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Introduction to Kafka Alternatives In 2021

In this article, we will go over Kafka Alternatives. The Apache Kafka is a shared streaming program that was initially developed by LinkedIn and then donated to Apache Foundation, which likewise owns Apache Hadoop and Apache Solr, among others under its structure. Kafka essentially is an open-source, stream processing platform written in Scala and Java, which is utilized to deal with data feeds in real-time, offering an unified, low latency and high throughput platform. A streaming platform essentially has three significant functions, viz. Publish & consent to streams of records as they occur in real-time, save them and process them in real-time as they take place.

Kafka has a fundamental structure of a Producer, Kafka Clusters (Stream Processors and Connectors) and Consumers. Distributed log technologies may seem comparable to standard broker messaging channels; nevertheless, they vary substantially architecturally and have actually varied and complicated usage case scenarios that differentiate different applications. However, due to some fundamental downsides like concerns with message tweaking, absence of rate and doing not have some message paradigms, among others, it ends up being progressively crucial to be knowledgeable about some options to Apache Kafka like Rait MQ, AWS’s Kinesis, Microsoft Azure’s Event Hubs, and so on and in this post, we’ll briefly discuss some of them and their functions and benefits over Apache Kafka

 Alternatives of Kafka.

Below is the list of top-level options of Kafka.

 1. Amazon Kinesis

– AWS Kinesis or Kinesis Streams is considered to be based upon Kafka. Kinesis is understood for its super-fast speed, dependability, ease of operation and its cross-platform replication capability. Cross-platform duplication is syncing of data between physical and rational data centres. There are likewise lots of language-specific customers like Java, Scala, Ruy, JavaScript (Node), etc.

– One of Kafka’s significant flaws is the need for human intervention to install and keep the streams. Nevertheless, Kinesis breaks the streams across shards which are similar to partitions in Kafka, and each shard has a difficult limitation on the variety of deals and information volume per second. You’ll require to increase the variety of fragments if you go beyond that limitation. This is where Kinesis differentiates where AWS allows users to increase or scale their operations by only paying for what they use, and hence, much of the maintenance is concealed from the users.

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– However, Kafka is more flexible and can be accustomed to what users need nevertheless;, the user requires to handle its own clusters and require DevOps resources to keep it running. On the other hand, Kinesis is offered as a service by Amazon Web Services and doesn’t require a DevOps team to run it. Also check fcff vs fcfe.

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– Kinesis is more useful for functions like Stock Price tickers, Social Network Data (Although LinkedIn is completely worked on Kafka for streaming information), Geospatial data like linking User users with Drivers and with IoT sensors.

– Choosing between the two again depends upon the usage cases and volume of data; nevertheless, Kinesis is a great place to begin due to its speed and expense benefit, as gone over. A few of the business utilizing AWS Kinesis are Amazon, Intuit, Accenture, Netflix, Lyft and 500px.


It is a standard message broker and one of the very first open-source message brokers to have sensible features. It was initially established to execute the AMQP protocol, which is used for its effective routing features. With the arrival of the AMQP protocol, cross-language flexibility became possible for open source message brokers. It utilizes the Smart broker/Dum customer approach to deliver messages to consumers consistently. It is mature and carries out well if configured correctly and has a well-supported list of libraries like Java,. WEB, node.js, Ruy, PHP and others, in addition to countless plugins offered. Although Kafka has some advantages like it consists of the broker in the application and therefore works effortlessly with streams processing, Rait MQ is utilized,

– It is used when the application requires to deal with different protocols like AMQP, STOMP, MQTT.

– Suppose you require a more comprehensive control on a per-message basis. Suggesting where the data volume is less, and the user needs more control over it. Nevertheless, Kafka has actually included assistance for more control recently.

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– The application requires more versatility in indicate point, Request/Reply messages.

– To integrate multiple services/apps with non-trivial routing reasoning.

– If you need more Security over-application as it offers support for plugins and APIs for the equivalent. Also, it has sufficient community support through various community plugins readily available for almost all possible scenarios.

– Some of the companies using RabbitMQ are Reddit, 9gag, Robinhood, Zapier, Myntra and MIT.

 3. ActiveMQ

Although both Kafka and ActiveMQ were initially made for different operations completely, they’ve had many features that overlay each other over time. For that reason, they’re being utilized interchangeably and frequently utilized for the exact same functions & compared with each other.

ActiveMQ is a general purpose message broker like RaitMQ that supports numerous messaging procedures like AMQP, STOMP, and MQTT. Where it slightly differentiates itself is the better support for Enterprise Integration Patterns. For that reason, in general, it is utilized for combination between applications or services.

 Some of the crucial differences are:

– Allowing applications built with various languages and on different os to incorporate with each other

– Kafka manufacturer doesn’t wait for the broker’s acknowledgements, increasing the overall throughput if the broker can deal with messages as quick as the producer sends them. ActiveMQ has to keep & maintain a delivery report of every message at every state. Therefore, it has excellent recovery assistance where messages can be restored later on if a line fails.

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– Kafka also has a much better storage performance as in Kafka; each message has an overhead of 9 bytes versus that of 144 bytes in ActiveMQ. This increases the space utilized by ActiveMQ by 70% more than Kafka.

– ActiveMQ likewise presses messages to customers instead of consumers needing to survey for new messages by doing a SQL Query which lowers the latency involved in processing brand-new messages. Also check alternatives to imagemagick.

– It also has a terrific and rousts scheduler which means you can set up messages to be provided at a particular time.

– Some of the business utilizing ActiveMQ are Intuit, Awin, Zingat.

 4. Apache Spark

– Spark is an open-source, dispersed general-purpose, unified analytics engine for large-scale dispersed data processing and ML. Apart from Core Data Processing, it has buildings for SQL and  ML graph calculation and Stream Processing. So, it provides a lot more than Kafka, which just provides stream processing at its core.

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– Spark processes data streams in real-time as it is produced, making it among the fastest amongst the lot and consequently progressively having use cases in fields such as Financial Markets. Also, as data streams grow, & it’s growing at an exponential rate, their ML abilities become more feasible and precise.

– It’s also easy to use and does not need a preset DevOps team as it has simple APIs for operating on big datasets. It comprises a collection of over 100 operators for transforming information and information frame APIs for manipulating semi-structured information.

– It likewise has an Interactive Analytics engine, allowing users to have engagingly job data.

– However, many individuals would still choose Kafka or much better Kafka Streams for its reasonably easy technique, and consequently Spark is more of an usage case for data researchers and designers participating in ML and Analytics over a simple message broker platform for their application.

 5. Apache Storm

– The storm is more in line with Spark as it is mostly in Data. It’s an Open source, dispersed Realtime calculation system for information streams comparable to what Hadoop does for a batch of data. It likewise integrates with the queuing and database innovations.

– It is likewise exceptionally fast, trustworthy, and fault-tolerant, processing over a million records per 2nd per node on a modest size cluster.

– Because of its comparable nature, having differed usage cases Storm like Spark is commonly utilized in the Financial and Telecom, Retail, We and Manufacturing sectors.


Although there are countless different Kafka alternatives such as Akka, Storm, Flink, and so on, due to the overlay of functions and some redundant functions and likewise the entry of gamers like AWS and Google, it is significantly crucial to focus on features and use cases instead of depending on single solutions supplier.

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