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Top 14 Best space Games EVE Online alternatives 2021

Are you planning on playing online space travel or a fighting game like games like eve online ? If yes, then you’ve come to the right location; here are the 14 best space games compiled & studied!
games like eve online is a game enjoyed by game fanatics, and maybe that’s why it has more than half a million subscribers. The games like eve online takes place in space and has a lot of technologies and gameplay that are fascinating.
With all the worlds to explore, spaceships, guns and planets, there is a lot you can do in the game. We also mentioned many games like Eve online if you are fond of Eve online, keeping you occupied in your spare time. Much games like eve online , both of
these games are space travel simulation games.
14 Best space MMORPG games close to games like eve online : discovering space right now

1. Planet Calypso

games like eve online

Let’s take a look at the games online that are very similar to Eve and are good game alternatives. Planet Calypso is an online game similar to games like eve online , which promises efficient and intriguing gameplay. The game has exceptional features and has an MMO mode. In the virtual universe, you are given real money for completing activities. You are authorized to customize enemy weapons, avatars and battles that lie in your way. Several other operations, such as logging and crafting, may also be carried out. In terms of locations and services, there’s a lot to discover. Overall, for games like eve online , this game is an outstanding option.

Calypso planet: Pros
Extremely nice visuals.
Easy Controls.

Calypso Planet: Cons

Over time, the game can get a little repetitive.
There’s no storey to the game.
Frequent changes are missing.

2. Evochron Legacy

games like eve online

4 Another perfect game for space exploration is Evochron’s legacy. You’re allowed to climb into your spacecraft and visit various planets in this space simulation game. Ships can be personalized at the level of shields, guns, engines, hull in a lot of ways, and you can even adjust their location on ships. Exploring is the best aspect of the game since you can discover various places and mysteries, including space. Other activities, such as mining, banking, crafting and many more, can be designed and executed. You are expected to complete multiple activities and missions, each of which has different aims. This games like eve online , overall, is exciting.
The legacy of Evochron: Pros

A lot to do in a match

Nice graphics

The legacy of Evochron: Cons:
The game is challenging and needs time to learn.

3. DarkOrbit

games like eve online

Another fantastic MMO that essentially focuses on ship wars, clan engagement and resource gathering is Dark Orbit. The game gives you the power to control spacecraft and lead the game. In this video, there’s a lot to do so that you won’t get sick of the game anytime soon. The games like eve online can be played very quickly on the browser and is easy to play, so you don’t need to understand any confusing mechanics. You’d be required to build an account if it’s the first time you play, which can be signed into any time you return. You will start gathering resources, finishing missions, and destroying space baddies after you have finished picking your character, weapons, and space ship. The game has top-notch graphics. It is one of the most potent visual games available on the browser.
DarkOrbit: Pros
Merges of servers boost the game.
It’s a free game to enjoy.
The DarkOrbit: Cons
At times, combined servers lag.
Lack of material for PvP and balance for PvP

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games like eve online

The Kerbal space programme features aliens that run an entirely constructed spaceport known as the Kerbal space base, including astronauts. The game requires players to collect components they are given to build space crafts, rockets, and airships. Until these aircraft have been thoroughly designed and constructed, they can be launched to perform the duties offered in the game. It would help if you prevented injuries such as engine breakdown, structure failure, and gasoline shortages. The game gets stricter with each amount of passing. You can learn a lot from this title, and among the most popular educational games that have recently been published, it stands out. This game can be a little challenging but keeps you excited simultaneously, and it takes courage and expertise to succeed. The game’s overarching style is based on hardcore mechanics, and for an extended time, it keeps you focused and involved.

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Space programme Kerbal: Pros
Three rather distinct styles of playing.
A massive sandbox with detailed physics.

Space programme Kerbal: Cons
Feedback and tutorials from players are meaningless.

5.Astro Lords

games like eve online

The next one on our list is 5 Astro Lords, and this 3D game is all about finding environments, constructing and saving the human race. An Astro lord’s position is entrusted to you, having full power over your asteroids in the Cloud of Oort. And you are also expected to defend against an alien civilization that has attacked the Cloud, fighting against multiple players for supremacy in the PVP war. By building power plants, mines and labs, you need to make your home asteroid initially. To create ammunition, you can gather and steal materials. Other than this, a lot needs to be done in the games like eve online . Overall, for a long time, this game is guaranteed to keep you entertained.
Lords of Astro: Pros
Action-packed fights with ships
Nice graphics

6. Pirate Galaxy

games like eve online

Pirate Galaxy is also a Sci-Fi space game that allows you to fly from planet to planet and star to star to reach various galaxy areas. You design and configure a spacecraft of your own. You start with a very simple space ship at first, but with the aid of a series of tutorials, it can be progressively developed and personalized. Also, you can obtain money for upgrades as well as defend against enemies. The 3D quality includes impressive visuals, and you can complete a lot of missions and quests in the game. When you are looking for a match like Eve-online, this games like eve online is a perfect alternative.
Galaxy of Pirates: Pros
Useful graphics for the title
Sweet little tales in a game
Galaxy of Pirates: Cons
The tutorial for newbies should be more comfortable.
Accessible for Browsers only.

