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Best SWOT Analysis of Uber In 2021

This post will explain SWOT Analysis of Uber. A popular taxi and ride-share application based platform, Uber was established throughout the year 2009. This application based platform matches the riders with the motorists of own cars through an app or Uber’s site. The company is head quartered in San Francisco and the company provides different services like taxicab hailing, cars and truck sharing, food delivery, bike-sharing, rental cars, and transit tickets.

Throughout the years, Uber’s strategic focus has actually helped the company to drive performances and has invested a big amount in the current innovation. It has actually put its effort to decrease the price of the taxi through its demand forecast algorithm that matches the supply & demand.

Best SWOT Analysis of Uber In 2021

In this article, you can know about SWOT Analysis of Uber here are the details below;

Currently, Uber is being conducted in about 785 cities across the world. Uber platform is readily accessible through its app and site. Uber has actually introduced the ride-sharing phenomenon. It substituted the concept where people march to lease a taxi when they need it. Also check n4g.

Ever since its formation, Uber has actually ended up being a favorite design for many users. Users can book an Uber flight and let the driver pick up from the user’s preferred area. However, the business has actually seen a substantial development no matter getting a few unfavorable evaluations and criticism.

The SWOT analysis of Uber distinguishes all the main strengths, weak points, chances, and hazards that provide a direction to the company to scale up more. Readout this short article, to get an knowledge of where Uber stands.

The SWOT analysis of Uber highlights the powers that the company has and its weaknesses where it should focus more. It also throws light on its prospective danger that the business can experience and the various opportunities that Uber sees to expand its business more.

To make sure that Uber satisfies the long-term competitive advantage it should resolve the numerous concerns highlighted in the SWOT analysis of Uber.

 Let us go over on the SWOT analysis of Uber.


SWOT Analysis of Uber

– Largest Ride-Sharing Technology– Uber is thought about the largest ride sharing platform beyond the world. Uber is the first application for ridesharing in the world. Throughout the year 2016, this prestigious transportation company has about 40 million active users in about 760 cities internationally. Individuals use this app for their everyday flight that has actually helped Uber to grow to an excellent level.

– Strong Brand Value– In almost 50 countries, Uber has seen strong brand name recognition. The business has already outshined Honda, Ford, and GM with regards to the brand worth. Having incorporated the new innovation features, it is yet to boost its services in the coming years.

– Low Fixed Investment– Uber has its organization operations being carried out on low fixed financial investment, that is, at low operational cost, due to which it has increased its network in numerous cities. As there is not a repaired financial investment in facilities, the business has continued to expand at a fast pace.

– Dynamic Pricing Strategy– Uber’s vibrant pricing technique has actually remained continuous. Its policy, ‘Higher demand, higher cost’ has actually shown to benefit its drivers and the market. Uber’s chauffeurs earn a significant amount during the nighttime and during any bad weather and on holidays.

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– Adaptive Nature– Uber’s adaptive nature is being recognized worldwide. Having global exposure, Uber has its method to mix and incorporate with different cultures and citizenships. This has actually assisted Uber to get trust and reliability amongst users. Also, it has received appreciation for its smart marketing. For example, Uber uses its social networks accounts to preserve connection with the customers. Through the various social networks platform like Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook, Uber communicates its clients about the company’s promos, deals, and updates. Likewise, customer’s inquiries and concerns are instantly addressed through the numerous social media channels. By applying the social media platforms to connect with customers, Uber sees a high rate in customer engagement.

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– Low Price– Uber provides low prices when compared to the taxis readily available because area. The main difference in between the taxi and the Uber service is that Taxis charge per mile while on travel and per minute while not on travel, where as Uber charges per minute and mile while both idle and moving. This rates technique has actually proved to be beneficial for clients. Also, Uber is more affordable than other transportation business in the majority of the places. But other factors impact the trip’s final rate. Couple of factors are the range took a trip, geographical place, rush pricing, cancellation charges if any, and other additions concerning the trip.

– Customer and Driver Communication– Uber’s business model is a perfect model for a client to chauffeur interaction. Uber has established a ranking system for the customers to rank the motorists and their travelling experience. Utilizing the rating system, Uber can track the best motorists and helps to keep an eye on the chauffeur’s performance.

– Rides and Beyond– Apart from the offering trip from the source to the destination, Uber tries to get closer with self-driven innovation and metropolitan air transportation. Uber likewise assists individuals to buy food quickly and at an inexpensive rate, create new freight-booking services, and assistance companies to provide a great and all-in-one travel experience for their workers.

– Safety Measures– Uber focuses on safety as the most priority. Uber devotes itself on its part while innovation is the heart of Uber’s technique. The business has actually partnered with different safety fans and including brand-new innovations and systems to improvise on the safety measures and to establish brand-new technologies and systems to improve safety and to help people to get around.

– Global Market Leader– Over the past years, Uber has grown greatly into the worldwide market and is viewed as a leader in the transport company having its services crossed 65 nations and in practically 785 cities. In the United States, Uber sees possessing about 69% market share. The business has acquired a strong brand name identity and has provided chances to go into a new geography location.

