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Top 10 Best Anime Torrent Websites In 2021

There are millions of fans worldwide of all types of animation art, also referred to as Anime.

The fact is that it’s not as complex as it used to be to find anime torrent pages. That’s because Anime is now internationally widespread, with millions looking online every day for anime content. Niche P2P anime portals have arisen as a consequence, enabling you to stream movies and TV shows as soon as they surface online.

With this said, in 2021, we will help you find the best anime torrent pages, no matter what kind of material you are searching for.

Anime is perhaps the most well-developed animation material available in the form of series or movies focused on episodes and true to life. Ok, you’re reading the right article if you want to watch Anime online using torrent. So here are some of the best places worth finding out about anime torrents.

If you are still facing a crisis, look at How to Unblock Torrent Pages.

The Best Websites for Anime Torrenting


  • Pirate Bay        HTTPS:/ The
  •  layer of Anime
  • 1337X 
  • Animetosho      HTTPs:/
  • Torlock        https//
  • Anime Ultime
  • Seedpeer
  • AniRena         HTTPS:/
  • Katcr.Co         HTTPS:/
  • Horriblesubs

Copy and paste the URL into your web browser’s search bar to visit all of the above torrent download pages. We also shared comprehensive information on these free English dub anime torrent pages in the next part.

Note: These anime torrent websites are completely blocked in several big countries and territories, such as Saudi Arabia, India, Portugal, Denmark, the United Kingdom and Morroco. Well, in these regions, you can use VPN services for accessing anime torrent sites. You can check out our Best Torrenting VPNs list.

Top 10 Best Anime Torrent Websites In 2021

1. 1337X

anime torrent

1337X is another main website for anime torrents that, in recent years, has achieved tremendous popularity.

This famous anime torrent website has a clean and straightforward UI to navigate, making it a breeze to search and explore content. For Anime, 1337X has a dedicated site. You can even download other content from 1337X, in addition to Anime.

Famous today, popular this week, trending today, trending this week, and top 100 anime shows this month. 1337X displays Overall, this is an excellent website for anime torrents that will please any anime fan.

  • Best Features Simple, clean UI; Dedicated parts for various content types
  • Content types: Anime, movies, songs, TV shows, games, apps
  • Prohibited availability in Australia, Austria, Ireland and the United Kingdom.
  • URL of mirror Connection 1

2. Animetosho

anime torrent

Animetosho is the first top anime torrent site on the list. Any of the most common Anime series can easily be downloaded using Animetosho.

A lot of the torrents are checked on Animetoscho. Animetosho has a basic and quick to use UI, and this anime torrent platform also displays the latest anime content on its homepage.

As for the downsides, locating English dubbed anime shows on the website is very difficult. Overall, Animetosho is a secure website for anime torrents.

  • Best Features Quick and clean UI; On Animetoscho, most torrents are checked.
  • Types of Content Anime 
  • Availability in the world as a whole.

3. Torlock

anime torrent

The second best place on the list for anime torrents is Torlock. Torlock also has a dedicated site for anime series, close to 1337X. One of the very few websites that list just checked torrents is Torlock.

For any anime on the website, Torlock shows the size and the upload time. As for downsides, some users may be irritated by advertising on Torlock.

  • Best Torlock Features Only lists checked torrents
  • Film material styles, TV series, Anime, apps
  • Blocked availability in Australia, India, the United Kingdom
  • URL of mirror Connection 1

4. Anime Layer

anime torrent

One of the best places for anime torrents is Anime Layer. Anime Layer’s big highlight is its visually stunning and tidy UI.

Precise details such as region, type, genre, release date, definition, resolution, scale, and everything you need to know before downloading Anime is displayed in the Anime Layer.

Anime Layer also has a very well-developed platform, in addition to the features listed above, where users can connect with like-minded Anime fans.

  • Best features of the visually spectacular and clean UI; comprehensive details such as region, type, genre, Anime Layer displays
  • Types of Anime
  • Availability in the world as a whole.

5. The Pirate Bay

anime torrent

One of the oldest and most reliable torrent sites for downloading anime torrents is The Pirate Bay. Ok, there is a clutter-free UI for this torrent platform, and you can only find a search bar on the homepage with certain primary filters. It is pretty easy to search, discover and download anime torrents from The Pirate Bay.

It is worth noting that, in certain nations and territories, the Pirate Bay is blocked. Consequently, you should try out the alternatives to Best Pirate Bay.

  • Best Features Supported magnet connections; peer-to-peer file sharing
  • Forms of Content movies, songs, TV shows, sports, apps
  • Disponibility Prohibited in several countries and regions
  • URL of mirror Connection 1

6. Anime Ultime

anime torrent

A primary anime torrent platform, Anime Ultime has a comprehensive selection of several exclusive anime series. This stable anime torrent page displays the added date, name of the season, name of the episode, type, and character of the uploader.

The font on Anime Ultime is way too small for downsides, and you may need to zoom the website to decipher it correctly.

  •  Best Features Extensive set of several exclusive anime series
  • Types of Anime Material
  • Availability in the world as a whole.

7. AniRena

anime torrent

AniRena is one of the best sites for torrents of Anime. There’s no need to build an account to stream anime series and movies from AniRena, unlike other websites.

The bulk of the AniRena anime series is available in English. That said, for non-English Anime, there is still a dedicated site.

Like other pages, with any anime torrent on the web, Anirena shows the scale and amount of downloads.

  • Best segment for non-English anime features; anirena shows the scale and number of downloads for each Anime.
  • Types of Anime Material
  • Availability in the world as a whole.

8. Seedpeer

anime torrent

Seedpeer is the following perfect website on the list for anime torrents. Well, for animes, Seedpeer also has a dedicated site.

The Seedpeer UI is tidy and quick to use, making it easier to browse and discover anime series and movies on the website. Seedpeer sees the size and age of a torrent on the network.

Currently, Seedpeer is the renamed edition of Meganova, the popular decade-old torrent website.

  • Best Features Sophisticated options for filtering; a decade-old torrent website
  • Content types: film, TV shows, sports, smartphones, songs, novels, animation, adult content.
  • Availability Targeted by different ISPs.
  • URL of mirror Connection 1

9. Katcr.Co

anime torrent

Kickass Torrents is the last stable anime torrent site on the list. Katcr or kickass torrents is a new website developed by a group of original KickassTorrent staff members.

For Anime, Katcr also has a dedicated site. The website displays on the platform the size and age of every torrent.

Katcr provides a quick and fast user interface to use. Also, capable filter tools such as categories, sub-categories, and intervals make it a breeze to search and explore content on

  • Quick and clean UI; Dedicated section for various torrent categories
  • Content types: Anime, movies, songs, TV shows, games, apps
  • Availability Targeted by different ISPs.
  • URL of mirror Connection 1

10. Horriblesubs

anime torrent

The following best website for uploading anime torrents is Horriblesubs. In comparison, Horriblesubs allows users to pick video quality from other websites such as SD, HD, and FHD.

Horriblesubs provide a detailed overview of any anime on the website. A release schedule for new episodes and series is also included on this famous torrent anime platform.

This torrent platform also features various giveaways focused on the festivals coming, so keep an eye on that. Overall, Horriblesubs is an easy place to browse, and any anime fan will undoubtedly be impressed by it.


So those were some of the best websites to browse all manner of torrents of Anime. From the above pages, you can conveniently find your favourite English dubbed anime series or films. Share some other trustworthy anime torrent pages you use in the comments section below.

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