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Top 12 Best Selfie Camera Apps For Android in 2021

Best selfie camera apps have infiltrated our passionate, self-driven photographic culture. Whether we like it or not, we are surrounded by a new breed of selfie-takers. People generally take their own selfies to keep up with the trend, to stand out, to connect with friends, or to document a particular event in their lives.

The act of snapping a selfie, on the other hand, has grown into an art form, and social media applications like Instagram have played a significant role in this change. There have been a plethora of best selfie camera apps that assist you to produce better photographs, edit them, and beautify them to fulfill the objective and make your selfie a masterstroke.

Top 12 Best Selfie Camera Apps For Android in 2021

They provide a wide range of tools for effects, object removal, and improvements, among other things. Explore these top picture editing tools for the best selfie camera apps and let your imagination run wild. Nothing compares to luxuriating in these Top 12 Best Selfie Camera Apps For Android in 2021.

1. AirBrush

best selfie camera apps

AirBrush is another selfie app with a good selection of filters and other editing tools to help you create a stunning selfie. The blemish and pimple remover is one of these products’ features since it eliminates any undesirable areas on your face with only a touch. It also has real-time editing technology, so you can modify your selfie before you take it.

Features of the App

  • It’s simple to share right from the app.
  • Sim, stretch, crop, and other retouching tools Sim, stretch, crop, and other retouching tools
  • Tool for teeth whitening

2. FaceApp

best selfie camera apps

FaceApp is one of the greatest selfie applications available, with over 100 million downloads and Photoshop-like capabilities. FaceApp AI, a cutting-edge neural portrait editing tool, is used in this software. This software also adds a humorous touch to your selfies with features such as gender switching and age reversal.

Features of the App

  • In only one swap, you may change the backdrop of your photo.
  • To give your photographs stunning effects, use tools like lens blur, impression, and color filters.
  • Using an AI system assists you in selecting your ideal hairdo and cosmetics.
  • Make a selfie with a mustache or beard.
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3. Cymera

best selfie camera apps

Cymera provides us with a wide range of selfie effects based on various themes, such as Christmas, New Year, and so on. There’s also a collage creator if you want to build a fun collage out of your best selfies. Cymera is the ideal choice for selfie lovers because of its live filters, face and boy editing, text, and meme-adding tools.

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Features of the App

  • Face stickers and augmented reality selfie effects
  • Import your finest photos from Google Photos right into the Air form item to improve your selfies.
  • Hair color and hairstyles

4. Sweet Selfie

best selfie camera apps

Sweet Selfie includes a professional beauty camera that allows you to shoot stunning selfies right from your phone. There are also several well-designed editing tools available to smooth your face, whiten your teeth, create ideal bright eyes, and much more. There’s also a collage creator with a variety of designs and layouts to choose from.

Features of the App

  • Face recognition on many levels
  • Touch Capture is a feature that allows you to take a selfie with only a touch.
  • Face filters and picture stickers are available on Snapchat.
  • Retouching tools for the body

5. Camera 360

best selfie camera apps

A free, all-in-one selfie app with more than 100 million users. It also contains 100+ hilarious stickers, some of which are motion stickers, in addition to the retouching and editing capabilities. Snap-free video selfies with live facial effects and filters are also available.

Features of the App

  • Tools for creating IP collages with an auto beauty camera
  • Challenges every day and a great community
  • Filters, blur, color, and cropping tools that work

6. YouCam Perfect

best selfie camera apps

YouCam Perfect is a beauty and selfie app created by Taiwanese firm Perfect Corp. It has pre-installed layouts, unique effects, and filters to help you take the ideal selfie. Would you like to edit everyone in a group photo? You may use the multi-face detection function to assist you with this.

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Features of the App

  • Effects that improve your appearance in real-time.
  • Object remover and cutout
  • Inventive collage
  • It removes eye bags and reshapes the face.

7. Retrica

best selfie camera apps

Retrica is a basic and easy-to-use selfie software with user-friendly editing features that may help you produce stunning selfies. This software also has more than 190 filters. There is a free and a premium version available. You must purchase a premium subscription to have access to all of the tools and features.

Features of the App

  • Original Univisium, Retrica filter pack
  • Adjust the spectral ratios as needed.
  • You may share photographs of Retrica using the View Finder.
  • It is possible to provide a timestamp.

8. Candy Camera

best selfie camera apps

When you’re going to take the best selfie camera apps, what’s the first thing that comes to mind? Aren’t their filters? The Candy Camera will be your selfie buddy. It has real-time filters designed specifically for selfies. You may also use this program to test out a few different cosmetic looks with virtual lipsticks, blushes, eyeliners, and mascaras.

Features of the App

  • Camera in silent mode
  • To capture numerous photographs for collages, use the collage mode.
  • Stickers that are in style
  • Stickers for makeup
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9. FaceArt Selfie Camera

best selfie camera apps

A live selfie camera is included in the FaceArt Selfie Camera. It has picture filters and natural makeup options, just like other selfie apps. To add a personal touch to the selfie, write the text in a variety of fonts and colors. It also allows you to have some fun with charming animal stickers and effects, allowing you to transform yourself into your favorite pet.

Features of the App

  • Camera effects by PIP
  • Choose up to 15 photographs for your collage.
  • Directly share on social networking platforms
  • Camera effects in real-time

10. Snapchat

best selfie camera apps

Snapchat is more than just a selfie best selfie camera apps it’s a multimedia messaging tool that allows you to share entertaining and fascinating moments from your life. This software allows you to exchange images and conversations at the same time. This app takes you straight to the camera. I’m sure you’ve gotten a sense of how important your gorgeous selfies are to our app.

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Features of the App

  • Amazing lens and filter effects are available, and they’re refreshed every day.
  • Bitmojis in 3D
  • To store your photos, you may use a free cloud storage service.
  • It allows you to keep track of your pals and check their daily updates.

11. B612

best selfie camera apps

B612 offers all of the features that a great selfie app should have. Aside from snapping selfies, you can also make good music videos by mixing your great photos with lovely music. It also has an easy-to-use slider tool that will assist you in determining your perfect face shape.

Features of the App

  • Face recognition stickers (over 1500)
  • Stickers and effects for augmented reality
  • Real-time filters and editing, as well as the ability to record live-action.
  • Maker of collages

12. Perfect 365

best selfie camera apps

Perfect 365 is a selfie-and makeup app similar to YouCam Perfect. It not only has a stunning selfie camera, but it also has powerful facial identification technology that enhances the quality of your best selfie camera apps. It also includes a huge selection of cosmetics tools that are updated weekly with the assistance of experienced artists.

Features of the App

  • Face recognition technology is cutting-edge.
  • Makeup products are designed to give you a natural look.
  • Color Palette for Professionals
  • With 20+ cosmetics and selfie editing tools, you can create your own unique selfie appearance.

Final Words

I hope you enjoyed your journey through the top best selfie camera apps editing applications on the market today. They’re all one-of-a-kind and provide unrivaled value and power in terms of making you appear better, impressing others, and sharing experiences with your friends. Join the craze and give them a try while the trend is still going strong.

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