– Customer-Centric Approach– Uber’s service design concentrates on consumer feedback and fulfillment. Uber provides chances for the chauffeurs and consumers to rate on its scale basis the journey experience. This can be utilized for client fulfillment measurement.

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– Adaptability and Change– Uber’s unique business design is to provide trips. The company serves many clients per day in various nations. The main aspect of Uber’s success is flexibility and change. This is seen in Uber starting numerous businesses like Uber Freight, Uber Eats, Uber Bike, and Uber Health. Also check alternatives to imagemagick.

 Weak points

SWOT Analysis of Uber

– Multiple Dishonors– Uber has received much unfavorable attention over various controversies and many scandals. There were different cases reported about unwanted sexual advances and attacks that have insulted the business. Due to this, its co-founder needed to resign.

– Large Losses– Even though, Uber has actually increased its income it has been facing huge losses since the year 2009. To beat its competitors, the business has actually begun to offer incentives to its chauffeurs and discount rates to their customers. Due to this, Uber has actually seen a big loss throughout the year 2016.

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– Workforce Dependency– Uber’s service model remains in such a way that it is so much dependent on its workforce. Driver’s habits reliance is more in this model and it is unforeseeable and has actually damaged the brand name’s image. In the United States, more than 100 chauffeurs were implicated of abuse that has produced a bad image in Uber’s culture.

– Public Attack– During Hurricane Sandy, Uber has actually raised its pricing and due to this, the business has faced a severe public attack for the exact same. This is a huge powerlessness and has actually caused harming the image.

– Copied Business Model– There are various claims that Uber has copied its service model from the design of Lyft, while few have claimed that Lyft has copied from Uber. This is, certainly, feasible but the main reality is that the ride-sharing industry is neither protectable nor branded. The new entrant is less here.

– Internet Dependency– Yet another weakness for Uber’s business model is depending on the internet and smart device devices. In the majority of the establishing and upcoming nations where the web is not available easily, it becomes hard for the business to operate in those areas. The potential clients of Uber would be those who have a smart device and web readily available.



– Performance and Accountability– Customers prefer an organized taxi service, and this provides a chance for Uber to serve much better. The company can provide various services basis responsibility and efficiency. On tracking chauffeur’s efficiency, Uber can track the top performers.

– Use Digitalization– The world is going digital. Many people desire an easy inter-connected network that is readily available on their smartphone. Uber ought to always continue to invest in its other services to increase its consumer base. In a few nations where Uber does not run like Denmark and China, it ought to expand its services there also. On expanding its service operations to such places, it can increase its consumer base.

– Enter Driverless Technology– Uber constantly utilizes the latest technology and it does see the potential to carry out driverless technology and other type of transportation services like ambulances and emergency vehicles. This would assist the brand to separate among its rivals and gain more status in public.

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– Logistics– Uber can venture into releasing its movers and packers for public convenience. This would offer a substantial opportunity for the company and have the ability to get more earnings.

– Partner with the Hospitality Industry– Uber can participate in a collaboration with the tourist and hospitality industry that would help the company to serve many tourists. Various tourists from many parts of the nation need routine taxi service while they remain at the hotel. This would benefit Uber, the partnering company, & the tourist also.



– Retention of Employee and Customers– When the competition is increasing, retaining the customers and staff members is a challenge for the brand. When there is a monetary consideration for the consumers or the staff members, there sees a danger for Uber when its customer base reduces.

– Lawsuits– The company has actually faced a claim from its worker. Nearly 300,000 drivers have submitted problems versus the company’s less wage policy. Later on, these were settled off the court. However due to this, the brand name’s image was damaged.

– Huge Competitors– The brand name sees a huge competition from different transport services, and this is a danger to business. When there are also companies providing these services, it affects the customers of Uber. Also check application software.

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– Covid-19– Many international problems are a hazard to business. The spread of the coronavirus common has led to lockdown in lots of countries. This has actually resulted in the non-functioning of the taxi service that affected the business to a terrific degree.

– Data Breach– The Uber platform records the consumer’s personal information including their pickup and drop point area. It is certainly a legal responsibility of the business to provide information protection of the consumers’ data from theft and misuse. This is a big danger to the brand name and there was an information breach that occurred throughout the year 2016 and has actually impacted about three million users.


The SWOT analysis of Uber discussed in this short article has highlighted the main strengths of the brand name that comes up from its brand worth, being the top ride-sharing platform, low-fixed investment, dynamic rates strategy, its adaptive nature, its low price, the interaction of the chauffeur and client through the app, the different functions apart form trip, the various safety measure that the brand name has, being a global market leader, having a customer-centric method, and its versatility nature of the business model.

Uber sees its weak points in the form of owning numerous dishonors, large loss in profits, dependence on the internet and its labor force, facing public attack, and having actually a copied company model. The brand sees opportunity from numerous aspects of increasing its efficiency, digitizing completely, incorporating driverless innovation, entering into logistics, and having a partnership with the tourist and hospitality industry.

The risk is in the form of keeping the employees and consumers, facing claims, having big competitors, international concerns, and an information breach.

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