, Scribus is the best solution. It is an alternative software package that is available in Windows, Mac, and even in Linux.

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What makes Scribus so adorable is the simplicity of this app. It comes will all the features that InDesign has, and you can pull off almost all kinds of DTP projects with this app. And, of course, it is free to use.

8. Adobe Audition Alternative:


Sound Productions has been one of the satisfactory career options for a long time. People typically use usually use Adobe Audition to create the magic. however, as Adobe CC is high-priced to apply, we’re suggesting to apply Audacity.

The app is available in all reputed OS – home windows, Mac, and Linux, and has all of the robust audio modifying equipment and capabilities that all people crave. With a simplesearching UI, Audacity has tools to edit audio files.

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you may additionally upload consequences and filters, just like you may do in Audition. To many experts, you could do audio post-processing the first-rate with the app. as a result, many prefer Audacity as their number one app for sound editing. Of course, it is free to use.

9. Adobe Audition Alternative:


Since we are talking about sound production software packages and the  Adobe CC alternatives.  it would be best to include Ardour. You can find a version of this app for all major OS – Windows, Mac, and Linux. You can use Ardour as a Digital Audio Workstation (DAW), and craft your masterpiece with it.

The app also comes with numerous features to integrate movies to create the best soundtracks. Apart from that, you can do advanced sound mixing as well as modifying with this first-rate app.

Other useful features consist of sound routing and tracking, something you may expect in a DAW app. Since the app is free to use, many more people like it.

10. After Effects Alternative:


Blender is the final app in our list of Adobe CC alternatives. The app is unquestionably a direct alternative of 3D. It comes in Windows, Mac, and Linux, and as a user, you can do wonders with this app. To start with, you can do 3D-animations in which people spend a ton of money on the licenses.

The most common features include rigging, modeling, and compositing. In short, you will get all the necessary arsenal to wrap up any 3D animation project without breaking much sweat.

You will also get the hardware acceleration feature in this app as well. However, the app is not entirely free to use, as there are commercial tools available for advanced projects.


We have tried to cover up all the aspects of the Adobe Creative Cloud Alternatives that we could. These apps are popular, but you must understand they are not identical to any Adobe applications. We have taken this initiative to let you know that you can still learn without owning the Adobe Creative Cloud bundle.

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