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Introduction of Imagemagick Alternatives In 2021

This post will explain alternatives to imagemagick. Imagemagick option are those raster image editor, processor along with converter which can utilize in place of it for doing exact same type of work with excellent effectiveness and we go with alternative of this software for dealing with some issue which we might face in this software. These concerns may be of price, functions, workplace, workflow and much more. You will discover variety of option of Imagemagick in market of image processing which can work same as it or better than it. I will inform you about some of its option such as FFMPEG, GraphicsMagick, OpenCV, Cloudinary, imagix and many others.

Introduction of Imagemagick Alternatives In 2021

In this article, you can know about alternatives to imagemagick here are the details below;

 Leading 7 Alternatives of Imagemagick

Here in this short article you will have all possible details related to these alternatives for having great knowledge regarding them. So let us delve with them 1 by 1.


– It is totally free and open source software application which has big suite of libraries as well as programs that deal with video, audio and other multimedia files and streams for giving you high quality of output.

– It developer was FFmpeg group who launched it on December 20, 2000 for handling image processing and compose it in C as well as Assembly languages.

– It has its compatibility with different operating systems such as Microsoft windows, Linux and Mac OS also and this makes it more available to user of different os.

– It can be used on various platforms that are ARM architecture, PowerPC, MIPS architectures, SPARC, SuperH, DEC Alpha, x86 and so others. Also check animeflix alternatives.

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 2. GraphicsMagick

– It is fork of ImageMagick and deals with both command line options and programming API but separated from Imagemagick after its 5.5.2 variation in 2002.

– GraphicsMagick was developed by GraphicsMagick group in 2002 before 19 years earlier.

– Its latest version 1.3.36 was launched on December 26, 2020 and you can have it from

– It is written in C language and you can run it on cross platforms.

 3. OpenCV

– OpenCV means Open Source Computer Vision Library and is utilized as library programming functions and works on real-time computer system vision.

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– Original author of this software application is Intel Corporation Willow Garage, Itseez and launched it on June 2000 which is 20 years ago for image processing and transforming functions.

– 5.1 is its steady or newest version which was released on December 22, 2020 with great deals of updates features for making more suitable in it working field.

– It is cross platform software and written in C and C++ language. You can go to on for having more details about this software application or can download it likewise from here.

 4. Cloudinary

– This is a business which presents services for cloud-based image as great as for administration of video. It has its head quarter in Santa Clara, California & has numerous branch offices in Israel, Poland, England and Singapore. It uses centers to its user to publish, manage, shop, control, and provide images as well as videos for website and apps without producing any type of disruption throughout this process.

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– The business was founded in 2012 and its founder was Itai Lahan, Tal Lev-Ami, Nadav Soferman.

– For having more information such system requirement, compatibility, capability and so on, you can go through or download it from here. Also check easyworship .

 5. Imgix

– It is hosted service which provides simplest and most convenient way of delivering high quality of images to users as quick as possible and has its headquarter at San Francisco Bay location, West Coast, Western US.

– Founders of it were Chris Zacharias and Jeremy Larkin who launched it in May 2011 for offering smoother working environment in processing along with provide of images.

– It can crop, edit and resize image simply by altering their URLs.

– It can likewise comprehend as tool in the Image management along with processing category of tech stack.

 6. Scikit-image

– It is image processing program and utilized Python programs as language. It is an open-source program that includes algorithms for geometric transformation, division, color space manipulation, morphology, analysis, feature detention, filtering and numerous other important jobs can carry out in it.

– Initially it was launched on August 2009 which is 11 years ago and its original author was Stefan van der Walt who developed it as Python base image processing program.

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– On May 13, 2020 it most current version was launched and named as 0.17.2 version of it. It has number of good functions which can solve issue of image processing of previous version.

– It is written in Python, Cython and C languages and has compatibility with Microsoft Windows, Mac OS X and Linux operating system likewise.

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– Visit on scikit-image. org for downloading it or for knowing related to standard requirement, necessities, ability and for other element of it you can also check out here.

 7. Aviary

– It is editing and manipulting platform of photos and can run on iOS, Android, Microsoft windows, and web also.

– It was developed by Aviary Inc as image modifying software application and it is kind of freemium software application that suggests you can use limited functions of it free of cost and for some other advance features you need to make some payment offers by them.

– If you want to download it and begin dealing with it then check out on

– On September 22, 2014 it was taken control of by Adobe systems, and later November 13, 2014 it integrated with suite into Creative Cloud of Adobe but on December 2018, adobe announced that it would not be their part and they would stop supporting it.

These were a few of the crucial option of Imagemagick which you can utilize for having same kind of deal with a different types of output sequence. You can analyze them on the grounds of their functions. Also check Proxybay .


As we told you about popular option of Imagemagick so that you can go with other software application like this for satisfying your requirement related to image as well as video processing. Now you have enough understanding after going through this article to choose best one for your task work, just go and attempt your preferred one.

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