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Top 5 Best Ways To Download GIFs From Twitter in 2021

Are you familiar with download gifs from Twitter? They’re amusing, and sharing them is a lot of fun. However, I’m sure you’re aware that you can’t directly download or save GIFs from Twitter. That, however, does not have to be a source of disappointment for you. For that, we have the ideal solution, or rather, solutions.

If you want to save just one or a number of Download GIFs From Twitter in 2021, we’ve provided a few options below. Who wouldn’t want to save their favorite GIFs and videos from Twitter and share them on other platforms?

Top 5 Best Ways To Download GIFs From Twitter in 2021

1. Use the internet to download Twitter videos and GIFs.

download gifs from twitter


One of the simplest methods of getting video/GIFs from Twitter and Facebook is to use the Twitter Video Downloader. The best part about this online downloader is that it also has a mobile version that allows you to download Twitter videos directly to your phone.

  • Copy the GIF or video link that you wish to download from Twitter. Go to the video, “right-click” on it, and select “Copy Video Address.”

Give it a name and save it in the folder of your choice, regardless of whatever device you’re using. This Twitter GIF downloader makes saving GIFs from Twitter a breeze.

2. Using a Third-Party Tool, save Twitter GIFs from Twitter

download gifs from twitter

TubeGet by Gihosoft is a dependable download gif from Twitter for videos on YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter. Even if you don’t have access to the internet, you can still enjoy your favorites.

This tutorial will show you how to utilize this third-party application to download Twitter GIFs and videos step by step.

  • TubeGet by Gihosoft may be obtained here.
  • Now copy the Twitter video or GIF URL.
  • There are two approaches you may take.
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One option is to right-click on the video and select “Copy Video Address,” as we did in the first method for downloading Twitter videos and GIFs.

Another way to copy a Twitter video link is to use the drop-down menu in the top right corner of the Tweet and select “Copy link to Tweet.”

  • In any scenario, the video URL will be downloaded.
  • Now open Gihosoft Tubeget and go to the menu and select “+Paste URL.”
  • The software will check to verify whether the link is real.
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Following the evaluation of your video link, you will be given a variety of options. Choose the video’s quality (MP4), subtitles, and even the conversion method.

Choose the appropriate option, then scroll down to the bottom of the page and click “Download.” You’ll need to follow the same procedures if you’re a Mac user. The Gihosoft TubeGet download URL for Mac users is here.

3. Using an Extension to Download Videos from Twitter

download gifs from twitter

It’s always a good idea to save your favorite video/GIF to your device so you can watch it later when you’re not connected to the internet. The Google Chrome browser offers a plethora of handy extensions that make a variety of activities much easier than previously.

The Twitter Media Downloader is a Chrome plugin that allows you to save GIFs from Twitter. It’s a Twitter video downloader that also lets you download several video files at once.

The following are the steps to downloading Twitter videos/GIFs:

  • To begin, click Add to Chrome to download the extension.
  • It should be installed.
  • Get the URL for the Twitter video you wish to download.
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Now go to the account of the video’s owner.

  • You’ll need a Tweet ID.
  • After you’ve obtained the ID, click the arrow next to Media.
  • Now copy and paste the IDs you’d want to download in bulk (make sure the ID range is correct).

Note: Because it allows you to download batch files, this plugin is the best solution for storing GIFs from Twitter.

It also eliminates the need for human effort on each tweet.

  • You have the option to limit the download once you’ve entered the ID range.
  • The Dry run option provides you with a blueprint of what you’ll be downloading.
  • You may choose whether to download inducing images, videos (GIFs), videos, or no media.
  • To begin the download, click the Start button.

Your films will be downloaded in a zip file that you must extract, although even that allows you the freedom to move them about.

4. Save GIFs and videos from Twitter without the use of a third-party service

download gifs from twitter

This is the most convenient alternative for those who don’t enjoy downloading third-party applications.

  • All you have to do now is change the URL slightly.
  • Copy the Tweet link using the techniques mentioned above.
  • In your browser, open a new tab and paste the URL into the address box. Before “https://,” add “sss.”
  • Now you may choose the video quality you want to download.
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5. Download Twitter GIFs for Android and iOS.

download gifs from twitter

There are several fantastic Android and iOS applications that make downloading Twitter videos and GIFs a breeze. Video | download gifs from twitter is one of the handy applications.

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After you’ve installed it on your phone, we’ll begin the process of downloading Twitter videos and GIFs to your Android device.

This software may be accessed in two ways.

  • You may either copy and paste the Twitter video URL into the app, then download it.
  • You may also use your smartphone’s Twitter app to navigate to the video you wish to download.

Now you should see a Share button, which you should click. On the list, you’ll notice a variety of sharing choices, but you must select the Video/GIF Downloader program.

To download the video, select your chosen option. After sharing, select the View option in the Video Downloader. You’ll get a confirmation in your notification bar once the download is finished. Tweet2Gif is another program that you may use to get Twitter videos/GIFs.

Gifitize is a free app for iOS users. Download gifs from twitter and movies by saving Twitter GIFs. The procedure for downloading the GIFs is similar to what we explained previously for Android.

Final Words

You may acquire your favorite GIFs and videos from Twitter using these simple and time-saving techniques. If working on a single file is too time-consuming, the Chrome extension is the ideal way to download gifs from twitter and videos in bulk. Choose your favorite and laugh along with the GIFs.

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