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Top 10 Websites to Download Free PDF Textbooks Online

PDF textbooks are electronic textbooks that display a fixed format of any document. They are referred to as digitized and interactive books in which the text is displayed intuitively. Technology has improvised over the recent years. With the progression in the use of the internet, many activities have been transferred to it. Many universities and colleges have now opted for online books with the aim of saving paper and the environment. Moreover, due to the recent circumstances developed as a result of COVID-19, the majority of the schools have started taking online classes. In this case, PDF textbooks have become very useful. Making use of PDF books is not only the environment and user friendly, but also saves a lot of money.

Let’s go through a list of websites that allows users to download free PDF textbooks online. 

Library Genesis

Library Genesis

Library Genesis is one of the well-known websites which provides access to journal articles, images, textbooks, magazines, and general interest books. It is a file-sharing website that has millions of PDF textbooks in its stock. Visit the website, enter the search term, in the search bar, and have access to whatever PDF textbook you want. Hence, through library genesis, you can download millions of books and articles. The website has a user-friendly interface and can be accessed through different devices.

Open Textbook Library

Free PDF textbooks

The open textbook library is another website where you can have access to PDF textbooks. The website contains many funded, published, and licensed books that can be used freely. You can download them free of cost and without any hassle. The books on the website can be searched by subjects. There are different subjects, like engineering and business. Therefore, the website is very useful for college students.

E-book Library

Free PDF textbooks

E-book library is another website where you can find textbooks of your choice. Navigate through the websites, click on ‘Top Textbook,’ and you will be guided to the section where there are books related to different subjects like Business, Chemistry, and Finance. This website has books for university, children, and teenagers. Hence, the e-book library gives you access to a full range of college textbooks.


Free PDF textbooks

Bookboon is another website where you can have access to free PDF textbooks and e-books. The website contains over 50 million PDF documents which the user can view and download. Currently, Bookboon is the world’s biggest publishers. The website has separated books into different categories, which is useful. 


Free PDF textbooks

Visit Bookyards if you like reading and downloading books. Bookyards is one of the well-renowned websites that is used to download PDF textbooks. It provides educational materials, information, reference material, and many more. The content provided on Bookyards is guaranteed free. The primary aim of the website is to become a library for the whole world. It brings free textbooks to people regardless of their age, religion, and education.

Free Computer Books

Free PDF textbooks

Free Computer books is another website that allows users to download free PDF textbooks in Science. On this website, the user can locate different categories related to mathematics and computer. There are different categories available too. Users can also have access to lecture notes. 


Free PDF textbooks

If the user is a high school student, they can benefit a lot from this website. This is because the books are free for the high school students. The website contains many books related to different subjects such as English, Mathematics, and Science, etc. Besides free textbooks, users can also find course materials and videos related to the topic they want to study.

Free Book Spot

Free PDF textbooks

Free book spot is a library containing links for e-books and PDFs, which you can download free. There are different categories available on the website, such as programming, engineering, fiction, and many other books. This website does not require the users to register to this website; therefore, the users can easily download the books they desire using this website. If you are a website member, you can also add comments or add a note in the forum. In order to become a member, you can register on the website that will allow you to download books later as well. 

Textbook Revolution

Free PDF textbooks

Users can access the Textbook Revolution to download free PDF college textbooks. The website is made in order to increase the usage of free PDFs textbooks by the teachers and professors. The main objective of establishing this website is to make course material accessible to every classroom. All the subjects are available on the website. You can easily navigate through in order to find a topic of your own choice. You can also download textbooks in the form of PDF and can also view them online as e-books.

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