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Top 10 Best Music Torrent Sites in 2021

In everyone’s life, music is one of the most significant forms of entertainment. That said, the taste for music varies from individual to individual.

Numerous people today support streaming music on their favourite apps, such as SoundCloud. And yet, downloading music torrents never takes hold. Instead, it is an equivalently popular way to take hold of your favourite tracks without a row. So, we thought now would be a great time to recommend the top 10 best music torrents websites for music. Get the best VPN for torrenting from Ivacy and download music torrents securely.

Torrents are used to stream films, cards, ebooks, and videos and download music and albums. If you are one of those billions of song lovers and choose to stream music from torrent sites, you will undoubtedly benefit from this post.

We will place some of the best music torrents sites in this article to download songs for free.

Not Running With You, Your Favorite Music Torrent Sites?

These music torrents websites are blocked in several big countries and territories, such as Saudi Arabia, India, Portugal, Denmark, the United Kingdom and Morroco.

Ok, to connect these BitTorrent sites in these countries, you should use VPN services. In reality, you can check out our Best music Torrents VPNs list. Check out How To Unblock Torrent Sites if you ever face any problems.

Top 10 Best Music Torrents Sites in 2021

Let’s take a look at the top music torrents sites that are currently running without further ado.

1. 1337X

music torrentsAnother popular torrent platform that has a dedicated section for music torrents is 1337X.

1337X’s quick and clean UI makes the quest and browsing of music torrents a breeze. Also, 1337X’s music segment shows the most famous music torrents, and each day the list is updated.

For any music torrent on the site, 1337X shows the uploader’s time, scale, and name. Finally, even with the magnet connection, you can download other torrent files such as movies, anime, games, and much more using 1337X.

  • Best Features Simple and clear UI; Dedicated section for most popular music torrents
  • Content types: anime, movies, songs, TV shows, games, apps
  • Availability Prevented in Australia, Austria, Ireland, United Kingdom.
  • URL of mirror Connection 1

2. The Pirate Bay

music torrents

Because of its tremendous success, it is almost difficult to remove The Pirate Bay from the list of the best torrent sites. This reliable BitTorrent website makes it easy for users to stream all types of music quickly.

The Pirate Bay can also be applied to download other content, such as videos, TV shows, sports, apps, and many more, in addition to music.

You can also stream high-quality FLAC format music if you spare any time surfing material on The Pirate Bay. Overall, The Pirate Bay is a website that is easy to use and gets the job done.

You can finally find out the best Pirate Bay alternatives if The Pirate Bay is blocked in your country or territory.


  • Best Features Supported magnet links; High-quality FLAC music format availability
  • Movie material styles, music, TV shows, sports, apps
  • Disponibility Forbidden in many countries and territories
  • URL of mirror Connection 1

3. Katcr.Co

music torrents

Basically, katcr. Co is the entirely new edition of the widely successful kickass music torrents . A community of original KickassTorrent team members designed this new torrenting website, and it has a unique and stable database.

A dedicated section for music-based torrents is also available for Kickass torrents. The quick and clean UI is similar to the old Kickass torrent, making it easy to scan for and stream torrents of songs. As for the downsides, the website stays in maintenance mode very frequently. If KATcr is blocked here in your country, the best alternatives to Kickass Torrents.

  • Best Features Quick and clean UI; Music-based torrents segment dedicated
  • Content types: anime, movies, songs, TV shows, games, apps
  • Availability Targeted by different ISPs.
  • URL of mirror Connection 1

4. Torlock

music torrents

Torlock is the next best music torrents platform for uploading songs on the chart. Torlock only lists checked torrents, as opposed to other popular music torrent pages.

Consequently, on Torlock, you will not find any bogus or spammy torrent stuff. Torlock now has a dedicated site for music that makes it pretty easy to browse and discover music, equivalent to 1337X.

For a music torrent, Torlock shows the scale and number of files. Finally, some consumers may be irritated by a lot of random commercials.

