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Must-Have Mobile Apps to Kill Your Boredom at Home During the Pandemic

Many people have been suffering from the impact of COVID-19 pandemic around the world. Not all people experience the same hardships, but everyone feels the same fear. Some states or countries are now putting their lives back on track. They are stepping forward to cope with what the pandemic has caused them.  

One of the best things to do to stop the spread of the virus is stay at home. It’s the very least thing to do that everyone can contribute to all frontliners helping people fight against the pandemic. However, many people got bored staying in their houses for a couple of months. They do the same thing in the same place every day. 

However, going out is still risky due to the virus, especially in the most affected countries. Hence, they should stay at home most of the time. The use of the internet and smartphones is the best way to make your stay fun. Read the details below to see how people use and enjoy the must-have mobile apps to kill their boredom at home during the pandemic. 

PDF Reader

The PDF Reader apps are for people who love reading electronic books or eBooks. Many people got interested in reading because it’s so fun and stimulating. In fact, having a hobby of reading every day will consequently improve your memory. If you have favorite eBooks that you want your social media friends to know about, you can share it on social media, but you need to convert the pdf to jpg.

Most ebooks are in PDF format and consume a little file storage of your device. Hence, it’ll be suitable for your mobile downloads. On the other hand, if you wish to upload photos online, especially social media or website uploads, files in jpg format are best to use.

Therefore, reading eBooks will be a perfect hobby that will surely kill your boredom while staying at home. You can choose a genre of an eBook of your interest, download it on your smartphone so that you can start reading anytime. 

Social Media Apps

Many people are on social media nowadays. All ages got interested in creating an account on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and even the most popular Tiktok. Grandchildren to grandparents are all hooked to be connected around the world. That’s one of the benefits of social media. As long as you have stable internet, you can communicate with anyone in all parts of the globe. 

Hence, no one can resist trying any of these social media platforms. You simply need to download the app, create an account, and you’re good to go. You can now start sharing your photos, videos, and your stories with your friends online. Start your search to find new friends locally and internationally. It’ll surely kill your boredom while staying at home. 

Fantasy Sports Apps

Playing sports is the best physical exercise every day. Many people play for health reasons, and some play as their profession. However, others play to kill time while enjoying playing sports with their friends or colleagues. Since the pandemic started, players aren’t allowed to play yet. 

With the advancement of technology, fantasy sports apps have been developed for all sports lovers out there. You simply need to download the app, create an account, and you can now start playing your favorite sports. It could be baseball, football, basketball, and other professional sports. You need to create two virtual teams of players, and these teams will fight against each other, applying the same rules in the real court. The team with the highest number of points will be the winner. 


COVID-19 pandemic has challenged the lives of many people around the world. However, people keep on fighting against the challenges the virus has caused them. Staying at home remains an effective way to avoid getting infected. Hence, continue to stay at home and make sure to download the must-have apps discussed above. It’ll surely kill your boredom, and help you survive this pandemic.

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