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PlayStation 5: Top 5 Games Must Buy of 2020-21

The Holiday season 2020 will bring with it something we’re all looking forward to- the next-gen consoles. After initial fears of a delay in launch, Sony recently stated PlayStation 5 remains on schedule. It’s still a fair few months away, though, so we have some waiting to do yet. But a new generation of consoles comes a trove of new-age games. And with PS5 on the horizon, you can expect announcements regarding new titles to start flowing soon. Until then, however, let’s take a look at the games that have already been announced.

Confirmed PlayStation 5 games

A few days back, we took a look at Godfall, one of the first timed-exclusives for ps 5. moreover, Epic games lately introduced Fortnite become coming for the following-gen consoles as properly (duh).

But what approximately the rest of the video games already confirmed for the brand new console?

Dive in and find out all about the exciting new titles you can play on your PS5 by the end of the year.

1. Outriders

Let’s start off with an exciting one, shall we?

Outriders are confirmed to release for both PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X. The RPG is set on a planet called Enoch and will feature fantasy elements. The third-person shooter looter will enable players to choose from four different class of characters, each boasting of unique abilities.

We know about three classes players can choose from, which are Trickster (manipulate time), Pyromancer (manipulate fire), and Devastator (seismic attacks).

Square Enix, the publisher behind outsiders, has given us a ton of refreshing games over the years. We expect this one to live up to its hype. Furthermore, the game will also release for the current-gen of consoles, so you do not necessarily need a PS5 to enjoy it.

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Initially set for a summer release, it has since been delayed to December 2020.

2. Dying Light 2

Next up a game that everyone has been looking ahead to a long, long time. properly, 4 years to be accurate, and whilst that’s no longer very long, it sure seems like it. death light becomes an honestly tremendous horror-survival, the excellent one I’ve performed at least.

Along with the parkour movement and combat, the second installment will rely heavily on player choices to shape the universe.

In January, developers announced the release of the game was delayed indefinitely. You can expect it to come out in the latter half of the year.

3. Cyberpunk 2077

Although Cyberpunk 2077 will pop out well before PlayStation 5 and be available on the modern-day era of consoles, we can not wait to enjoy it on PS5. CD Projekt Crimson has already confirmed that they will launch a better edition for the following-gen consoles, and we anticipate it to be a graphical spectacle.

most of us who have been anticipating the sport for years will probably have finished it by the point Sony launches their console. however, there’s simply no way we received’ be playing it again on the new-age rig.

4. Starfield

While Bethesda hasn’t really let slip much on their first new franchise in over two decades, we cannot help but get excited. The AAA title is well under development and will release before the highly-anticipated, yet faraway, Elder Scrolls 6.

Starfield will be a single-player RPG set in space, which is enough to get our lips smacking.

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5. The Lord of the Rings: Gollum

The Lord of the jewelry universe is continually an extraordinary pull for us and many others we presume. upload to that a sport primarily based on one of the maximum thrilling characters from center-Earth (which takes a few doing) and we certainly can’t watch for it.

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The sport will take place earlier than the events of the Lord of the jewelry trilogy, This makes for some other correct purpose to play the game, exploring the sport’s take on the unexplored bits from Tolkein’s massive lore.

The movementjourney recreation is about for a 2021 release and the studio has confirmed it’ll be a next-gen recreation.

Which game on PlayStation 5 are you excited for?

Of course, many games released on the current generation of consoles will also be playable on the upcoming consoles. While there are a few titles that studios have promised to deliver for PS5 and Xbox Series X as well since little is known about them, we decided to avoid them (except Starfield; just couldn’t resist).

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