  • Best Features Torlock lists checked torrents only; Dedicated music section
  • Content types: anime, movies, songs, TV shows, games, apps
  • Availability in the world as a whole.
  • URL of mirror Connection 1

5. Torrentz2

music torrents

Another stable music torrents website is Torrentz2, the renamed edition of the famous Torrentz decade-old torrent website. Torrentz2 now has a dedicated segment for music torrents, close to other top music torrent sites on the chart. For a music torrent, Torrentz2 shows the size and upload time.

Also, Torrentz2 has a segment that shows checked torrents only. Overall, Torrentz2 can please any music enthusiast easily.

  • Best Features Sophisticated options for filtering; a decade-old torrent website
  • Content types: film, TV shows, sports, smartphones, songs, novels, animation, adult content.
  • Availability Targeted by different ISPs.
  • URL of mirror Connection 1

6. LimeTorrents

music torrents

LimeTorrents is the next well-developed platform for music torrents on the list. Similar to Torlock, LimeTorrents also provides checked downloads of one-click torrents.

LimeTorrents now has a dedicated music section, and the size and upload time of any torrent is shown on this music torrent site. Torrent videos, cards, apps, ebooks, and many more can also be downloaded in addition to songs.

  • Best Features One-click downloads of torrents; the size and upload time of each deluge are shown through LimeTorrents.
  • Movie content forms, games, apps, ebooks
  • Availability Banned in Australia, United Kingdom, France.
  • URL of mirror Connection 1

7. Torrent9

vmusic torrents

For streaming music torrents, the following secure website is Torrent9. Well, for music torrents, Torrent9 also has a dedicated section. The website’s well-developed and straightforward UI makes it simpler to scan for content. Also, Torrent9 reveals some of the most common music torrents on the music section’s homepage.

Torrent9 also helps users sample various music genres, such as hard rock, punk, pop, hip-hop, and many more.

  •  Best Features Simple and well-developed UI; On the music section’s webpage, popular music torrents.
  • Content types: movies, TV shows, cards, websites, songs, comics, anime.
  • Blocked availability in several countries, including Saudi Arabia, India, Portugal, Denmark, Morocco, and the United Kingdom.
  • URL of mirror Connection 1

8. TorrentDownloads

music torrents

One of some of the best music torrent sites is TorrentDownloads. TorrentDownloads music-based material is very well divided into numerous categories, such as Electronic, Folk, Hip Hop, Punk, Dance, Rock, and many more.

Torrent Downloads only mentions checked torrents in addition to that. Overall, Torrent Downloads is an excellent platform for music torrents with a funny music torrent database. Music is divided into various categories.

  • Best Functionality, TorrentDownloads only lists checked torrents.
  • Content types: movies, TV shows, cards, websites, songs, comics, anime.
  • Availability Targeted by different ISPs.
  • URL of mirror Connection 1

9. 101Torrent

music torrents

Torrent is an all-in-one torrent platform that has a dedicated music channel. The name says it all. Music-torrent music is divided into various categories, such as Rock, Industrial, Electronic, Classical, and many more.

In a specific record, this music torrent page shows every single song. Overall, it is an excellent website for high-quality music torrents to download.

  • Best Features Music is solely devoted to music; music is very well divided into multiple parts.
  • Styles Of Music Material
  • Availability across the world.
  • URL of mirror Connection 1

10. ETTV

music torrents

Another feature-rich platform for uploading music torrents is ETTV. The website enables users to import either high-quality music files from FLAC or standard music files from MP3.

ETTV also shows the scale and upload date of all music torrents, equivalent to other websites on the chart. ETTV gives detailed information on music tracks and albums, including category, language, and genre. 

  • Best Features High-quality FLAC audio file availability; Comprehensive details on music tracks and albums
  • Content types: movies, TV shows, cards, websites, songs, comics, anime.
  • Availability Targeted by different ISPs.
  • URL of mirror Connection 1


Is Torrent Music Unlawful?

Until you download any copyright-protected content, using Torrent clients and sharing torrents is not illegal. It is unlawful to import any copyrighted work without the owner’s consent. Here are several streaming sites for music torrents that are entirely legal.


So these were some of the best music torrents worth trying out for songs. Using these pages, you can indeed search for your favourite songs and albums. In the comments section below, share any other reliable music torrents sites that you use.

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