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Here is why you need to buy a 3D printer and a cell signal booster


Every modern household needs a 3D printer, there are no two ways about it. There are way too many things you can do once you have one, and while at first, it might sound daunting, once you get the hang of it you will never love anything else more.

Why should you buy a 3D printer over a conventional one?

A conventional printer will only give you an idea of what you want, but a 3D printer adds dimension, breathes life into your idea and gives you an item to show for it. Whether you are an art enthusiast, a parent whose kids can never get enough toys, a chef who wants more practical equipment, a techie who is working on a new project here are plenty of reasons why a 3D printer should be on top of your purchase list:

  1.       It can help you make extra money – If you make creative, useful items with your printer, you can sell them locally or online, a task that will be made all easier if you have a proper cell signal booster to keep you in touch with prospective clients and suppliers.
  2.       It saves you money – This one-off purchase of a 3D printer will save you huge bucks in décor items, culinary items, toys, gifts and a lot more.
  3.       The convenience is incomparable – Who has the time to leave the house to hop from shop to shop to buy items you can easily print? And why spend time skimming through online shops for what you want, wait for days for delivery only to find the item you want isn’t quite what you ordered? Buy a 3D printer instead and experience the kind of convenience you never thought possible.
  4.       It is fun – If you are looking for a new hobby, 3D printing might just be it. Not only does it pass time, but it also channels that creative side of yours which only gets better with time. The process of seeing your idea into fruition is so fulfilling.
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A beginner’s guide to 3D printing

Here is a quick guide if you are doing it for the first time:

  •         Prepare a 3D model or download ready ones
  •         Change the model into instructions your printer will understand
  •         Feed them to the printer and start printing

3D printer prices

3D printers range in price depending on the software they use to print. These three ones are a good place to start, and they go for less than $400.

Monoprice Maker Select V2

With support for a wide range of materials, an aesthetic minimalist design which is itself inspirational, USB and microSD card support, a decent print resolution of 100 microns, this printer goes for just $320. A good price for people who do not want to spend way too much but want a reliable printer.

Creality CR-10 Mini

For $300 you get to print from your phone, heated bed, cloud slicing, high printing accuracy and mass model library.

XYZprinting da Vinci Mini

This 3D printer has been lauded as one of the best entry-level printers. Starting from just $190, it is not only easy to set up but also comes with basic software that it simple to understand for people who are only easing into 3D printing.

How to fix weak cell phone signals

Is there anything more annoying than a weak cell signal around your home or office. As we live today, our existence leans heavily on interconnectivity – and weak signals can make life really difficult. What then can you do make your signals stronger?

  •         Remove obstacles in your office or home that weaken your reception
  •         Ensure your battery is not too low – this contributes to weak signals
  •         Move to a higher place in your property or higher floors in the building that you are in.
  •         Move closer to the window of the house or go outside altogether
  •         Face your phone towards your cell tower.
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While all these things may work, it can be so tiresome to spend the rest of your cell phone life looking for a signal, wandering in your home or office looking for the perfect spot to get the right signal, if not a tad frustrating. A more permanent solution would be to buy a cell signal booster to resolve all those signal problems once and for all.

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Factors to consider when buying a cell signal booster

Cell signal boosters work by amplifying weak signals up to 32 times stronger, as such you are always assured of stronger connection and better call quality. Take note of these important things when getting a cell signal booster:

Cell signal booster Coverage

The most important consideration is the scope of the signal booster, so how big is the office or house you want to boost the signal in? Do you want a booster for just your home office, office desk or your car? If you want to boost the signal in just a single room, you may want a signal booster with low coverage and the opposite is true if you need it for multiple rooms or the whole building.

The signal strength of your location

You need to determine how strong your signal is, without a booster first so you know just what you are working with and get the right booster. So long as there is a signal, even a weak one, it can be boosted. The problem only comes if there is no signal at all.

Cable length of the booster

You ought to determine the length of the cable when you buy the cell signal booster, make sure it is not too short that its functionality is hindered and also not too long that the signal strength is decreased by the time it gets to you.

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Price range

You, of course, have to find something that well suits your budget, and there is quite a variety that is efficient but within a reasonable price range.


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