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Top 15 Best Eye Creams For Dark Circles Experts Choice

We’ll cut to the chase: You do, in fact, need a specific best eye cream in your skincare arsenal. Simply said, the skin surrounding your eyes is distinct from the rest of your face’s skin and, as a result, requires a little extra attention. It has the thinnest and most sensitive skin on the body, making it the most vulnerable to UV radiation, contaminants, and inflammation.

While many of the best eye creams contain the same proven anti-aging ingredients as serums and moisturizers, they are meticulously produced to ensure maximum efficacy with little irritation for the eye area. In other words, you’ll get all of the benefits while avoiding any unfavorable consequences. Also, keep in mind that the best eye cream may do a lot more than merely combat aging signs like crow’s feet and sagging skin.

Top 15 Best Eye Creams For Dark Circles Experts Choice

They’re also essential for hydrating this delicate skin and for de-puffing, brightening, and generally appearing bright-eyed and bushy-tailed when obtaining those coveted eight hours of sleep is impossible. Avoid scented eye creams, which can irritate the eyes. Instead, seek out substances that have been shown to be effective, such as collagen-boosting retinol and plumping peptides. You’ll also need the best eye cream with hydrating ingredients to smooth and nourish the eye area. The simple line is that you need the best eye cream, and there are various options. Continue reading to find out about the best eye cream 2021 on the market right now.

 best eye cream

This item contains no actual bananas; rather, the name is derived from the inspiration for this dark circle remover—banana powder. This is a light yellow powder used by makeup artists to counteract purple and blue-ish shadows. It has the same yellow hue as an eye cream and an instant color corrector. It’s also high in vitamin C, which provides long-term brightening benefits4, and collagen, which improves elasticity and keeps skin smooth.

So much so that 94 percent of users saw an average 40% reduction in lines and wrinkles in a four-week independent clinical trial of 37 women. We’d be remiss if we didn’t note the featherweight, smooth texture, which is great for use under makeup.

 best eye cream

Dermatologists often recommend this recipe when it comes to choosing an economical, effective eye cream. It contains retinol and treats not just wrinkles but also dark circles and puffiness, giving you a lot of bang for your cash. It’s also light, non-comedogenic, and hypoallergenic.

 best eye cream

There are other eye creams available at the drugstore, but this is one of the most effective (and still affordable) ones available. It contains tried-and-true retinol, as well as a glucose complex that serves to accelerate the benefits of the retinol. Smoothing crow’s feet and overall leveling out the tone and texture of the skin around your eyes.

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 best eye cream

Whether you pulled an all-nighter or just had one too many martinis the night before, a few drops of this eye cream are the key to immediately reducing puffiness. True to its name, it has a high concentration of caffeine, making it an excellent de-puffer due to its propensity to constrict blood vessels. There’s also epigallocatechin gallate (say that three times fast), commonly known as EGCG, a strong antioxidant produced from green tea leaves that contributes to this formula’s de-puffing abilities.

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 best eye cream

To be entirely honest, a decent concealer will always be your best eye cream under makeup chance for properly concealing dark circles. That being said, adding a color-correcting eye cream below will only improve things, and it’s also a terrific option for days when you don’t want to wear makeup. Enter this selection, which is a favorite of Byrdie’s Commerce Editorial Director Jessica Magherefteh as well as Beverly Hills dermatologist Dr. Naissan O. Wesley, who enjoys how it rapidly conceals discoloration.

 best eye cream

This clean cream—a 2019 Byrdie Eco Beauty Award Winner—takes the cake for individuals who are apprehensive of using products with possibly dubious substances around their eyes. It employs a slew of plant-based ingredients to provide everything from hydration to antioxidant protection. The inclusion of bakuchiol, a natural alternative to retinol that has been shown to have similarly potent wrinkle-fighting properties without any of the accompanying discomforts, is especially remarkable. And, because it’s a fuller balm, it’s ideal for folks with really dry skin or who just want a thicker cream around their eyes.

 best eye cream

You don’t want to scrimp on sunscreen around your eyes, so choose an SPF-protected eye cream to apply every morning. We love this one for a variety of reasons, including the SPF 35. Along with that, there’s a lengthy list of additional chemicals that, with repeated use, serve to counteract bags, dark circles, and fine wrinkles, as well as a faint tint (it comes in four hues) to quickly make you seem bright-eyed and bushy-tailed. Wesley agrees, noting that the metal applicator makes it feel lovely and cooling, which is ideal for swollen or weary eyes.

 best eye cream

This option, according to Byrdie Senior Editor Hallie Gould, is well worth the money. And, to be honest, it will cost a lot of pennies, but bear with us. It’s designed to lift and tighten the whole eye area—both upper and lower lids, as well as your brows—and combines two formulae in one container. The two-phase serum combines encapsulated beads and a gel-cream emulsion, both of which include the brand’s distinctive caviar extract. Gould also mentions that, as a serum, it’s incredibly lightweight and, as such, is a wonderful choice for anyone who is prone to developing milia around the eyes.

