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10 Best Face Swap Apps For Android in 2020

Well, when you have been active on social networking platforms, then you definately might know that Face Swap App is the contemporary trend. We are pretty positive that on your Facebook or Instagram feeds, you would possibly have seen human beings sharing photographs by way of interchanging their face with another person.

Well, the ones humorous and attractive social media snap shots are often sufficient to go away us thinking about how might we appearance with every other face. The good issue is which you don’t want to turn out to be a photoshop professional to swap people’s faces, as with smartphones, you could do that quite easily.

There are lots of Face Swap apps available at the Google Play Store which can switch faces in only some taps. So, on this article, we are going to percentage a listing of high-quality Face Swap apps for Android. It’s worth noting that there are plenty of Face Swap apps to be had for Android, however no longer all of them are really worth your time and attention.

10 Best Face Swap Apps For Android in 2020

So, in this article, we have only listed the popular and trusted ones. So, let’s explore the list of best Face Swap apps for Android in 2020.

1. Microsoft Face Swap


It is easily the quality and most trusted face change app to be had at the Google Play Store. With Microsoft Face Swap, you may without problems switch a couple of faces on organization photos.
Not handiest that, however the Microsoft Face Swap can also be used to place someone’s face onto some funny picture. So, with Microsoft Face Swap, you may change faces into any picture.


It is one of the best and top-rated Android camera app available on the Google Play Store.With MSQRD, you can trade the way you appearance in just a swipe.

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MSQRD is owned through Facebook and it comes with the potential to overlay numerous goofy mask to your face. One of the popular functions of MSQRD is Face Swap which can be used to replace two people’s faces in real-time.

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3. Face Swap Live

Well, Face Swap Live is another famous Android face swapping app on the listing which you could use right now. Just like every other Face Swap apps,


Face Swap Live also allows users to replace faces with a pal or a image in real-time. Not best that, however Face Swap Live also were given the capability to record videos or pics of yourself swapping faces with a celebrity, friends, or every other funny pictures.

4. Face Swap Booth

It is not a popular Android app, but it’s truely a complicated app to switch your face with all of us else’s face across a couple of photos.

What’s more thrilling is that after swapping the faces, users can also use a wide range of custom overlay and a special set of masks to make the image funnier. Just like all other face change apps, Face Swap Booth also lets in customers to change faces with freinds in real-time.

5. Snapchat

Well, Snapchat is one of the nice and optimum Android app to be had at the Google Play Store, which offers customers the most fun way to share the moment with friends and family. Snapchat is additionally one of the earliest app to introduce face switch features.


The feature to swap faces lives on the Snapchat masks. Users just want to pick out the duos filter to apply the face-swapping effects. Snapchat also lets customers record the face change clip by using preserving down the shutter button.

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6. Face Swap

It’s another quality Android app on the list which may be used to change faces.
To change faces, you can either take a image from the digital camera or pick snap shots from the gallery. Some of the key functions of Face Swap includes Auto face detection, face adjustment, face scaling, flip faces, etc.

7. Face Swap by Wombatica Gold

Well, Face Swap with the aid of Wombatica Gold is another great Android app on the listing that makes face swap movies less difficult than ever.
The app is thought for its shrewd filters that paintings in real-time. Apart from face swap, Face Swap by way of Wombatica Gold can also be used to apply several different face masks like lovely animals, cyborgs, zombies, etc.

8. Face Swap – Live Face Sticker

If you are trying to find an Android face change app that lets you positioned various factors for your face, then Face Swap – Live Face Sticker is probably the best  pick for you.

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The app offers an extensive series of computer graphics that makes a photo both elegant and funny at the same time.

It’s a relatively new face swap app available on the Play Store.The app helps you to switch faces in real-time. Apart from that,

it also offers you numerous face masks, movement stickers, etc.So, Snappy Photo Filters is another best Android app that would help you to make your photo funny and creative.


10. Photo Face Swap


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Well, Photo Face Swap is one in all the great and ultimate Android face change app available at the Google Play Store. With Photo Face Swap, you can easily change faces on your own pictures.

Not handiest that, but the app is also pretty clean to use and it affords you the most practical results. It also helps you to share the pix immediately to social networking platforms like Facebook, Instagram, etc.



So, these are the ten best free Face Swap apps for Android in 2020. If you know any other such apps, let us know in the comment box below.


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