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Top 12 Best Photo Viewer For Windows 10 In 2022

The new Windows Photo viewer is not without its flaws as well. You double-click an image and it takes its own sweet time to load. Besides that, it can only work with JPEGs and RAW photos, and it has no idea what a PSD file format is. Having said that, it does have a few Best Photo Viewer for Windows 10 editing tools that perform well, but it’s never favored nonetheless. In the end, there are far superior options to Microsoft Photos. So, here goes my selection for the best photo viewer for Windows 10.

Though Best Photo Viewer for Windows 10 individuals is more eager to shoot images with their mobile phones today, seeing pictures on a PC is still a popular demand. Everyone understands that it is tough to generate money in this market and that finding a good Best Photo Viewer for Windows 10 alternative among outdated or confusing Best Photo Viewer for Windows 10 is challenging.

Top 12 Best Photo Viewer For Windows 10 In 2022

For viewing and reliving past wonderful memories, the in-built Best Photo Viewer for Windows 10 has been our favorite for this purpose since the time we first handled a mouse.

However, the Best Photo Viewer for Windows 10 is gone in Windows 10. In the post below, we will explore the top 12 Best Photo Viewers for Windows 10 applications. They may become suitable replacements for the Best Photo Viewer for Windows 10 software. The Best Photo Viewer for Windows 10 in 2022 are some of the apps listed below are not only image viewers, but also picture managers.

1. Windows Photo Viewer

Best Photo Viewer for Windows 10

The Windows Photo Viewer has been a part of the Windows family since Windows XP. Formerly, it was known as the Windows Picture and Fax Viewer and then renamed to the Windows Photo Viewer. Coming to Windows 10, Microsoft uniformly replaced it with its improved version of “Photos.” But, the developers still haven’t deleted it from the system, and it’s still available within the files.

  • However, in order to make it function, you would have to alter the registry keys.
  • Rather than tinkering with them by hand, I recommend using the. reg files app.

A guide to reinstalling the Windows 10 Photo Viewer

If you have updated from a prior version to Windows 10, you will find the Windows Photo Viewer straight under the Default Apps menu under Settings.

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If you have installed Windows 10 from scratch, you need to follow these steps to activate it:

  • Extract and double-click the “Activate Windows Photo Viewer on Windows 10” file after downloading these registry files for Windows photo viewers.
  • Next, restart your computer, and your favorite Windows photo viewer should be back. And if you desire to disable it, merely execute the “Deactivate Windows Photo Viewer on Windows 10” file and restart your system.

2. ImageGlass

Best Photo Viewer for Windows 10

ImageGlass is another simple photo viewer for Windows 10. But what truly sticks out is the current UI of the application compared to other photo-viewing apps.

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It is possible to see a slideshow of photographs saved in a folder using ImageGlass. Something so easy and useful yet still absent in Windows Photo is Various image editors may be linked to a variety of file types. For instance, I can link PSDs to Photoshop. So every time I select to edit a PSD, it will open in Photoshop exclusively. It supports pretty much every file format under the sun.

3. HoneyView

Best Photo Viewer for Windows 10

HoneyView is the simplest and most basic third-party image viewer for Windows 10. It’s basically identical to the Windows Photos Viewer in operation and features, but it supports a few other image types like PNG, GIF, etc.


It allows you to rotate photographs and conduct basic scaling with it. Editing may be done by providing a link to either Photoshop or Paint. You may bookmark photos for future reference.

4. IrfanView

Best Photo Viewer for Windows 10

IrfanView is one of the most popular third-party picture viewing programs and it is even our selection for the best photo viewer for Windows 10. It is named after the developer, Irfan Sklijan, and is free to use. The software is relatively light, straightforward, and supports a vast graphics file format base.


The performance of IrfanView has been improved, and the programme now only takes up 2 MB of disc space. In addition to the ability to examine images, it has a number of useful add-ons. For example, OCR may be used to “read” text from a picture and output it in a format that can be edited. Apart from that, you may also color-correct photographs, apply watermarks, and a few other various effects.

5. FastStone Image Viewer

Best Photo Viewer for Windows 10

Another free and multilingual image viewer for Windows 10 is the FastStone image viewer. It offers a slideshow option with several nice transition effects.