7.Ascent – The Space Game

games like eve online

The next game on our list, close to games like eve online , is Ascend, a PVE sandbox space MMO with 270,000,000,000 star systems. The game’s primary focus is on hardcore Sci-Fi, the discovery of colonization, science and technology, the building of StarBase, trade and fighting, mining and farming. Anything in the game is generated beyond the first field by players. Ascent doesn’t only concentrate on the action, unlike most space games these days. Though if you feel like it, you can fight wars, but this ascent’s gameplay is not strictly optimized for action. The gameplay tends mostly to discovery, building, colonization and other tasks.
Ascent-The Game of Space: Pros
There’s a lot to try in the game.
Pleasant graphics.

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8. Star Conflict

games like eve online
Star Conflict is an MMO game that helps you experience galaxy life to customize your spacecraft and discover the world around you. The 3D visuals the game features make the whole experience of gaming all the easier. Star Dispute is a game that would impress both casual players and pros, too. The fights are fascinating and immediately draw the attention of the players. Also, different powerful weapons that are customizable can be found. Most of the game’s controls, tactics and tasks are super easy to understand, and the given tutorials help you get a proper grip of the game. It might take some time to understand the mechanics, but it is also very fascinating to learn. Overall, this game is a perfect online alternative to games like eve online and will keep you always on your toes.
Star Controversy: Pros
The graphics, ships, and mechanics are excellent.
Healthy modes of gaming
Conflict with stars: Cons
Custom ships are too hard to build.
Servers are fragile, causing problems with lag and packet loss.

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9. Elite: Dangerous

games like eve online
Another space game that focuses mainly on mining, trade, crafting and study is Elite: Risky.
You can fly different ships and even play multiple roles in the game, helping to keep the gameplay new. You can also play with various load-outs, and ultimately, there is a lot you can do in the game; every time you explore, you discover hundreds of new things to do. You are brought the future in the multiplayer game; in the year 3300, the technologies and gameplay of this year are super-advanced, but you get to learn a lot about that.
Elite: Hazardous: Pros
More to explore in a large galaxy.
Elite: Hazardous: Cons
Always-online DRMM Needless
The learning curve may be precipitous.

10. Perpetuum

games like eve online

This game is another MMO experience game where your robots can be programmed and designed. With multiple powers, you can top them off and get on to the battlefield.
You will discover and explore numerous planets in the game; as the resources left for humans are minimal, the key objective is to locate and gather useful resources for the human race. The games like eve online assigns you a range of tasks to discover, sell, search, harvest and collect minerals. Several quests will continuously have you on your toes. Since the game is updated now and then, new improvements can be found regularly.
Perpetuum: Pros: Pros
The game features impressive graphics.
The Perpetuum: Cons
An excellent sci-fi robot game that involves facts of creativity, sandbox and action.

11. Vega Conflict

games like eve online

The fantastic graphics are one of the most vital features of the game, drawing many more players to the game. It’s aesthetically sharp and intricate. Overall, this game is entertaining and has something new to offer you all the time. If you’re looking for a match that’s just as good as games like eve online , you’d better try Vega Dispute.
Conflict Vega: Pros
Structures and spaceships that are exceptionally detailed.
It is relatively easy to learn game mechanics.
Conflicting Vega: Cons
Fight scenes feel slow and cramped.
The unoriginal and overused aspect of the storey.

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12. Wurm Online

games like eve online
Another space game that is similar to Eve online is Wurm Online. The playstyle is the same as online Eve; the only difference is the setting and the characters. In the game, the primary goal for you is to gather money, build stuff to engage in a virtual economy and level up skills. Players can create, battle, craft and discover an immense environment filled with many secrets and mysteries, whatever they want. In this game, there are many tasks and missions that you can complete, and it is likely to keep you occupied without getting bored for an extended period.
Web Wurm: Pros
Code Club AB offers outstanding assistance for the game.
The game provides players with an excellent open environment.
Web Wurm: Cons
Graphics are reasonably obsolete.

13. DarkStar One

games like eve onlineIf you are watching for a games like eve online that focuses on space combat and trading, it is one of your best choices. You will play DarkStar One on both Xbox 360 and Windows.
You can choose from several different races and battle against everything that prevents you from arriving at your destination. You play the part of Kayron Jarvis, who inherited a legacy ship from the giant Darkstar. You are expected to discover the world and uncover the underlying explanation for your father’s death by taking advantage of the ancient technologies present in the ships. As the chances to find the entire solar system never seems to stop in this game, you can explore and travel from star to star.
DarkStar One: Pros and Pros
Visually, the game is impressive.
Sports have a lot to explore,
DarkStar one: Cons
The update system is reasonably necessary and bland.

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14. Terran Conflict

games like eve onlineAnother space game that mixes commerce and battle is Terran War. The game will lead you to the year 2938. In the solar system, you can fly wherever you like, and you can also build big factories. The game helps you create an empire in whatever way you want, discover, progress, and walkabout. Particularly when you start playing for the first time, the
game can seem a little complicated and difficult to comprehend. However, you can get hold of the game’s tactics and mechanics with a bit of focus and dedication. You can play the game as a single-player, but ultimately, as thousands of planets you can visit and complete uncountable missions, there is a lot to do in the game.
Terran Conflict: Pros
Flexible Race
With Orbital Order Scans, open scouting
Terran Controversy: Cons
Generally, development is much slower than that of other breeds.


If you are an games like eve online fan, then you will fall in love with the above-mentioned
games as they serve gameplay very close and are bound to keep you glued to your screen.

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