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Best Voice Recorder Apps for iPhone and iPad

There is no lack of applications that record sound on iPhone and iPad; not all applications are made equivalent. Most are better for students for quite a long time of recording. Others are totally worked for writers to record interviews. While, you could purchase a modest Dictaphone from Amazon, but why you go through cash when you already have an iPhone with a totally capable microphone. Accordingly, we did the hard work for you, and here are the absolute best Voice Recorder Apps for iPhone that would help you in many situations.

Best Voice Recorder Apps For iPhone and iPad 

Now we have gathered a list of Voice Recorder Apps available along with details on each of them. Whether you are searching for a Free Voice Recorder Apps For iPhone or buying one, you’ll find the best Voice Recorder Apps For iPhone and iPad in the following list:


A completely feature recording application with stream line and natural users interface. To record tap the huge red catch and to stop tap it once more. Existing recordings can be added and overseen without any problem. Recordings can be mailed straightforwardly from iTalk. This application for recording voice on iPhone supports direct document sharing through iTunes. 

Main Features

  • Supports iTunes document sharing 
  • Email straightforwardly from iTalk 
  • Underlying search function to find recording by title 
  • Excellent hand-held account

Voice Memos

Before thinking about the outsider sound recorder applications for iPhone we should investigate Apple’s underlying sound recorder application. This application offers basics highlights and can be found under the Extra folder on your iPhone’s home screen. Utilizing it you can record limitation free sound and can even do some basic sound trimming if you have a long recording. To utilize Voice Memo application you require to do, is tap the Record catch and record anything you desire. When done utilizing this best voice recorder application for iOS you can save or erase the recording. 

Main Features

  • One tap voice recording application for iOS 
  • Recording is saved by the name of new recording or name of your area 
  • Utilization worked in microphone
  • Can alter, manage or erase part of recorded voice memo


Another iPhone sound recorder application that offers progressed import and export capacities. if you are a music lover then this application is appropriate for you. Utilizing it you can arrange sound documents and midi records. Other than this, you can move records from one application into the next or to a PC. Also, AudioShare best voice recorder application for iPhone permits recording from an outer amplifier. 

Main Features

  • Import and trim your own music 
  • Export records to all applications 
  • Arrange sound records in files and folders
  • Underlying Dropbox customer 
  • Playback any sort of sound document 
  • Change sound file format

MultiTrack DAW 

Ideal for music industry professionals this voice recording application for iOS will lets you built new songs simply like a real recordings studio. You can move and trim sound, mix sound until you get what you need. MultiTrack DAW offers a wide scope of information abilities, including built in mic, USB interfaces and then some. 

Main Features

  • 8 stereo audio tracks, upgradable to 24 
  • Non-straight, non-dangerous altering utilizing locales and Bins 
  • Internal App Audio 
  • Per track Compressor and EQ 
  • Supports up to 16 input simultaneously

Awesome Voice Recorder 

Positioned number 1 business application in 35 countries Awesome Voice Recorder is probably the best voice recording applications for the iPhone. Famously known as AVR this voice recorder application enables record to meeting, interview and more. To utilize the application, you simply need to choose the quality you need, choose the kind of recording mono or sound system and that is it. This iPhone sound recorder application lessens background that effects output sound documents. 

Main Features

  • Trim and cut sound records 
  • Simple folder management
  • Boundless recording time 
  • Add depiction to voice record

Voice Record Pro 

Best for columnists this new voice recording application for iPhone is simple. In only a couple of taps you can record voice in all standard file formats and can change over your preferred records to any format. You can also add bookmarks, photographs, and merge multiples sound recordings into single file. 

Main Features

  • Export to and import from Google Drive, DropBox, iCloud Drive. 
  • Export to FTP server
  • Post a film cut on YouTube 
  • Include noted, photographs to records 
  • Append records

Voice Recorder and Audio Editor 

Free form of this brilliant voice recorder application for iOS offers essential audio recording. Nonetheless, if you go with the paid version you can also record calls. Some helpful highlights offered by this application for sound recording on iPhone are speed tuning in, sleep timer. You can either save sound notes or transfer them to cloud storage sites. 

Main Features

  • Many sound format
  • Circle recording 
  • Skip backward/forward for 15 seconds 
  • Imprint most loved recordings

AudioNote 2 – Voice Recorder

The majority of us hate taking notes yet notes are significant. With AudioNote2, an advanced note book and its underlying sound recorder you can take notes and organize them without any problem. Simply hit the record button and begin taking notes. Notes are consequently time stepped with the audio and features when the sound reaches to that point. 

Main Features

  • Consequently adjusts to room size and volume level 
  • Notes are connected with recorded sound 
  • Make folder to compose records 
  • Highlights notes during playback 
  • Sync between different devices

HT Professional Recorder 

With HT Professional Record best voice recorder application for iPhone, record discussions in an large room or when the telephone is a few feet from the individuals. Utilizing it you can record and editing meetings, lectures, and on the phone. Additionally, you can utilize bookmark highlight to recall and replay significant minutes. 

Main Features 

  • Auto record voice 
  • Overwrite dictation to correct mistakes
  • Wi-Fi document transfer
  • Repeat  mode, 3 levels of receiver affectability 
  • Email recordings as long as 30 minutes long


Trusted by 225 million individuals Evernote is the best sound recorder application for iPhone utilizing which you can take audio notes. This note taking application additionally lets you record voice, compose notes, documents, photographs and voice reminders all at one spot. Not just this it even offers secure distributed storage to keep your data ensured and hidden. You can utilize Siri or Google collaborator to make, update or search notes through voice orders. 

Anything saved on Evernote can be easily share to your friends in any event, when they don’t have an Evernote account. 

Main Features

  • Sync anyplace 
  • Web trimmer 
  • Document Scanning 
  • Set updates, write daily agendas, catch and store all your idea


This article has introduced an extremely itemized list of the voice recorder on the iPhone and iPad that can be utilized for different purposes as per the need of the person. This article has introduced a conclusive and comparative study of these devices that would permit you to choose the best device among the list of sound recorders in the market. It will doubtlessly assist you with building up the best audio recording with flawless highlights that are being offered by these expressed applications.

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