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Top 12 Free Open Source PDF Editors Windows & Mac

Are you looking for the most excellent open source PDF editor that is also free? Are you seeking a free way to modify your PDF documents?
And if you’re looking for solutions to such queries, you’ve come to the right place. Then you’ve come to the right place since in this article, and I’ll discuss some of the finest free, open source pdf editor for Windows and Mac.

You may use this open source pdf editor to flawlessly alter your PDF documents without putting in any additional work. Here is a list of the top 12 open source pdf editor .

Top 12 Free Open Source PDF Editors Windows & Mac

There is a quantity of free software that works just as well as commercial software, so editing any PDF file isn’t a significant deal that will force you to acquire any costly program.
So download one of these free open source pdf editor and use it with any of your operating systems.
You can choose any of these that fits your requirements.

For Windows and Mac, here is a list of the best free open source pdf editor .

Many PDF editor tools are available online, and you can download them whenever you want.
I’ve done some research and compiled a list of free, open source pdf editor . The list is compiled using user reviews and ratings from a variety of sources. As a result, I hope you enjoy this post.

1. Formulate Pro – open source pdf editor

open source pdf editor

Formulate Pro is ranked first on the list, yet it is the best PDF editing software for Mac users. And the significant part is that it blends in well with Mac’s beautiful appearance.
Even if new customers are using the program for the first time, the software gives an exceptional user interface that effortlessly modifies PDF documents. It would help if you provided it with a shot.

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2. Microsoft Word – open source pdf editor

 open source pdf editor

One of the best PDF editing applications for the Windows operating system is Microsoft Word.
You can’t say it’s free to use, but practically every Windows-based computer system on the market comes with Microsoft Office pre-installed. As a result, you can use the pre-installed Microsoft Word to convert and edit your PDF documents.

3. LibreOffice Draw – open source pdf editor

 open source pdf editor

LibreOffice Draw is one of my ideal and most fantastic PDF reading and editing programs, as it assists the average user to comprehend complex PDF documents by breaking them down into smaller, more understandable chunks.
As a result, anyone can make changes to the document and decorate it as they see fit.
LibreOffice Draw’s best feature is its open-source code. That implies you can browse its source code page and contribute to the software’s upkeep and upgrades.

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4. Inkscape – open source pdf editor

 open source pdf editor Another decent PDF editing application that is open source and free to use is Inkscape.
You must install it on your operating system before you may edit any PDF document you discover on the internet.

The user interface of this software is its most notable feature. And this tool has a lot of possibilities; for example, this feature allows you to alter and beautify the PDF output way you wish.

5. PDFSam – open source pdf editor

 open source pdf editor

PDFSam is an open-source PDF editor that also functions as a standalone office suite.
It even offers a commercially available PDF editing system aimed at businesses. All PDF documents in the form of pages can be viewed.

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On pages, you can edit, move, rotate, cute, highlight, and delete. It’s simple to use and perfect for quick remarks or revisions. Its capacity to merge two PDF files is impressive.

6. PDFescape – open source pdf editor

 open source pdf editor

Last but not least, PDFescape is a significant player in the PDF editing software market.
You can start modifying any PDF document by going to the website.
I’ve heard this one and can attest that the platform’s user interface is outdated. Otherwise, their services are excellent.

7. Apache Open Office Draw – open source pdf editor

 open source pdf editor

Due to its graphics-based open source PDF editor, Apache Open Office Draw is progressively gaining traction in the market. This editor may be used to create diagrams, forms, graphs, and other PDF image files.

It’s handy for creating pie charts or finishing a time-consuming school assignment. It also includes cross-platform compatibility and automatic spell checking.

8. PDFedit – open source pdf editor

 open source pdf editor

When it comes to PDF editing, PDFedit is a popular choice. It’s entirely free and open-source, and a slew of well-known developers backs it. PDFedit’s best feature is that it can be used as a simple PDF viewer.
Users can choose the parts or sections they want to alter and then make the necessary changes. It also allows you to remove specific text, images, or charts from a PDF document.

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9. PDF Architect – open source pdf editor

 open source pdf editor

PDF Architect is a PDF editor that PDF Forge created as an open-source project. It’s a PDF editing program with a lot of features.
Here is the ideal solution if you require a competent PDF editor for your document needs. A PDF file allows you to alter any text, image, or figure. It’s a fantastic open-source PDF editor to add to your arsenal.

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10. Okular – open source pdf editor

 open source pdf editor

Okular is a cross-platform PDF editor that is both simple to use and open source.
Here is an attractive option if you frequently transfer between your home and work computers. It is compatible with Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux.

Okular provides several cutting-edge capabilities that you’ll only find in enterprise PDF editors. One of them is the creation of custom markers that make huge PDF documents easier to traverse. It’s useful for students who want to take notes in PDF-formatted e-books.

11. Gonitro – open source pdf editor

 open source pdf editor
Gonitro is the most delicate code for you if you want a simple PDF editor with professional tools. It includes a built-in PDF editor for editing your documents. You also receive a separate signature option, which allows you to sign papers digitally.

That is exceptionally useful if you wish to combine multiple PDF files into one, modify, or annotate them—a great business tool.

12. PDFelement – open source pdf editor

 open source pdf editor

The PDF element is the greatest of all, with the ability to distribute forms and built-in OCR capabilities. It has an easy-to-use interface and a user-friendly design.

It supports batch processing and can convert multiple PDF files.
So, if you need to convert 100 PDF files to Word, you may accomplish so without difficulty.


So, the article comes to a close with the hope that it has assisted you in choosing the most acceptable open source pdf editor program for your needs. All PDF editors are open source pdf editor and free to use, and each one specializes in something different.

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