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Tumblr Replacement Top 8 Best Tumblr Alternatives In 2021

tumblr replacement

This post will explain tumblr replacement. You have got tons of techniques to share your ideas online. Right from the social networks apps to instantaneous messaging services, they are all here to unite you with your close ones. For these who want to share large pieces of content, blogging is the top thing. And, you probably discovered by now that Tumblr is among the very top ways to do that.

Tumblr Replacement Top 8 Best Tumblr Alternatives In 2021

In this article, you can know about tumblr replacement here are the details below;

After weeks and periods of using Tumblr, you might have grown gloomy of it. Or is there a second design for you to try to find similar sites? Whatever it is, we have got you treated. Examine our short article about downloading audio from Tumblr. In this post, you are going to get fifteen replacements for Tumblr.

Alternatives to Tumblr; What will Replace Tumblr?

That’s the concern you are asking right now, aren’t you? Tumblr has got so many functions that you love. At the same time, there are a couple of that you dislike. Do not stress! We have fifteen websites here. You will stumble upon a minimum of a couple that satisfies your requirements.

 1. Blog writer

You have heard of it, haven’t you? Owned by Google, Blogger is without a doubt the simplest approach to set up a blog site. You need a Google account, which greatest maximum of the personalities on this planet have. When you produce a blog, you need to offer it a title, select a URL, and choose a theme from the readily available list.

At first, it will supply subdomain, which you can perpetually shift to a customized domain. What if you don’t like the internal themes that feature your blog site? Well, an easy web search will reveal tons of templates. You can pick one based upon the niche of your blog site. Google has organized every setting in an easy-to-understand manner. You are never ever going to have concerns using Blogger. Even if you have, Google itself can resolve everything because you know, Blogger is a popular platform.


– Easy to setup

– Handy AdSense combination

– Available for free


– Customisation choices are restricted

– No plugin support

– No Amp assistance

 2. WordPress

You betcha! WordPress is the perfect Tumblr replacement. When you select Blogger, you lose out on a lot of customisation. Moreover, Google is the genuine owner of your blog. When it pertains to WordPress, you can control almost everything. For that, you require to pick the self-hosted option. Yeah, there are 2 kinds of WordPress blogs; self hosted and hosted.

A hosted WordPress blog prepares subdomain & you won’t have to invest anything. On the other hand, the former requirements you to buy a domain and hosting space. Believe us when we state a lion share of the total websites all over the world runs on WordPress. Plus, you get the very best SEO plugins to bring your website on top of the online search engine so that it will have more visitors.


– More control

– Advanced customisation

– Better online search engine choices

– Open-source platform


– Includes a learning curve

– Default post editor might not seem appealing

 3. Reddit

We won’t state Reddit is the ditto option to Tumblr. Nevertheless, it does help individuals share their ideas and ideas with the world. Begun as a link-sharing platform, it now is the front page of the web (that’s how individuals call the site). There are thousands of sub reddit where you can follow and connect with other people.

Our authors are supporters of Reddit notably the neighborhoods like Life Pro Tips, Writing Prompts etc. You can take support from it not only as a writer however as a reader too. To up the game, you might begin a subreddit too. On big subreddits, you have to follow the rules &  norms, which the moderators brought out.


– Interactions with genuine individuals

– Broad scope for readability

– Minimalistic.


– Strict subreddit rules.

– Content moderation.

 4. Medium.

Are you a creative author? Have you ever imagined publishing your book? Then you know having a fanbase constantly assists you sell more. That’s where the significance of Medium kicks in. Many individuals visit this site looking for knowledge and entertainment. Although it’s not a real blogging platform like Blogger or WordPress, a wannabe author can’t disregard its presence.

You will get rich customisation choices or control. And, you can’t place AdSense ads inside the blog site either. Nevertheless, when your readership boosts, you can earn money from the Medium Partner Program. The interactions in between users are on a lower side here, contrary to what is on Tumblr. Additionally, all the needed functions are already there, so you will not require an add-on or a plugin.


– Easy to use.

– Scheduling settings.

– Monetisation choices.


– Not AdSense friendly.

– No custom-made domain.

– Monetisation & customisation are limited.

 5. Ghost.

Ghost, another open source blogging policies, which according to others in this list, is a new kid. Begun as a Kickstarter, it has come a long way. If you don’t wish to format your article a lot and what you appreciate the most is the speed, you are welcome to jump on board with this Tumblr replacement. Don’t stress over customisation. You can find some splendid styles on the internet.

The developers have actually developed this on top of Node.js. Meaning, Ghost never test your perseverance (unless, of course, you have a good web connection). There are 2 variations offered; web-server and self-hosted. Trying to find a free site like Tumblr? You must skip this since it requires a regular monthly subscription.


– Smooth and proficient.

– Powerful backend.

– Real-time format.


– Availability of styles are limited as compared to WordPress.

– It might not be affordable for some.

– The platform is still under construction.

 6. DeviantArt.

DeviantArt may strike as quite a wonder for lots of. In case you looked for Windows themes, you might have stumbled upon this website. Yeah, not just does it provide a place for digital items, however literature also. No matter if you are a artist, storyteller, and essayist, you can display your works here. We won’t put this under the best options to Tumblr for blogging, however.

DeviantArt does not have innovative blogging tools. All it provides is a place to share your deal with limitations. Still, possibilities are you will construct an audience base as the site is popular among individuals. Ensure you pick the right subject when publishing your creations.


– Has an audience base.

– Best for showcasing artworks.

– A second home for fan fiction authors.


– Not a flawless blogging platform.

– Limited in features.

 7. Twitter.

Do not inform us you are uninformed of Twitter. In countries like India, they remain in a cold war with the federal government and still, you do not understand about it. You need to understand that Twitter is maybe the very best microblogging site available on the internet today. An image, video, with a 140-character long text, you can engage with the world. The extreme popularity of the platform brings direct exposure to your material.

Do not think it’s a simple journey to harness fans. You require to post excellent material and hang out listed below popular manages of your category. Even after you do whatever you can, the count of your fans may not see a boom. Discussing the technical elements, Twitter is sturdy and you can not edit a released tweet.


– Hundreds of countless users.

– Well-built site.

– Easy interactions with the audience.


– Monetisation choices are limited.

 8. Mastodon.

Getting tired of all the popular blogging sites? Do you believe it’s time to think out of the box? Well, Mastodon is here for you. Don’t fret! Your content will not go unnoticed as it has more than four million users around the world. The platform is ad-free and there are no membership strategies. So, you can join and reap the benefits immediately.

The appearance of Mastodon reminds us of Twitter. And in the function, it’s similar to Tumblr. You can publish anything on the platform and later edit the content too. When you are on the website, attempt following some popular profiles so that your feed won’t go dry.


– Non-algorithmic feed.

– Huge neighborhood.

– Ad-free.


– A bit confusing.

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