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Top 5 heart winning microphones in 2020

We are living in an era in which we are extremely addicted to life online. People want best experiences when it comes to communicating online. One of the most important gadgets which is needed online is microphones.  Microphones are required in all sorts of communications whether it’s done online or on general biases. It is important to have a great quality of microphones in order to communicate well, furthermore for podcasts, videos, conferences, games and live session’s recording. It is essential to have headphones which are of elite quality and which can provide better voice quality.

Here is a list of some incredible microphones which can be game changing in their own category. They are one of the most top notch microphones. In addition, these microphones are very popular and in demand as they are also considered cheap microphones as well. Each and every microphone is amazing but it is important to have sufficient knowledge in regards to their features.

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1) Audio Technica AT – 2020 (Cardioid condenser microphone)

Audio Technica is an incredible microphone with a great voice quality. It is mainly used for podcasts and for vocals. This microphone is ideal for studio or home based recordings setup. Furthermore, it has high SPL handling and it can deliver unique versatility in a wider range. With that being said this microphones comes with a two year warranty which is a great deal with great microphones.

2) Corsair Void PRO RGM:

Corsair void PRO is a headset which is mainly used by gamers, people who like to play online games usually like to use these headphones. They are attached headphones and microphones. Their voice quality is extremely clear and proficient which is ideal for the gamers as they have to worry less about one thing which is their voice to communicating with their partner. This headset is wireless as well as Bluetooth operated which makes it more practical and easy. Even more, as this headset has an attached microphone which makes it so much convenient for the gamers that they don’t have to hold the mic. They can stay more comfortable during their streams or games.

3) Fifine Wireless system microphones:

Fifine wireless microphones are vloggers best friend. This microphone is mainly used by vloggers or video makers as they don’t have time to fight through suborn tangled microphones. They are wireless as mentioned in the name, and due to this fact it is a dream to use as it is hassle free and stress-free. Furthermore, these microphones are battery operated, and their batteries are chargeable which adds up another perk of these microphones. They are very versatile as they can work with mixers and amplifiers. People prefer to use these microphones in YouTube videos, or class presentations as they work best in this case.

4) Rode Video Mic PRO:

Rode video mic pro is an attachment for your camera. This microphone is an additional mic for the camera, although there is a built in microphone on the camera, but people tend to use this along for better and clear voice quality. It is better to have a wireless microphone attached to your camera to step up your voice quality game. This microphone is so efficient that it cancels the noise and has a very high sensitivity. Moreover, it is a light weight and battery operated microphone. With that being said it has three different levels of controlling voice quality and two filters.

5) Blue Yeti USB microphone:

Blue yeti microphone is most suitable for laptops, smartphones and tablets. They are as portable as laptops and smartphones. Although these gadgets have microphones built in them, they are not as good as portable microphones. Blue yeti microphones can be used for podcast recording, gaming, live streaming, voice overs or an online call. This microphone is very attractive in shape, along with a wide selection of beautiful colors. This microphone eliminates the noises around and maintains a quality voice. Last but not the least these microphones are very easy to operate and they are chargeable. There is a mute button on it and a headphone output along with a USB output for a better experience for the user.

These are my top 5 best microphones which can upgrade your experience and make it worth having. All the above mentioned microphones are far-fetched and wining all the hearts in 2020. These microphones are very smart and efficient. Even more, all the microphones are used professionally due to their mesmerizing voice quality and results.

In the end:

To wrap up, I believe these microphones must try and completely deserve a shot. I highly recommend each microphone as they have the best voice quality and durability which is game-changing.

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