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Top 8 Best Lawn Mower Batteries of Grass Cutting in 2021

A strong battery is essential for ensuring that your riding lawn mower starts promptly and runs smoothly for as long as it takes to make your yard look beautiful. If your best lawn mower batteries die, they may wind up lying idle in your garage or shed.

Top 8 Best Lawn Mower Batteries of Grass Cutting in 2021

Many best lawn mower batteries are rechargeable, which can extend their life and save you money because you won’t have to buy new batteries as regularly. Be careful to use a suitable battery charger that can support your battery’s voltage.

What to Think About

The majority of riding best lawn mower batteries have the same common voltage, 12 volts, and the majority of them have comparable dimensions, falling within an inch or two of the standard format in height, breadth, and length. If your mower requires a battery that is not within the usual voltage or size range, your replacement alternatives will be more restricted; we recommend contacting the manufacturer of your mower.

Although battery size and voltage are the same across most mowers, there are a few changeable variables to consider when comparing batteries. Cold-Cranking Amps (CCA): This is a rating that indicates how much current a fully charged battery can provide in cold weather. This specifies the current, measured in amps, that the battery can achieve in 30 seconds at 0 degrees Fahrenheit. While you are unlikely to use the best lawn mower batteries on cold days, this might give you an idea of how powerful (and reliable) the battery is. A battery with an insufficient CCA rating may not deliver enough current to start your mower.

Deep cycle batteries, which are meant to supply continuous power and are frequently drained at least 50% on a regular basis, are generally rated in amp-hours (Ah) rather than CCAs. Many best lawn mower batteries will utilize the words U1L or U1R in their specifications. This indicates the orientation of the terminals, with the L and R denoting which corner (left or right) of the battery’s top is home to the positive terminal. Choose a battery with the right terminal orientation so that it may fit within reach of the battery. The best place to find out what terminal orientation and minimum CCA rating you require is your lawn mower’s handbook. You may also use the retailer’s or manufacturer’s “battery lookup tool” or compatibility checker to ensure that the battery you intend to purchase will suit your best lawn mower batteries.

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How We Decided

I’ve had a lot of experience with the best lawn mower batteries and the batteries that power them as the previous owner of a construction and property maintenance firm for almost 15 years and the present owner of a yard that spans about an acre. In producing this list, I analyzed specs and product information for a variety of batteries, as well as trends that emerged from hundreds of Amazon and Walmart customer reviews. I also evaluated the manufacturer’s “trust factor.” Brands having a good reputation for durability and dependability received a higher weighting in our ratings. This list comprises brands that I’ve relied on for years and that I personally trust.

1. Mighty Max ML-U1-CCAHR – best lawn mower batteries

best lawn mower batteries

  • CCA: 320
  • Positive terminal: position on the right

This battery has an outstanding CCA rating of 320, giving you peace of mind regarding its dependability, which consumers confirm to. Customers commended this battery in several online reviews for giving immediate, dependable power straight out of the box, allowing best lawn mower batteries to start promptly on the first try. This battery’s architecture helps to increase its lifespan by making it resistant to shock and vibration owing to its AGM (absorbed glass mat) design. Its versatility is also an advantage, since it may be put in any location.


  • Impact-resistant construction
  • CCA with a high rating

2. EverStart U1P-7 – best lawn mower batteries

best lawn mower batteries

  • CCA: 275
  • Terminal Position: positive on the left

This low-cost solution gets the job done without breaking the bank. Despite its low price, it obtains a respectable 275 CCA rating. The top-post terminal position enables simple installation, as validated by customer evaluations, who further praised its ability to give a consistent, strong charge straight away.

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  • Very reasonably priced.


  • The CCA grade is adequate but not exceptional.

3. Interstate Batteries SLA1155

best lawn mower batteries

  •  Ah: 35
  • Terminal Position: Positive on right 

Interstate Batteries is a company that has been around for decades and has a good reputation for delivering durable products. This battery receives high ratings for its consistent performance, as well as the fact that it is rechargeable and requires no maintenance. This SLA1155 type can also power emergency lighting and UPS backup stations.


  • Rechargeable batteries can power lawn mowers, lights, and generators.


  • Expensive

4. Chrome Battery Deep Cycle SLA Replacement Battery

best lawn mower batteries

  • Ah: 35
  • Terminal Position: Positive on left 

This battery arrives fully charged and ready to run your mower right away, at a price that is sure to satisfy bargain seekers. Another advantage is its adaptability. Aside from fitting a variety of lawn mower types, it may also be used to power a variety of other devices and systems, such as mobility scooters and alarm systems.

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  • It comes fully charged.
  • Several uses

5. Universal Power Group 12350

best lawn mower batteries

  • Ah: 35
  • Terminal Position: Positive on left 

This UPG type, like other deep cycle batteries, is intended to be emptied and recharged several times, continually delivering the power required to get the work done while retaining a long lifespan, even with severe use. This battery may be installed in any position, making it adaptable to a wide range of mowers (as well as numerous other machines).


  • Because of the rechargeable construction, it has a long lifespan.

6. ExpertPower EXP1233

best lawn mower batteries

  • Ah: 33 
  • Terminal Position: Positive on left 

This battery is on the smaller side of the typical lawn mower battery size. Don’t be misled by its little size; this battery delivers a strong punch. Users laud its capacity to keep operating for a long period and give it excellent scores for dependability. This model’s robust exterior shell is designed to protect it from heat, chemicals, and other circumstances that might harm it or decrease its lifespan.

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  • dependable performance.


  • Smaller dimensions may not suit every mower.

7. Titan Lawn & Garden Battery

best lawn mower batteries

  • CCA: 300 
  • Terminal Position: Available as either positive on right or on left 

The batteries in this Titan series can offer up to 300 CCA levels and are available in a variety of sizes and two terminal combinations. Titan claims constant starting power in any season, which might be useful given that these batteries are also compatible with a wide range of snow blowers and snowmobiles.


  • There are several sizes available.
  • Can snow machines also be used as mowers

8. Mighty Max ML35-12

best lawn mower batteries

  • Ah: 35 
  • Position of the positive terminal: on the right

This battery is designed specifically for John Deere mowers and tractors, but it is also compatible with other mower manufacturers. It produces consistent, dependable results throughout a wide temperature range. It also has deep discharge recovery, which allows the battery to recover if you over-discharge it and completely drain its charge. This Mighty Max battery, like other Mighty Max batteries, is fully sealed and spill-proof. That’s essential because, as anybody who has had to clean up a battery acid spill knows, it’s not a nice job–and it can also be deadly if not handled properly.


  • The battery will not be harmed if it is completely depleted.
  • Design that is completely sealed

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