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Top 15 Best Manga Apps for Android and iPhone For 2022

Manga Apps for Android & iPhone

Are you a manga lover who is searching for the top manga apps for Android and iPhone at your own convenience? As of 2022, there is an abundance of free Manga apps for Android and iPhone accessible for both. These Android and iPhone manga apps are We present a wide array of comics from both well-known and up-and-coming creators. They keep me delighted with a wide mix of slapstick humor and fascinating narratives. If you are willing to give them a chance as well, look no further than this laborious selection of the 15 top Manga Apps for Android and iPhone.

Top 15 Best Manga Apps for Android and iPhone For 2022

There is a myriad of Manga Apps for Android and iPhone applications accessible in the English language. Even if it’s still tough to discern which ones are the top Manga Apps for Android and iPhone, we thought we’d clear things up a bit for you. We’ve collected a list of the finest Manga Apps for Android and iPhone. Both Manga Apps for Android and iPhone smartphones may have access to some of these apps. However, you don’t have to worry since we give you the best of both worlds.

1. VIZ Manga

Viz Manga

One of my favorite aspects of this program is the ability to build a large library of interesting mangas. With a completely tailored library at hand, you can catch up with your favorite comics at your own leisure. Not just that, it gives a downloading option as well to enable you to read books even offline. What’s more, the app also enables you to read free previews of premium volumes so that you can make an informed purchase decision.


  • New chapters are uploaded daily.
  • Offline reading is available.

Install: Manga Apps for Android and iPhone (Free, in-app purchases available)

2. Crunchyroll Manga

Crunchyroll Manga

When you have the official manga app at your disposal, accessing the latest manga titles directly from Japan becomes easy-peasy. As you may have already guessed, Crunchyroll Manga is an official manga app for Android and iOS that enables you to instantly access the best manga volumes as soon as they are put on the newsstands in Japan. So, remaining in the loop with all the trendy books like Fairy Tail, Space Brothers, and Attack on Titan will be smooth sailing for you.

The app includes a clean layout and also offers some nifty customization capabilities so that you may fine-tune all of your favorite titles in line with your reading style. Do note that Crunchyroll Manga’s freemium strategy is extremely basic. Therefore, you will need to buy a premium subscription if you wish to receive the whole series collection or have unlimited reading access.


  • Almost every popular title is accessible.
  • Regular chapter updates.

Install: Manga Apps for Android and iPhone (Free, in-app purchases available)

3. Shonen Jump

shonen jump manga app iphone android

I can’t reasonably publish a list of manga applications for the iPhone and Android and not mention something about the Shonen Jump series, right? Well, the Shonen Jump app is the perfect manga reader for you if you’re a lover of titles from the Shonen Jump series. The software allows you to read up to 100 chapters for free every day.

However, if you want to read more than that, you may pay $1.99 per month to access limitless reading. Shonen Jump includes all the latest chapters from your favorite Shonen Jump series and is updated as soon as new chapters are available, so you will never have to wait for new chapters. So, take in mind that this app exclusively works with the Shonen Jump series, which includes some of the most well-known names like Naruto, Dr. Stone, and One Piece.


  • All of the Shonen Jump titles
  • New chapters will be uploaded as soon as they become available.
  • 100 free chapters per day

Install: Manga Apps for Android and iPhone (Free, in-app purchases available)

4. Mangamo

15 Best Manga Apps for Android and iPhone

When you’re seeking the finest manga reader applications for Android and iPhone, you’ll come across numerous that sell manga illegally. If you want to read manga legally and guarantee that the creators get their proper cut, you should check out Mangamo. It is one of the greatest manga reader applications you can find out there, with a very substantial choice of titles for your reading.

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Some of the most popular manga series, such as Attack on Titan, are included in the app. The membership isn’t too pricey at $4.99 a month and gets you access to over 300 manga comics. New chapters are posted every week, so you’ll always have something to read. Plus, there are no adverts either, which means your experience will not be disturbed by random pop-ups and other ads. In addition, Mangamo allows everyone to read one free chapter every 24 hours without registering if you want to test it out before subscribing.


  • Over 300 titles
  • There are no additional costs associated with this membership because it is all-inclusive.
  • There will be no advertisements.

Install: Manga Apps for Android and iPhone (Free, in-app purchases available)

5. Manga Plus

mangaplus manga reader android and iPhone

Another manga reader software you should check out is Manga Plus. With this service, you can read as many manga comics as you want because they are always available to you. Almost every Shonen Jump title you can imagine is available through this official service, which is completely free. Whether you’re a fan of Naruto, My Hero Academia, Jujutsu Kaisen, or Dragon Ball, you can get all the comics right here on Manga Plus.

