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Top 8 Best Sand Pool Filters to Buy Right Now in 2021

There are many considerations to make when purchasing a swimming pool, but you might be shocked to hear that there are also plenty to consider when shopping for a sand pool filter. There are three types of sand pool filters: sand filters, cartridge filters, and diatomaceous earth (DE) filters, each with advantages and disadvantages. Everything from cost and maintenance to water purity and energy efficiency is at stake, and choosing the appropriate sand pool filter for you is more complicated than whether you have an in-ground or above-ground pool or its size. Fortunately, we’ve done the research and compiled a list of the finest sand pool filters on the market, as well as recommendations on what to look for while shopping.

Top 8 Best Sand Pool Filters to Buy Right Now in 2021

A sand pool filter is to your pool what a liver is to the human body. It’s the handy little device that eliminates all the bad things from your pool (much as your liver does for your body) to maintain your pool healthy and clean. Swimming in your backyard pool is a dream come true. As a result, unclean, stagnant, or algae-infested water is not an option. If you’re having trouble deciding on a sand pool filter or need to repair one that’s broken, a sand pool filter could be your best alternative.

What to Think About

Sand pool filters are popular, typically inexpensive, and simple to maintain in the long run. The disadvantage is that they do not provide the same level of water purity as other options, they require backwashing, and the sand must be replaced every 5 years. Cartridge sand pool filters are also popular, but they might wind up costing more in the long run because the sand pool filter must be updated. Having said that, they do a good job of keeping your pool water clear and are rather energy-efficient. DE filters perform well in terms of filtering and are highly energy-efficient, but they are expensive and require backwashing.

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How We Decided

All of the sand pool filters we feature have four stars or higher, and some have 4.5 stars or higher. We cover every type of filter available from popular manufacturers like Hayward and Intex, as well as solutions for above-ground and in-ground pools. We also have a sand pool filter at various price points, ranging from models that are a fantastic bargain to those that are worth upgrading to if you have more money to invest.

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1. Rx Clear Radiant Sand Filter

sand pool filter

This 16-inch sand filter is excellent for above-ground pools containing up to 16,000 gallons of water. The one-piece blow-molded tank includes a well-labeled six-way top-mount filter valve, as well as a visible pump and return, and it’s touted to filter out particles as small as 3 to 5 microns. The pump includes a 1.5-inch threaded connector as well as a filter base. It can carry around 110 pounds of sand and comes with a 3-year manufacturer’s warranty against faults.

2. Intex 2800 GPH Sand Filter Pump

sand pool filter

If you have a little extra money to spend on an above-ground pool sand filter, this 14-inch model from Intex earns outstanding ratings, with an average of 4.6 stars from 1,300 buyers. It has a pump flow rate of 2,800 GPH and six function controls that allow you to filter and backwash, rinse and recirculate, and drain and close the system. There’s also a 24-hour timer and an aeration system to improve circulation, as well as a basket strainer to make cleaning easier and the sand last longer.

3. Hayward ProSeries Sand Filter pump

sand pool filter

This 24-inch-top sand filter is designed for in-ground pools and features a weatherproof tank made of a durable, fade-free polymer material. The top-mounted multiport valve includes six settings and an easy-turn lever, as well as a diffuser that distributes water evenly across the sand. A self-cleaning drain is also included, as is a slotted component that spins 360 degrees to pump an equal flow of water into the pool, resulting in more effective backwashing. On the side, there’s also a wide sand and water drain for maintenance and winterizing after the season.

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4. JLeisure 800 GPH Pool Filter

sand pool filter

If you’re searching for a low-cost above-ground pool cartridge filter, this one will do the trick, costing $130 at the time of writing. The 800 GPH pool pump is compatible with pools that have 1.25-inch-diameter hose connections, and it comes with two hoses. The filter pump is composed of durable plastic, is simple to build, has a 25-foot cable, and weighs around 5.5 pounds. The device is also available as a pool pump with a capacity of 1,000 GPH.

5. Intex 2500 GPH Cartridge Filter Pump

sand pool filter

This cartridge filter pump for above-ground pools is more expensive than the previous choice, but it is still reasonably priced for what it provides. It incorporates aeration technology to improve filtration, circulation, and clarity, as well as to increase the quantity of negative ions in the water to help prevent infections. The filter is compatible with pools having 1.25-inch diameter hose connectors and a volume of up to 15,200 gallons. It has a double-insulated pump, a sediment flush, and air release valves, as well as a built-in ground fault circuit, a strainer basket, and an automated timer that can be programmed in 2- to 12-hour cycles.

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6. Hayward StarClear Plus Cartridge Filter

sand pool filter

If you have an in-ground pool and can afford a cartridge filter, this Hayward streamline option is your best bet. The 120-square-foot filter is composed of a glass-reinforced copolymer—a robust, durable plastic—and has a big cartridge for increased durability and water flow. In addition, the filter is injection-molded, which increases overall robustness and avoids corrosion. It’s simple to clean, with a single knob connecting the filter head to the tank, eliminating the need for clamps or bolts, and the head rotates so the cartridge, manual air-relief valve, and gauge are all easily accessible.

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7. Hayward Perflex Diatomaceous Earth Filter Pump

sand pool filter

This filter system is designed for above-ground pools and contains a filter clamp, pump, and platform base, as well as a union connection for easy maintenance and a 1.5-inch hose bundle. Because it is injection molded for heavy-duty usage, the filter tank will not corrode inside, and the system is touted to filter out particles as fine as 2 microns on the first cycle. It also has the brand’s “Flex-Tube” design, which combines with diatomaceous earth to provide crystal-clear water while extending filter cleaning cycles with no backwashing necessary.

8. Hayward ProGrid Diatomaceous Earth Pool Filter

sand pool filter

This exceptional, high-capacity in-ground sand pool filter provides excellent water quality and clarity. It’s also extremely efficient, with up-flow filtration and top-down backwashing, as well as a manual air relief valve that drains air swiftly with the flip of a lever. Its big tank is composed of the glass-reinforced copolymer, which is an especially strong, durable material that is meant to last and resist corrosion. The filter will also be simple to service and maintain, due to easy-access clamps. The model displayed has a 36-square-foot filtration area, but it is also available in 48 and 60 square-foot sizes.

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