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Top 7 Best GPS Tracking Apps for iPhone & Android 2021

Are you looking for a way to keep track of your children, friends, relatives, or even your girlfriend’s whereabouts? Then you’ve arrived at the correct location. I’ll show you the Top 7 Best GPS Tracking Apps for iPhone & Android 2021 in this post.

Not only can you follow your loved ones using Best GPS Tracking Apps, but you can also track your smartphone, and some Best GPS Tracking Apps can even remotely lock or wipe the data on your phone.

Because the applications are listed in no particular sequence, you can pick any Best GPS Tracking Apps that suits your needs.

What can you do with a location tracker app?

Best GPS Tracking Apps, as the name implies, can tell us the actual location of the target device and is meant to assist you in the following ways:

  • You may acquire the target device’s current position.
  • This will allow you to track your children, spouse, friends, and family members from afar.
  • You can trace your lost or stolen cellphone if you utilize a shared location app.
  • You may also access the device’s location history to learn about someone’s previous travels and locations.

You may get quick alerts about other people’s check-in and check-out by using geo-fences.

Top 7 Best GPS Tracking Apps for iPhone & Android 2021

1. Google Maps

GPS Tracking Apps for iPhone & Android

I don’t believe Google Maps needs any explanation. It is primarily used to locate locations, obtain real-time GPS navigation, traffic and public transportation information, and so on.

However, you may share your position with others using Google Maps. You may also specify the duration for which you want to publish your live location.

As a result, your family or friends may have access to information such as

  • Track your whereabouts in real-time.
  • The battery life of your phone
  • What you’re up to (like driving or walking)
  • Your locations (such as home, work, and destinations)

2. GeoZilla

GPS Tracking Apps for iPhone & Android

GeoZilla is one of the best free GPS tracker applications available for iPhone and Android. This software allows you to quickly track your friends, family, or girlfriend’s position on a map in real-time. You don’t have to worry about app compatibility because it’s accessible for both Android and iOS smartphones. The app’s user interface is very tidy, and all of the functions are easily accessible.

On the subject of features, GeoZilla allows you to create or join a circle that functions similarly to a group. You may use the circle to track the position of your children, friends, or relatives, as well as send messages, pictures, and videos.

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You will also get access to features such as

  • Notify Me: If you enable this option, you will be alerted whenever someone (circle member) comes or goes from your location.
  • Get Direction: As the name implies, this feature will direct you to your loved one’s location.
  • Place Alerts: You may create unique locations that will alert you when a friend or family member visits or departs.
  • Aside from that, GeoZilla includes an Emergency Alert tool that may send emergency notifications to the contacts who have been added.
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3. Life360

GPS Tracking Apps for iPhone & Android

Life360 is another excellent software for keeping track of your loved ones’ iPhones and Android devices. You may also build or join a circle, much like in the GeoZilla app.

As a result, you may use this software to track your child’s or any other family member’s whereabouts at any time. The software is compatible with both iPhone and Android smartphones and includes a texting feature.

Aside from that, it has an SOS function that you may use to inform your circle members in the event of an emergency. It will also notify your circle and emergency contacts of your whereabouts.

There are a lot of things you can do with the Life360 app, but you’ll need to pay for its premium services to get access to stuff like this.

  • Location notifications are unlimited.
  • Location history over the last 30 days
  • Protection against identity theft Medical aid
  • Crash detection and other features

4. Glympse

GPS Tracking Apps for iPhone & Android

Glympse is the finest location-sharing software for Android and iPhone if you want to follow someone’s whereabouts without handing up personal information like a phone number or email address. Most tracking applications need you to sign up in order to use them, but the Glympse app allows you to broadcast your position in real-time without having to sign up.

You may also specify how long your location will be accessible to others. With the aid of Google Maps or Apple Maps, the app may also build a path to your friend’s or family’s location. You may also form groups to watch each other’s whereabouts, just like many other free monitoring applications.

