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Top 10 Best Group Video Call Apps for Android In 2022

Is there any way, if you’reconfined at home for any reason, to make an urgent Video Call Apps for Android using your Android device? Are you simply bored and want to video call your pals? Then this is for you. Of course, there’s always Skype, but it’s far from the only choice. If you don’t want to use Skype, there are a number of different choices for connecting with those you care about virtually. These additional Video Call Apps for Android enable you to share screens, documents, movies, record conversations, respond to films, etc. So, with that stated, here are some of the finest group Video Call Apps for Android.

Top 10 Best Group Video Call Apps for Android In 2022

We live in fairly trying times. There are times when avoiding social interaction is recommended for your health. However, you must keep in touch with your loved ones. So, it would appear that doing so through Video Call Apps for Android is the next natural step. That’s a close second, to be sure. So, it’s not exactly unexpected that Video Call Apps for Android have been rather popular in the last year or so, on both iOS and Android.

We’ve produced a list of our 10 favorites and best Video Call Apps for Android so that we may help you with deciding which one to use. Each of these Video Call Apps for Android is wonderful, yet each of them has some type of special feature or something that sets them apart. Of course, there are several additional Video Call Apps for Android available in the Play Store, but these are our top ones, and chances are you’ll like some of them.

1. Skype

Video Call Apps for Android

25 people are the maximum number that may be accommodated.

As a starting point, we’ll start with Skype, which is the world’s oldest tool for group video calls. Even before there were Android and iOS, Skype was accessible on Windows. What makes Skype popular is that it is available not just on mobile platforms but also on PCs, Macs, browsers, and PlayStations. This makes it easy to connect with folks who are using their computers.

A larger screen means you can watch more. You can make a group call with up to 10 individuals, although Skype states the number changes. In my experience, it is good for 3-5 people. According to their FUP (Fair Usage Policy), you can video call for a maximum of 100 hours per month, with a daily limit of 10 hours. You may also share your screen.

In addition, the app runs slowly on my Android phone since the layout isn’t the most user-friendly or intuitive. On the plus side, you can share your screen and even files. Skype allows you to call actual phone numbers too, which is an advantage but at a cost. Participants in a group call can also use Skype Web to communicate if they don’t have an Android or iOS device handy.

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2. Hangouts

Video Call Apps for Android

25 people are the maximum number that may be accommodated.

Google Hangouts are Google’s response to Skype. On a variety of devices and platforms, including Android, a free chat messaging software that allows group video calling. Hangouts are linked to your Gmail ID, whereas WhatsApp uses numbers kept on your phone. Up to ten individuals can be connected and video chatted with at the same time.

Being a Google product, it plays well with other Google services like Drive, Maps, Calendar, and Gmail. You may join Hangouts with your current Android or Gmail account. The document, screen, and emoticon sharing are all supported. Hangouts, on the other hand, offer a Hangout Air feature that allows you to host webinars. It’s also free and ad-supported, as is the case with other Google products. It’s a lifesaver for educators and professionals alike.

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Hangouts group video calls may now be recorded and uploaded directly to your YouTube channel. Participants in a group call can also use the Hangout Web to communicate if they don’t have an Android or iOS device handy, similar to how they can with Skype.

3. Houseparty

Video Call Apps for Android

The maximum number of people is 12.

Due to the current lockout, Google Duo has raised its group calling capacity from 8 to 12. With millions of downloads in only a few weeks, Houseparty is presently the most popular trending app. Multiple chatrooms provide the feel of a house party on the app. You can have up to a maximum of eight people in a single chatroom, but you are free to join any friend’s chatroom (unless it’s set to private).

On top of this, Houseparty features a lot of games that can be played while you are in the group video chat. My favorite one was “Heads Up”, which is sort of like Dum Charades but on a video call. You also have three additional trivia, drawing games, etc. Houseparty is a terrific way to kill time and has recently experienced an increase in users. This is hurting the volume on its systems, and you might encounter connection dropouts intermittently during the video call. In addition, it’s been about a year since the app was last updated.

4. Google Duo

Video Call Apps for Android

Maximum capacity: 8 people

Video calling has never been easier with Duo, Google’s successor to Hangouts. The duo comes pre-installed on Android, and you can video call anyone directly from the phone dialer. However, to perform a group video call, you will have to create a group first and then do a group video call. Duos have a maximum of up to eight individuals. The greatest part is that if you have an Android phone, Google will automatically enroll you in Duo.

5. WhatsApp

Video Call Apps for Android

Maximum limit: 8 people.

