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Top 10 Best Overclocking Software (CPU/GPU/RAM) 2021

Most computer CPUs and GPUs have their maximum speed set by the manufacturer before they leave the factory. Operating your computer at such a low speed and with sufficient cooling will ensure that it works smoothly.

On the other hand, the manufacturer’s nominal clock rate is virtually never close to the real CPU and GPU performance limit. You can still tap into some performance reserves if you need more speed. This is when overclocking software comes into play.

The technique of raising a computer’s multiplier or clock rate, generally through the BIOS, is known as overclocking software. As a result, the CPU and/or GPU are forced to do more operations per second, resulting in quicker processors and a faster system overall.

While overclocking software increases the performance of your CPU and/or GPU, the extra heat generated puts the processors’ dependability and lifetime at risk. To reduce the dependability difficulties caused by excess heat generation and build-up, suitable actions must be taken to monitor and manage the increased heat load.

Furthermore, the power supply must be adjusted to provide enough power to satisfy the increased electrical current requirements. Failure to consider these factors might result in the processor or CPU failing completely. Furthermore, because the overall performance of the system is dependent on the speed of the RAM, you must consider the memory speed as well.

Your entire system will suffer if the RAM is not quick enough to store and process the increased data flow coming from the CPUs. In this case, RAM overclocking software is also an essential consideration for improving overall system performance.

So, why would you want to risk your CPU or GPU failing by overclocking software it? The apparent purpose of best overclocking software is to increase the overall performance of your computer. You have arrived at the following address:

Top 10 Best Overclocking Software (CPU/GPU/RAM) 2021

Home/Computers/10 Best Overclocking Software (CPU/GPU/RAM) – Free & Paid – 2021 The following list is presented in no particular order.

1. AMD Overdrive

AMD Overdrive is perhaps the greatest overclocking software currently available. The software offers a complete approach to overclocking computers, with the ability to overclock and fine-tune your CPU and memory.

The software contains pre-tuned settings and memory profiles for RAM overclocking to help you increase DDR3 performance. The software, on the other hand, provides an automated overclocking and clock tweaking feature depending on your system’s capability for CPU overclocking.

The application also allows users to track real-time voltage, memory timing, and memory clock performance. You’ll also have automated stability checks and control running to guarantee that your system is stable at all times.

2. MSI Afterburner

best overclocking software

Because of the vast range of functions it provides, the MSI Afterburner is a popular GPU overclocking tool among enthusiasts. It, for example, offers a very thorough report about the hardware. It works with the majority of graphics cards on the market.

Furthermore, with a user-friendly UX interface, this free overclocking application provides users with complete control over their graphics card. Users may also see real-time clock speed, temperature, voltage, and GPU usage in the user interface. Another noteworthy feature worth mentioning is the unique fan profile, which achieves the ideal balance of heat and performance.

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3. EVGA Precision X 16

best overclocking software

EVGA’s Precision X 16 is the newest addition to the company’s lengthy series of high-performance GPU overclocking software. As a result, it not only draws on a long line of tried-and-true overclocking software, but it also comes from well-known software engineers who are known for creating cutting-edge software.

Precision X 16 is no exception. It’s made for fine-tuning graphics cards with GPU, Voltage, and Memory settings. The Microsoft DirectX 12 API is also supported by the program.

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Custom fan carving and fan control, an OSD interface with RGB color support, custom system profiling with up to 10 profiles accessible through hotkeys, Pixel Clock Overclocking, and much more are among the prominent features.

4. GPU-Z

best overclocking software


GPU-Z is a small, free program that allows you to monitor and document the performance of your graphics processor and video card. GPU-Z is for graphics cards in certain ways, whereas CPU-Z is for CPUs and memory (although they are created by two different developers).

Leading GPU brands such as Intel graphics, AMD, ATI, and NVIDIA are supported by GPU-Z, allowing users to evaluate and record their product’s performance. The software offers a straightforward, user-friendly interface that displays GPU performance data such as default clocks, overclocks, and 3D clocks (if available). A load testing function in the program checks the PCI-Express lane setup.

5. CPU-Z

best overclocking software

CPU-Z is a free program that profiles and monitors a computer’s RAM, CPU, motherboard chipsets, and other hardware. It has the ability to collect data on memory capacity, timing, and type, as well as module specifications.

It can also track the core and memory frequencies, as well as the CPU temperature, load, and fan speed. This feature is mostly used for monitoring, documenting, and confirming clock speed after your system has been overclocked.

6. Nvidia Profile Inspector

best overclocking software

The Nvidia Profile Inspector is a little piece of shareware created by a third party for use with Nvidia’s GPUs. The 129 KB program includes all of the capabilities that GPU users require to monitor the operation of their Nvidia GPUs.

Users may, for example, check the performance of their GPUs and fans, as well as control their GPU overclocking and fan speed, using the three tabs. The app identifies your graphics card and creates an in-depth profile of your GPU and its current settings automatically. The GPU frequencies can be customized to meet the demands of the user. Users may also control the fan speed or opt for the automated option.

Intel created the Intel XTU software for overclocking, performance tweaking, and performance monitoring of some of the most recent CPUs. Users of Intel CPUs can use the performance tweaking program to overclock and monitor their computers.

The application makes use of a combination of capabilities found in overclocking and performance tweaking software, as well as features unique to Intel’s hardware, particularly Intel® Motherboards and Intel® Application Processors.