Glympse also has the following features:

  • My speed should be broadcast.
  • Low-voltage mode
  • When I arrive, please stop sharing.
  • In the dark mode
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5. Google Find My Device

GPS Tracking Apps for iPhone & Android

If you’re an Android user, one of the finest Android location monitoring applications is Google Find My Device. You may use this software to track the position of all your Android phones.

Also, if your smartphone is stolen or you forget where you put it, you may play a sound at full volume with a single press, even if your device is in quiet mode. You may also add a lock screen message and phone number using the Secure Device feature.

As a result, if someone finds your Android phone, they will be able to contact you using this method. Finally, you may remotely wipe the gadget. As a result, all of the data on the device will be completely erased.

6. iSharing

GPS Tracking Apps for iPhone & Android

iSharing is another free iPhone and Android monitoring software. The app’s user interface is simple and straightforward. You’ll also discover all of the standard features that you’d expect from tracking software. Your real-time location may be effortlessly shared with your girlfriend, friends, or family members.

The app also has the following features:

  • Show the battery level of your friend’s phone.
  • Get directions to a friend or family member’s house.
  • Receive alerts when your loved ones arrive or depart from a location.
  • A walkie-talkie is a type of communication device that allows two people to communicate.
  • A Panic Alert will be sent to all of your added contacts.
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7. Find My iPhone

GPS Tracking Apps for iPhone & Android

Find My iPhone is a comparable free iPhone tracking software to Google’s Find My Device. You may also use this app to access all of your devices, including your iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, and Mac.

You may also use this software to find your misplaced smartphone on a map, lock it remotely, play a sound, show a message, or delete all of its data. You may also share your whereabouts with other iOS users by using the Find My iPhone app.

There are a few more features worth mentioning, such as:

  • It can provide directions to your friend’s or family member’s location.
  • Notify Me: It will send you an alert when your buddy arrives, departs, or is not present at the specified place.
  • Mark As Lost: This feature allows you to lock and trace a lost iPhone.
  • You may also provide contact information in case your iPhone is found.

Overall, Find My iPhone is one of the greatest iPhone location tracking applications, and you can use all of the features for free.

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If you’re still unsure which phone monitoring software is ideal for you, here are some frequently asked questions:

1. What is the greatest app for the following someone?

All of the applications on this list are capable of tracking the location of anyone’s phone. So whether you’re using GeoZilla, Life360, or the Find My Device app, all of them will display the position of other devices.

2. Is there an app that is superior to Life360?

If you’re searching for a good Life360 replacement, Geozilla is the software to use.

3. How do I use Google Maps to follow someone?

It’s actually pretty simple. Simply ask the individual to open Google Maps and touch on their profile photo or current location, and the location sharing option will appear. Then, request that the individual share the link with others by WhatsApp, SMS, email, or any other method. All you have to do now is click the link and Google Maps will show you where that individual is.

4. Which software is the best for keeping track of family members?

You may use GeoZilla, Life360, or the iSharing app to share your location. These are the finest family locator apps, and they’re designed specifically for keeping track of your children or other family members.

SOS warning, location history, battery condition, in-app messaging, notice on arrival or departure from the specified place, and so on are some of the prominent features.

5. How can I find out where another phone is?

If you’re an Android user, all you have to do is install the Find My Device app, or if you’re an iOS user, install Find My iPhone. Then you’ll be able to see all of your phone’s locations that are linked to a Google or Apple ID.

6. Which free monitoring software is the best?

All of the applications on our list are free tracking apps. However, Find My Device and Find My iPhone is the best free tracking apps in 2021 if you want a totally free monitoring app with no advertisements or premium features.

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Final Words

So there you have it top 7 Best GPS Tracking Apps for iPhone & Android 2021 All of the applications may track your friends or family members. Personally, I like the Find My iPhone app since it provides a lot of useful functions for free, without any advertisements, and has a simple user interface.

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