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Top 15 Best Photo viewer for Windows 10 in 2021

One of the most effective ways for people to share their lives with others is through photography. Whether you’re capturing photos with your camera and uploading them to your computer or downloading photographs from your phone, you’ll want to be able to look at the photos before releasing them to the public.

While Windows 10 comes with a built-in Photo viewer for Windows and editor, some users may be more interested in what other apps have to offer. We’ve compiled a list of the top Photo viewer for Windows that work with Windows 10. Let’s get started. You’ll find both free Photo viewer for Windows open-source and premium programs, so let’s get started.

Top 15 Best Photo viewer for Windows 10 in 2021

When all they want to do is see Photo viewer for Windows make sure it’s ready to publish on social media, some individuals don’t want to deal with a huge, bulky software that takes up valuable space.

1. FastStone Image Viewer

Photo viewer for Windows

Some individuals wish to be able to see and edit their camera photographs on their computer. Unfortunately, some programs can’t handle the file formats that most cameras produce. Thankfully, the FastStone Photo viewer for Windows is a tool that can handle a wide range of file types, including major PC image formats as well as the file types used by twelve different cameras.

This means you can read, examine, and modify the raw picture files stored on your camera, making saving them to your computer easier than ever.

2. IrfanView

Photo viewer for Windows

IrfanView may be the perfect application for you if you are one of these folks. This tiny application, which is just under three megabytes in size, includes everything you need for an image viewer. This application focuses on being simple but strong, as it also has excellent editing capabilities.

3. HoneyView

Photo viewer for Windows

Sometimes, all you need is a short and easy software for Photo viewer for Windows that allows you to see a range of photos, perform some basic editing, and save the images to your computer. If this seems like a software you’d like to try, HoneyView is an excellent option.

HoneyView may appear simple from the perspective of those who deal with some of the most advanced picture editing tools, but everyone can agree that HoneyView is a program that gets the job done fast and effectively. And, sometimes, it is all you require.

4. XnView

Photo viewer for Windows

XnView is a software that combines all of your needs into a single package. XnView is a software that can view a photograph to ensure that it is all that you captured it to be, or modify the photo to make it even more outstanding than it currently is.

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XnView is a software that specializes in letting users create slideshows, web pages, and thumbnails for films, among other things. Whatever you need to do with your photographs, you can rest easy knowing that XnView is a free software that can handle it all.

5. Nomacs

Photo viewer for Windows

If you need a tool to transfer data from another operating system, such as Mac OS, Linux, or another version of Windows, Nomacs might be the answer. Unlike many other apps, Nomacs is compatible with Linux and Mac OS X as well as Windows 10. This implies that if you have photos on your Mac that you wish to see, modify, and transfer to your Windows computer, Nomacs is the software for you.

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Nomacs is also known for having a more stylish photo viewer than many of the other options, which is something that many users value. Nomacs is also an Open Source application, which is something that a lot of people value.

6. Imagine Picture Viewer

Photo viewer for Windows

Similar to HoneyView, sometimes all you need is a different method to see your photos than the default viewer that comes with Windows 10. If HoneyView doesn’t appeal to you, perhaps Imagine Picture Viewer would. This software has some rudimentary editing capabilities, but its main focus is on giving you a means to see your pictures on Windows 10.

However, if you use Linux, or have used Linux in the past, you might appreciate this software, since it was designed to be a Linux-centric photo viewer but has now been updated to include Windows 10 users.

7. QuickLook

Photo viewer for Windows

There are several features that are different while migrating from Mac OS to Windows 10. The usage of QuickLook is one of the things that you could have missed after upgrading to Windows 10. Thankfully, one developer shared this sentiment and set out to create a picture viewer that functions as closely as possible to QuickLook.

QuickLook is intended to be as close to the original QuickLook as possible, but it is also actively developed, free, and open source on GitHub.

8. Freshview

Photo viewer for Windows


Keeping things as organized as possible is a concern for many individuals, particularly when it comes to organizing pictures and images. Freshview is an application that aims to make it as simple as possible for you to keep everything organized.