Manga Plus contains the newest chapters from all your favorite manga series in English and Spanish and is owned by Shueisha, which is a Japanese publisher that works with manga artists and writers. So, you can be confident that you’re not partaking in piracy by utilizing this free manga reader software.


  • Almost every Shonen Jump title is accessible.
  • It’s completely free.
  • Available in English and Spanish.

Install: Manga Apps for Android and iPhone (Free, in-app purchases available)

6. Tachiyomi


Tachiyomi is one of the most appreciated manga reader applications for Android users out there. On your phone, you may download this free and open-source Manga reading app. The software itself doesn’t provide a catalog of manga to read, but you can add manga sources to the app, and it will automatically organize them for you, so you may read any comic you wish to read at your leisure.

It supports services like MyAnimeList, AniList, Kitsu, Shikimori, and Bangumi. The reader itself is also very configurable, and you can alter things like the color filters and more, including custom reading modes. One limitation of this software is that it can only be used on Android devices. If you’re an iPhone user, you will have to go with one of the other applications recommended on our list for your manga fix.


  • Open-source and free
  • It supports a variety of manga sources.
Install: Manga Apps for Android and iPhone (Free, in-app purchases available)

7. ComicRack


If I were to select a fully-featured manga software for Android, I would happily go with ComicRack. Probably the nicest feature of this program is a selection of reading aids that give a much-improved reading experience. You may, for example, adjust the colors to your preference so that reading for long periods does not strain your vision. Plus, it provides incredibly easy management of reading statuses like completed, unread, and bookmarks. The app widgets make it easy to keep track of the articles that have the potential to hold your attention for a long time. Another feature that provides ComicRack an advantage over many other competitors is the ability to support CBZ, CBR, CB7, CBT, PDF, DJVU, and WebComics when used in combination with the Windows version of the software.

You may also change the app’s design by using some stunning live wallpapers. There is a Twitter integration as well, just in case you would like to keep your fellow Twitter followers in the know about what you read. As for the cost, ComicRack is a tad pricy at $8. The manga app, on the other hand, is well worth the price when you take into account all of its noteworthy features. It’s worth noting that it’s only accessible on the iPad; this feels like a travesty.

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  • It comes with a full-screen reading mode.
  • Computer Compatibility
  • It supports a vast variety of file formats.

Install: Manga Apps for Android and iPhone (Free, in-app purchases available)

8. INKR Comics

inkr comics

INKR Comics is the idea of the team behind the scanlation manga aggregation software “Manga Rock.” The squad, which was announced in April of 2020, aims to assist comic book authors and publishers in their endeavors. To do this, the income produced from the app is distributed amongst content producers and publishers.

With this app, you gain access to a selection of comics covering action, romance, humor, horror, drama, isekai, a slice of life, sci-fi, and more. Combined with the customized suggestions system, you will find stuff that you are likely to appreciate. Furthermore, the software automatically syncs your data and reading progress across different devices if you have them.


  • This brings manga, webtoons, and manhua together in one easy spot.
  • The Preview function helps determine which novels to read next, offering personalized suggestions.

Install: Manga Apps for Android and iPhone (Free, in-app purchases available)

9. MangaToon


Should you prefer to read colorful comics, I would urge you to give a shot to MangaToon. Both in terms of having a vast library and a wide selection of genres including humor, love, horror, romance, and action, this manga app appears exactly on the money to me. Just like most of its predecessors, it also adds the trendiest online comics every day.

And, depending on your preferences, you can build a wonderful library of your favorite books and even download the ones you want to read without interruption while offline. Have an interesting story to share with others? Well, you may also write your own stories that you have kept under wraps for years and share them with others. Your tales will get the recognition they deserve because of the platform’s visibility. Furthermore, MangaToon provides support for numerous languages, including English, Indonesian, Vietnamese, Spanish, Portuguese, and Thai, which is still another bonus from a flexibility standpoint.


  • Daily updates
  • It brings a plethora of free comics.
  • Offline reading support
  • Make up your own stories.

Install: Manga Apps for Android and iPhone (Free, in-app purchases available)

10. Manga Dogs

Manga Dogs

When you talk about the finest manga applications for iOS and Android, it wouldn’t be sensible to give a pass to a really intuitive software like Manga Dogs. One of the greatest advantages of this software is a large collection of thousands of mangas from more than 20 sources. So, I guess it has the goods to accommodate your diverse reading interests.