One of the most recent additions was group video calls for Android and iOS. The only difficulty is that the WhatsApp group call supports just four participants. To initiate a WhatsApp video call, start a video with one of the contacts. Once the call is set, you will notice a button in the top-right corner of the screen that will enable you to add another person to the call.

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Whatsapp has upped the maximum video call restriction to eight people. It is supported in version 2.20.133 on Android and version on iOS. Because almost everyone you know uses WhatsApp, group video calls are a cinch.

You may make video calls using this software in a matter of seconds. What’s more, WhatsApp Web does not offer group video calls (or even conventional video, for that matter), in addition to the four-person restriction.

6. FB Messenger

Video Call Apps for Android

Up to 50 people may attend.

Facebook Messenger has one of the largest video chat restrictions. It can go up to 50 people, which is an unreasonable quantity in my opinion. I have no idea how you see that many individuals on your screen. On the other hand, unlike some other group video apps, you have to form a group and add individuals to it before you can group video chat.

That stated, not everyone has to be online while you start the group chat. In the future, the additional person can join the video chat using Facebook Messenger or the web version of the social network. Group video calls are not available in Facebook Messenger Lite.

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Even so, since the majority of people you know are already on Facebook, you won’t have to go about contacting everyone you know to get them to join. Its sole selling points are free and Facebook integration. Messenger has the most in-app games and live stickers of any app.

Messenger is in a great position because of the vast number of people who use Facebook and WhatsApp. Sadly, Messenger has failed to garner the type of adoration and attention it deserves. It’s well-known that the app is sluggish and prone to glitches.

People generally advise uninstalling it to enhance battery life because it might make your phone run slower. Furthermore, Facebook has a reputation for collecting personal data from its users without their consent.

7. Instagram

Video Call Apps for Android

Maximum limit: 4 individuals.

Like WhatsApp and Messenger, Instagram allows users to make video calls. As you might expect from Instagram, the group video call feature is not readily apparent. As a result, if the majority of your pals use Instagram, starting a group video call in the DM area is a snap.

Obviously, you can only begin video calls with your followers when During a group video call, you may also see a preview of your liked and saved posts. As though this were meant to be the beginning of an enjoyable cup of tea with friends. In addition, there are just a few choices for customizing the video call, such as the ability to add or remove facial filters or switch cameras.

8. JusTalk

Video Call Apps for Android

JusTalk is relatively less popular than some of the behemoths featured in this list, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t worth paying attention to. The software is a great and fantastic option for creating group video calls on Android. You can record video calls in JusTalk just as you can on Skype.

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This is handy if you are using it for significant talks or presentations. Aside from that, I enjoy the doodle tool, which allows you to draw on your face or anywhere else on the screen while you are video chatting live. It also comes with a number of themes and other customization choices like stickers and GIFs that are available as in-app purchases.

The app is free to use but ad-supported. JusTalk is only accessible on Android and iOS devices. It is not compatible with any other operating systems or browsers.

9. Line

Video Call Apps for Android

Maximum capacity: 4 people.

Another well-known video call software for Android is Line. Apart from all the regular functions that are accessible on the other apps, Line additionally allows you to create polls for feedback. Monthly or weekly group video calls might benefit from this call. Like JusTalk, Line also allows you to utilize effects and filters live during video calls, making the program more entertaining to use.

The line also allows you to follow the accounts of public figures. However, you cannot video chat with them. In-app purchases for emoticons and stickers are possible, just like in JusTalk. The app is free to use but ad-supported.

10. Discord

Video Call Apps for Android

More than 10 people are permitted at a time.

Although Discord is not a dedicated group video call programme, you may still utilise it. You may join different gaming servers (i.e. subreddits) and have one-on-one talks on Discord, which effectively works like Reddit (but for gamers). To establish a group video call, the mentioned people need to add each other and be on a Discord server.

To begin group video calling, you’ll first need to create a channel or group. There is no restriction to the number of messages and video calls on Discord. The mobile app lacks a screen-sharing capability, in contrast to the desktop version.

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Final Words

If you are seeking a Video Call Apps for Android that is available on pretty much every device, you are looking for Skype. Not the greatest, but the oldest and most supported. If you want to record your Video Call Apps for Android with simplicity, JusTalk provides a superior answer because they offer this function directly inside the software. There is no requirement for integration with a third party. If you require an app that works with 2G/3G data or you have a sluggish Internet connection, IMO is a better alternative, but with limited functionality.

If you are working in an official atmosphere and want to share displays, Hangouts is the best. A WhatsApp video call and Google Duo are the simplest to use owing to their design and adaptation rate for a more informal arrangement.

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