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Playback of both audio and video is a primary feature. Multi-monitor setups are supported, which is helpful if you’re working with lots of photographs. It also permits reading, renaming, and converting files in batches. Additionally, you have the option of using the portable version, which does not require installation.

6. XnView

Best Photo Viewer for Windows 10

Xnview, which was formerly limited to Unix systems, is now a photo viewer for Windows 10 users as well. It’s a photo organizer and editor, as well as a viewer. XnView is a feature-rich program that may be used in a variety of languages.


XnView not only supports 500+ image types but also a few audio and video formats. It also provides scripting to rename a batch of files in a single stretch. On top of that, you can use basic editing tools to crop, resize, rotate, and apply a number of effects. You can modify raster images too, which is an unusual capability.

7. FocusOn Image Viewer

Best Photo Viewer for Windows 10

The single standout feature of FocusOn Image Viewer is the included editor. If you’ve used Adobe Lightroom 2015, you’ll recognize the editor’s interface. As you can see, it features several sliders for adjusting the brightness and contrast of images, as well as the color and hue of RGB channels.

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FocusOn supports 100+ image file types. The EXIF data may be seen and deleted, and a common file naming system can be used to bulk change files. Additionally, an image editor is included right within the program.

8. JPEGView

Best Photo Viewer for Windows 10

ACDSee might be seen as a free and open-source replacement for JPEGView. The tool’s primary goal is to make editing tasks go as quickly as possible. Hence, the preview bar comes loaded with brightness, color, and contrast adjusting sliders at the bottom.


It contains an inbuilt picture file browser. The editing options are extremely broad and easily available on the preview page. You may also use a folder to create a slideshow of photographs.

9. QuickLook

Best Photo Viewer for Windows 10

The goal of QuickLook, a photo viewer for Windows 10, was to mimic the rapid preview functionality of the macOS operating system. Its smooth loading interface and rapid response time bring it in line with Apple’s QuickLook function. Hence the name. If you haven’t used QuickLook on Mac, it works with a simple spacebar press to preview the image and again with a click to shut it down.

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In the background, QuickLook discreetly watches for the hotkey to be pressed. A few different hotkeys are available to modify the environment of the file. It not only enables picture preview but also lets you examine PDFs, PSDs, text files, etc.

10. Nomacs

Best Photo Viewer for Windows 10

Nomacs is an open-source, free-to-use picture viewer for Windows 10 that has a lot of tricks up its sleeve.


Nomacs allows mosaic creation by overlaying a library of photos based on comparable histograms. The ability to synchronize multiple instances is one of my favorite features. So I can simply compare photographs by zooming in or panning to the same spot or even overlaying them with various opacity settings without having to use several programs.

Nomacs not only reads photos in the zip files but additionally previews MS Office documents. You may also add notes to photographs to keep track of their provenance. Nomacs contains picture editing tools for altering brightness, contrast, saturation, hue, gamma, and exposure.

11. 123 Photo Viewer

Best Photo Viewer for Windows 10

Windows 10’s 123 Photo Viewer is a fast and lightweight photo viewer that also works with OneDrive.


The UI is easy to browse and it comes with many filters and effects for basic editing. There is a slideshow viewer included for reliving those memories. There is functionality for batch renaming and format modification.

12. Movavi Photo Manager

Best Photo Viewer for Windows 10

If you are seeking a sophisticated photo viewer, Movavi is pretty great. In order to keep images of the same person together in the same folder, Movavi has built-in facial recognition, just like Google Photos. However, for it to function, you will have to add images to Movavi manually. It makes life so much easier and more entertaining.

The UI is attractive, and you can arrange photographs by geolocation, date, and other details. useful for photographs taken on cellphones and DSLRs. You may also use the search tool to sort by metadata.

Final Words

Best Photo Viewer for Windows 10 Every program has its unique selling feature, and we have highlighted quite a few. Most of them are free, and others are open source. Irfanview takes its place because of its lightning-fast interface. FastStone is software that can be carried around on a flash drive if you need it to be portable. Xnview and Nomacs are great for handling photos in batches, either renaming them or converting them to a more suitable image format.

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