As the app also keeps a check on your interests and makes recommendations accordingly, finding manga that can live up to your taste should be rather straightforward. Besides, it also sends out alerts once your favorite books are updated, so that you don’t miss out on them. To top it all off, Manga Docs has an advanced feature that lets you add your own personal touches to the reading experience.


  • massive library of comics.
  • Personalized suggestions
  • Horizontal and vertical reading modes

Install: Manga Apps for Android and iPhone (Free, in-app purchases available)

11. Manga Reader

Manga Reader

Manga Reader claims to be the finest mangaManga Apps for Android and iPhone and has got all sorts of tricks to win you over. You can read thousands of manga from more than 30 different sources through the app, making it a one-stop-shop. With a clever filter, it enables you to rapidly discover certain comic books. Because it also keeps a close eye on your search history and what interests you, you can expect your recommendations to be spot on.

I’m intrigued by the fact that I can download up to five mangas at once. Keep it handy for those occasions when you need to cram all of your favorite books into one unique cat for offline enjoyment.


  • One of the most comprehensive manga collections available anywhere.
  • A good recommendation for simultaneous downloads

Install: Manga Apps for Android and iPhone (Free, in-app purchases available)

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12. Manga Monster

Manga Monster

While Manga Monster may not be the most feature-rich manga software out there, you can count on it to give you a great manga reading experience. Loaded with a wide database of over 24,000 mangas, the app is up to the mark when it comes to having diversity. Besides, the continuous update implies you will always have timely access to the latest versions.

Featuring a clean layout and rather simple tools, the software won’t take much time to get into your groove. Being lightweight, it also feels snappier when jogging. Overall, it’s decent software for your manga reading enjoyment.


  • Over 24,000 manga comics (regular updates)

Install: Manga Apps for Android and iPhone (Free, in-app purchases available)

13. Manga Box

Manga Box

For a simplified comic book experience, Manga Box has looked fairly excellent to me. The app includes one of the greatest libraries of books by prominent writers. As a result, no matter what kind of books you enjoy, the app is likely to keep you engrossed in a wide range of genres. Additionally, the app also uploads fresh information every day, so that there is always the possibility of stumbling across something that’s incredibly engaging to read.

In terms of customization, I found Manga Box a little light. But if you aren’t a lover of full-on customization, you won’t have any problems. With a clutter-free layout and easy-to-use features, it means there is a minimal learning curve.


  • Every day, new content is added.
  • All free comics.

Install: Manga Apps for Android and iPhone (Free, in-app purchases available)

14. Online Manga Reader

Online Manga Reader Free

Last but not least, Online Manga Reader has ticked off all the crucial boxes to be a reliable manga program. The app comes with an ever-updating library to enable you to read a broad range of Japanese comics like humor, romance, horror, and more. However, its capacity to enable users to read comics while listening to music elevates it to the status of a jovial manga reader.

Perfect for when you want to get rid of a recurring sensation. That apart features like bookmarking, offline reading, and making a personalized collection of all the best books make it a safe pick for your manga reading adventure.


  • The catalog is always updated.
  • Read comics with music while offline.

Install: Manga Apps for Android and iPhone (Free, in-app purchases available)

15. Manga Zone

manga zone app for iphone android

Rounding up our list of the top manga applications for iPhone and Android is Manga Zone. This software is a necessity for everyone who genuinely enjoys reading manga on their smartphone. Manga Zone offers a wide library of novels for you to peruse — over 15,000 You won’t have to waste time looking for a translated edition of any of the titles on Manga Zone because they are all accessible in English.

Manga Zone is accessible for both iPhone and Android, but the Android app isn’t available on the Play Store and will have to be downloaded through the official site instead. Similar to Shonen Jump, Manga Zone likewise upload new chapters as soon as they are released, and you can even store your favorites. The program has a decent search option, and you can even download comics to read offline. All in all, this is an excellent manga app for the iPhone and Android.


  • more than 15,000 titles.
  • As soon as a new chapter is published, it will be posted in this section.

Install: Manga Apps for Android and iPhone (Free, in-app purchases available)

Offline support We selected the top manga apps for iPhone and Android.

Final Words

So, these are the top Manga Apps for Android and iPhone lined up for you. With a range of applications at hand, I think your eyes have caught the perfect manga reader. But before you start flicking over the pages or browsing the enormous collection of Japanese comics, be sure to let us know the Manga Apps for Android and iPhone that have found a spot on your smartphone. Besides, please also notify us about the great applications that can be omitted from the list.



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