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 best eye cream

Because this line was established by a cosmetic chemist, you may be certain that the products include only the best quality, most effective components, and combinations. Vitamin C, in particular, is the star of the show. The substance is well regarded in the cosmetics industry, but it is especially suitable for use around the eyes; it may promote collagen synthesis to reduce the appearance of fine lines, level out skin tone, and provide antioxidant protection. What more could you ask for? This composition contains a 5% concentration of a pure, proprietary, and extra-stable form of vitamin C, as well as CBD, to help reduce inflammation or redness.

 best eye cream

Yes, it looks great under concealer, but it may also be worn on its own. Pearl extract, a potent antioxidant for anti-aging issues, as well as brightening and firming niacinamide, are included in the makeup-skincare hybrid. It comes in three distinct hues and has a decent amount of—slightly lustrous—tint to it. Furthermore, a little goes a long way, so the single (quite gorgeous) jar lasts a long time.

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 best eye cream

As previously said, the delicate skin surrounding your eyes is already more prone to irritation—this is especially true if you have sensitive skin, to begin with. Because the last thing you want is red, dry, flaky, irritated skin around your eyes, go with this safe bet. It’s devoid of typical irritants like parabens, scent, and alcohol, and instead contains calming niacinamide and mineral-rich spring water.

 best eye cream

Those metal applicator tips may appear gimmicky, but trust us when we say they aren’t. For one thing, they are naturally cooling, which is a huge help when it comes to reaping any de-puffing effects. Second, they make it simple to accurately deposit and massage in the eye cream, especially in the little areas around your eyes. Third, they eliminate the need to dip your fingers into a container of eye cream, which is great for germaphobes.

 best eye cream

Do you have oily skin or dislike the sensation of heavy lotions around your eyes? Choose a gel formula, especially this one. It’s packed with lightweight-yet-crazy hydrating hyaluronic acid, so it absorbs swiftly and doesn’t feel greasy, yet it still keeps skin moisturized. It’s also dermatologist-tested, ophthalmologist-tested, and hypoallergenic, making it an excellent choice for anyone with sensitive skin or eyes.

 best eye cream

The finest wrinkle-fighting substance of all time. The vitamin A derivative is well-known for its ability to efficiently stimulate collagen formation and so smooth out wrinkles. It’s combined with ferulic acid, a powerful antioxidant that helps prevent environmental damage. Furthermore, because it’s more of a serum than a cream (with a gel-like texture), it’s light enough to apply morning and night, and on both top and bottom lids.

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 best eye cream

Applying eye cream first thing in the morning is frequently a recipe for mascara smudges and concealer smears, but that isn’t the case here. It really aids in the grip of makeup and serves as a primer. All while adding moisture (thanks to avocado oil) and brightening AND de-puffing.

Final Words

There are no ifs, and, or buts about it: an eye cream must be part of your skincare routine. Another fan favorite that is both incredibly inexpensive and filled with retinol to give major line-smoothing benefits is the RoC Skincare Retinol Correxion Eye Cream.

Another low-cost alternative is The Ordinary Caffeine Solution 5 percent + ECGC, which is very effective at reducing puffiness. If you want to be extra certain that the cream you choose will not aggravate the already delicate skin around your eyes, choose the gentle-yet-effective La Roche-Posay Toleriane Ultra Soothing Eye Cream.

What to Look for in a Fragrance-Free Eye Cream

Because the skin around your eyes is particularly sensitive, Wesley advises avoiding fragrance-containing products, which can be a source of irritation or allergy in this area.


Ingredients that are truly anti-aging Wesley suggests keeping with substances that have been shown to be beneficial. Consider retinol, peptides, and growth factors as examples of classics.

Ingredients that moisturize

Aside from signs of age, the skin around the eyes is naturally drier than the skin on the rest of your face. Make certain that the eye cream you choose has moisturizing components such as ceramides, niacinamide, and/or hyaluronic acid.

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How do you put on eye cream?

Apply a tiny quantity on your ring finger and lightly touch beneath and along the side of the eye (do not massage or tug).

You may also apply eye cream along the brow bone beneath your brow, but Wesley advises against applying it on the actual top lid unless the product clearly states that it can be used in this area.

When is the best time to use eye cream?

Most eye creams may be used both morning and night,” Wesley advises. Applying the eye cream twice daily guarantees that the moisturizing or active components have a chance to function.”

How long does it take for an eye cream to work?

While you may see some advantages within a few weeks, most may take two to three months, if not more, to take effect, according to Wesley. But keep in mind that long-term usage will provide advantages for both treating current ailments and preventing additional indications of ageing, she advises.

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