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How to Add New Words to Your Android Dictionary?

This post will explain add word to android dictionary. Inside jokes are fantastic, however it can be hard to use your own words and phrases within Android messaging apps. This comes down to the reality that your phone has a built-in dictionary that attempts to remedy your spelling at all times. It can be really bothersome, as it will frequently ignore what you implied to say. However there are ways to navigate this, and we will reveal you how to add words to the Android dictionary so you nevermore have to get annoyed once again.

How to Add New Words to Your Android Dictionary?

In this article, you can know about add word to android dictionary here are the details below;

 What is the Android reference?

As we have said, your mobile has a built-in dictionary, which it uses as a recommendation when you are typing any text. This will generally be the dictionary that finest shows your area, which is why when you first set up your mobile, it asks you what language you would like it to use. However, this is typically not enough as we often find ourselves using words from other languages within our daily discussions. Your phone will normally immediately remedy these words or inform you that you have actually made a mistake. Also check

This is not an issue exclusive to various languages. It also implies that if you and your pals have your own distinct words and expressions that you like to utilize, your phone will probably not acknowledge them. It likewise presents a problem with the ever-growing range of new words that emerge individually year, such as those in the political sphere and popular new apps & services. Nevertheless, there are numerous methods to get around this, and they involve including your selected words to your individual user dictionary within the phone’s surroundings.

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 Add information to your Android dictionary as you type

This is the common convenient path of including new words, as you can do it as you type them. This indicates as quickly as you understand that you are using a new word, you can rapidly add it to your personal dictionary to be kept in mind for next time. You can do it in 3 easy actions:

  1. Type the word that you wish to save to the Android dictionary.

2.Long-press or double-tap the word you wish to be added.

  1. Tap on “Add to dictionary.”

That’s it! You’ve joined the new word to your dictionary, & the next time your Android phone encounters that same word, it will instantly predict and place it in the field. If you do not use predictive text, it will simply no longer show up as a typo.

 Add words through your settings

This method is a little bit more intricate and takes longer than the first one. However, it is a beneficial way to add multiple words to the individual dictionary Android at one time. This executes it handy if you have a list of words you understand you wish to add, and you can do so extremely rapidly. Here are the steps:

  1. Select Settings on your Android phone.
  2. Tap on Language and Keyboard.
  3. Go to the table where you can access settings for the User dictionary (in some cases called Personal dictionary).
  4. When you exist, you may by hand add the words by pressing Add and then OKAY after typing a specific word.
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You can likewise utilize these screens to remove words from your personal dictionary also.

 A prospective issue

We faced some concerns when we attempted this on two of our Samsung Galaxy phones (an S9 and an S10). There did not seem an alternative to add the word to the Android autocorrect dictionary utilizing either method described above. We couldn’t even find the alternative of Personal or User Dictionary within the settings menu! Nevertheless, when we searched for User Dictionary, this screen showed up:

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add word to android dictionary

So, it looks such as it is an internal application that we could not access, although it exists around within the phone. We investigated and discovered that this is a typical issue on a few of the more recent Android phones. Some previous updates seem to have deleted the Android personal dictionary from the phone. Some individuals have actually found that past updates have actually because fixed the problem, while others have actually had the opposite effect.

add word to android dictionary

There seem to be different methods to repair these issues, however they typically involve resetting aspects of the gadget. If you have the very same problem, it could be worth checking if there is an upgrade offered for your device. If not, then you may be united without the capability to add information to your Android dictionary directly.

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