7. AMD Ryzen Master

best overclocking software

AMD created the Ryzen Master performance tweaking and overclocking program, particularly for their devices. Users of AMD products may use this program to fine-tune the performance of their AMD CPUs, GPUs, and memory because all AMD CPUs and GPUs are multiplier enabled by default.

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This tool allows you to create up to four distinct profiles to customize performance for different apps.bThis capability is accessible to any DDR4 RAM and its integrated RadeonTM Vega graphics and RyzenTM CPU.

Users may change the memory timings, graphics frequency, and core optimizations within each profile to suit the intended application. On the overclocking front, the program allows users to boost the performance of their AMD CPU cores and RAM.

Finally, the tool has a status monitoring feature that allows you to get a real-time status report on your system’s condition and performance. The reporting tool, for example, provides data on each core’s clock rate, temperatures, and much more.

8. Intel Extreme Tuning Utility & Desktop Control Center (Intel XTU)

best overclocking software

The Nvidia Profile Inspector is a little piece of shareware created by a third party for use with Nvidia’s GPUs. The 129 KB program includes all of the capabilities that GPU users require to monitor the operation of their Nvidia GPUs.

Users may, for example, check the performance of their GPUs and fans, as well as control their GPU overclocking and fan speed, using the three tabs. The app identifies your graphics card and creates an in-depth profile of your GPU and its current settings automatically. The GPU frequencies can be customized to meet the demands of the user. Users may also control the fan speed or opt for the automated option.

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9. CPU Tweaker 2.0

best overclocking software

The CPU Tweaker 2.0 is a simple CPU tweaking program. Despite its small size, it packs a punch when it comes to speed enhancement and processor performance improvements. On CPUs with an inbuilt Memory Controller, the program allows users to fine-tune the memory timing.

It also has support for VDimm and VCore, as well as a user interface for performance monitoring. It’s crucial to remember that while the tool is strong, it’s also difficult to master. It is not intended for newcomers to CPU overclocking and performance fine tuning.

10. MemSet

best overclocking software

MemSet 4.1 is a lightweight system tuning program that focuses solely on memory adjusting. The program may adjust memory timing to boost system performance and fine-tune it to your specific needs and applications.

While strong, this free memory tweaker is not the most user-friendly. To get the most out of this program, you’ll need to be an expert in system optimization and overclocking.

Is it safe to overclock the CPU?

CPU overclocking is currently regarded as quite safe if you know what you’re doing. The most widely used overclocking software safeguards users from causing damage to their computers by using incorrect settings.

Furthermore, new CPU components are built with safeguards in place to ensure that the gadget is not readily damaged. Keep in mind, though, that uncontrolled overclocking can damage a CPU in rare circumstances.

Furthermore, if you are not careful, overclocking a CPU at any clock speed can cause a slew of problems. Overclocking, first and foremost, results in greater operating temperatures. Due to the continuous heat created here, major frequency increases can cause additional wear and tear.

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An overclocked CPU consumes more power, which might cause damage to a computer’s power supply (Power Supply Unit). An overclock can sometimes result in system instability or frequent crashes.

Is it safe to overclock RAM?

The RAM of a computer, unlike the CPU, does not create much heat. When it comes to overclocking RAM, users have considerably fewer difficulties. The system will crash and reboot if the RAM is overclocked incorrectly, but there will usually be no permanent harm.

As a result, most individuals should have no qualms about overclocking their RAM. They stand to get a variety of performance gains as a result. Overclocking is unlikely to cause permanent harm to the system’s RAM. Regardless, while overclocking RAM, users should keep system stability in mind.

After all, no one wants their system to crash on a frequent basis. Overclocking RAM is relatively risk-free because the repercussions are nearly always transient.

Advantages of CPU and RAM Overclocking

Overclocking a CPU or RAM increases the hardware’s operating frequency and performance. The higher the frequency, the greater the performance.

Hardware such as the CPU and RAM may do tasks more quickly than standard versions. This results in speedier load and render times in the real world. It’s possible that a program will start a few seconds faster.

The rendering of a video clip may be considerably quicker, and gaming may also be smoother and faster. Without a doubt, there are practical advantages to overclocking for the user. Gamers can get more fps out of their current gear. Nobody will object to a speedier computer, especially when hardware becomes obsolete.

Overclocking is a great way to avoid having to replace outdated hardware. An older CPU or slower RAM can be overclocked to make workloads doable at the cost of increased power consumption. Without the expense of changing hardware, an otherwise old PC might function as an updated system. Although not all CPUs can be overclocked, the majority of RAM can.

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The Drawbacks of Overclocking Your CPU and RAM

Overclocking the CPU and RAM has several drawbacks that should be considered. Overclocking, first and foremost, increases wear and tear on the hardware over time. Higher operating frequencies and clock speeds imply more power consumption and heat generation.

A reduced lifetime may be associated with an overclocked CPU or overclocked RAM. Safe overclocking reduces this wear and tear, but it still happens. Overclocking RAM is virtually totally safe, as previously stated.

Users who employ overclocking software they don’t understand, on the other hand, risk causing irreversible harm to a CPU. Fortunately, most software includes built-in safety mechanisms that automatically shut down the system if an issue arises.

Before commencing this procedure, an individual should obtain a fundamental grasp of overclocking because it is not always foolproof. Finally, increased energy use results in higher electricity bills. The usage may cause the Power Supply Unit (PSU) of a system to fail sooner than planned.

However, for most individuals, increased power usage will not break the bank. In the end, both CPUs and RAM modules are capable of safe and effective overclocking. These advantages are available to users on both old and new devices.

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