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Using such a software has several advantages. Freshview, for example, accepts 86 different media types, including music and video. This means you can watch movies you’ve made, listen to music, and view your photographs in a slideshow you’ve created with the assistance of the Freshview software.

9. Microsoft Photos

Photo viewer for Windows

Those unfamiliar with Windows 10 may be unaware that it includes a built-in picture viewer and editor. This picture viewer offers more editing features than many other free applications, and the greatest thing is that it doesn’t require any big downloads because it’s a software that’s usually always included with your version of Windows 10.

You may also add additional effects to your photos using Microsoft Photos, such as 3D butterflies or lasers, depending on your preferences.

10. Apowersoft

Photo viewer for Windows

Apowersoft is the eleventh photo editor on our list, and it is compatible with Windows 10. This application is far more attractive than the ones available for free. In fact, it’s designed to be a light, smooth, and fast experience that’s not taxing on your CPU.

A picture viewing application that is designed to be as light on your CPU as possible may be just what you need to edit and see the photographs you have if you don’t have the most powerful computer setup. This software also allows you to take screenshots of what you’re working on or watching, making it simple to share images with friends, family, and followers.

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11. Fast Picture Viewer Pro 

Photo viewer for Windows

Fast Picture Viewer Pro claims to be the world’s quickest picture viewer. The program fully supports 4K and 5K displays and automatically adjusts to the appropriate resolution. It allows you to use full-screen mode and has best-in-class delete tools for deleting your photographs quickly and effectively.

Because it makes use of your computer’s 64-bit power to effectively pre-load the next picture in line to be viewed, the Fast Picture Viewer is able to perform so well even on machines with lower specifications.

As a result, when you move on to the next image, the picture appears on your screen. It is said to be the ideal complement to Adobe Lightroom and other similar systems because it allows you to preview images immediately before importing and editing them. By immediately evaluating photographs to determine whether or not they are worth processing, you will be able to significantly reduce your editing time.

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12. Image Glass

Photo viewer for Windows

The Image Glass is one of the most portable image viewers available. It is also extremely versatile, supporting over 70 of the most popular formats and being completely free and open source. It allows you to choose from a variety of custom themes.

It has a very straightforward user interface with drag-and-drop capabilities. It has six different zoom modes as well as four different window modes. It includes a quick thumbnail preview for easy viewing as well as quick editing features.

The toolbar is entirely configurable, which should contribute to the application’s user-friendliness. The application itself does allow basic touch movements, making it appropriate for tablet users, and you can use some of the many fast shortcuts available for even simpler software navigation.

13. Focus On Image Viewer


Photo viewer for Windows

FocusOn Image Viewer is another lightweight and quick image viewer for Windows. It’s a terrific way to see photographs as a no-frills program with a simple UI that’s speedy and easy to use.

The photographs will be categorized by date of capture, and over 100 image file types will be supported. It also comes with built-in social media connectivity. Overall, it’s a very versatile tool that lets you make minor edits and retouches to photos before uploading them, or even use them in conjunction with a more powerful editing suite.

14. JPEGView

Photo viewer for Windows

JPEGView is a Windows program that allows you to examine and manipulate photos in a lightweight and lean manner. The program is designed to have a simple user interface and enables on-the-fly picture processing with a variety of options. Basic image processing tools, a high-quality resampling filter, and even a movie mode for playing a folder of JPEGs as a movie are all included.

With its built-in basic image editor, you’ll be able to do things like changing color balance, rotating your images, modifying perspective, contrast, and more. Because it employs SSE2 and up to four CPU cores, the program is incredibly light and low-demanding.

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15. 123 Photo Viewer

Photo viewer for Windows

123 Photo Viewer is a quick and easy-to-use program that allows you to view and manage photographs while on the go. Without having to deal with a cumbersome user interface, you will be able to see and manage the photos.

It also allows you to perform basic picture editing activities, and it comes with a number of filters that you can use to make quick and simple modifications. It makes it as simple as possible to browse files and perform basic editing activities.

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