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Top 12 Best Lengthening Mascaras For Long Lashes 2021

Most of us want some extra lash length, but while looking for the perfect solution, it’s crucial to consider your eye shape and other face traits. For example, if you have hooded eyelids, you should use a water-proof extending best lengthening mascaras to avoid a transfer. The same is true for sensitive eyes, where you should look for a hypoallergenic option and stay with it.

We’ve yet to meet somebody who doesn’t want their lashes to be longer. It’s a seemingly never-ending, worldwide quest, as seen by the confusing assortment of finest best lengthening mascaras on the market, much alone other options like extensions and falsies. On that subject, extensions are likely to give the most dramatic results, but they need a large amount of time, care, and can be expensive.

Top 12 Best Lengthening Mascaras For Long Lashes 2021

This brings us back to the finest best lengthening mascaras, which are the easiest, most effective, and quickest ways to extend your lashes. But, as previously said, how can you sift through the myriad of options to discover the finest extending best lengthening mascaras that genuinely deliver on their lash-lengthening claims? All you have to do is keep reading since we’ve gathered a list of the top tubes on the market. While the emergence of eyelash extensions, lifts, and tints has permanently altered the lash game, there is still a case to be made for best lengthening mascaras.

A tube can be purchased everywhere, it takes your lashes from zero to 100 in seconds, and it can be purchased for less than the price of a latte. Furthermore, the greatest best lengthening mascaras on the market will give you lashes that are as long as extensions without the hassle. You just need to know where to look.

best lengthening mascaras

Although this formula is spanking new, we are immediately OBSESSED. (Take care of the capitalization.) Holly Rhue, Associate Editor at Byrdie, and actress Daisy Edgar-Jones, who just teamed with the brand, both like it. It offers a true extension-Esque effect with just one coat, as the name says, and we really gasped when we first tried it. Lightweight fibers and film-forming technology help ensure it stays smudge-free all day. However, it does need a little elbow grease to remove.

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best lengthening mascaras

Maybelline is perhaps most known for its incredible best lengthening mascaras collection. And, while nothing can replace the classic Great Lash or other portfolio standouts, this one takes the cake for offering XL length. It also provides beautiful lift and curls owing to a double-curved brush. The black hue is wonderful, but if you really want to boost the drama level, try the blackest black.

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best lengthening mascaras

Your hunt for a best lengthening mascaras that simultaneously lengthens and volumizes has come to an end. The tubing solution wraps each lash in tiny tubes, making them appear fuller and longer without clumping. The use of jojoba oil also leaves lashes appearing healthy and glossy for a natural-looking finish, making this solution suitable for everyday use.

best lengthening mascaras

If you like the appearance of the best lengthening and volumizing mascara but don’t like how many thick formulations feel, try this one, which comes highly recommended by Byrdie’s Senior Editor Hallie Gould. Because it’s a gel-hybrid mix with micro-fine pigments, it applies effortlessly and feels entirely weightless. Flexible polymers offer lift and length without weighing down lashes, giving them a fluttery appearance and sensation. Extra points for the contoured brush, which aids in uniform application from root to tip.

best lengthening mascaras

Sometimes you want incredibly dramatic lashes, and other times you simply want a little something-something to keep your lashes from seeming completely naked. This is when this mascara comes in handy. Another favorite of Gould’s, it’s also one of the brand’s best-rated items, and for good reason. The finish is wonderfully shiny, thanks to the tiny strands that provide natural-looking length and lift. It is also dermatological and ophthalmologist tested, making it an excellent choice for individuals with sensitive eyes.

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best lengthening mascaras

While this selection does bulk out (even the tiniest) lashes, it also does so much more. The multi-tasking mascara not only lengthens (thus its inclusion on our list), but it also curls and separates, providing a lovely, fanned-out impression. It’s also elegantly buildable, allowing you to simply personalize it to your preference.

best lengthening mascaras

You can’t go wrong with this best lengthening mascaras and volumizing mascara OG. It’s an oldie but a goodie. It lengthens and lifts, curls and separates, and has a domed brush tip that allows you to reach even the tiniest lashes in the corners of your eyes. Ulta reviewers love it, praising how well it works and how long it lasts.

best lengthening mascaras

If you look attentively, you’ll see that the brush on this best lengthening mascara drugstore has two distinct sides. Use the flat side first; it adds significant length, leaving lashes looking up to 60% longer, according to the firm. Then flip it over and brush over your lashes with the comb side; it separates each one, preventing clumps and making your lashes appear longer.

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best lengthening mascaras

When it comes to revolutionary mascaras, famous makeup artist Erika La Pearl prefers to Be a 10’s extending formula since it comes with two separate wands. “One lengthens the top lashes, while the other provides precision to the bottom lashes,” she explains. “It’s also long-lasting, so you can go from day to night without needing touch-ups, smudging, or harming or weakening your lashes.”

best lengthening mascaras

We’ve sung this mascara’s praises hundreds of times and will continue to do so because it’s just that fantastic. There’s also the clean recipe to consider; mascaras are renowned for carrying a slew of potentially hazardous ingredients, making this all the more significant. It uses a slew of natural components, like beeswax, shea butter, aloe, and jojoba seed oil (to name a few), and its dual-sided brush adds length and volume. It’s simply buildable and clump-free, stays set all day, and takes off easily with soap and water.

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best lengthening mascaras

When you know the possibility of mascara streaks and smudges is high (a midsummer wedding, a beach day, a watching of The Notebook), a waterproof product is a good option. Make it this one, particularly. It adds a lot of length and definition and isn’t going anywhere once dried. Bring on the tears.

best lengthening mascaras

Tubing technology, which was formerly difficult to obtain in the cosmetics market, is now widely available, and there are several tubing mascaras to pick from. But we strongly advise you to go with this one, which is a favorite among beauty editors. Film-forming polymers (also known as tiny tubes) wrap the lashes from root to tip, making them appear longer and more defined. (And the tapered, conical brush makes it easier to reach every lash.) Furthermore, the composition contains moisturizing and strengthening components that will enhance the health of your lashes over time.

What to Look for in a Mascara that Lengthens


La Pearl first advises best lengthening mascaras that are long-lasting and smudge-proof. It’s critical not to have to worry about your mascara running throughout the day, especially when there’s a lot of humidity, “she explains.


Another must-have from La Pearl is a product that is buildable and customizable, allowing you to change the strength and length of your lashes with each application. She also emphasizes the need of a product that can be stacked on without clumping—no one wants clumpy lashes!

A Wand with a High-Impact

If you’re wanting to add substantial length, La Pearl offers products with high-impact wands that will assist shape your lashes and uniformly distribute products sans clumping with each application.

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